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  1. Manhappenin

    Just bought double breasted navy Brioni jacket for $600. One problem...

    I'm 5'5 40S with a large upper body and tiny waist and no matter how hard I try I will never look good in a double breasted jacket. Ay reason why I'm wrong here? Should I even bother keeping the jacket? Here's a link...
  2. javierf1987

    Are Belstaff leather jackets worth it?

    To anyone who own a Belstaff leather jacket, are they worth buying? Or for the price (arround 2600 usd) would you suggest something else? cheers
  3. VRaivio

    Who came up with unstructured jackets?

    My search on SF didn't come up with a detailed answer. I've read elsewhere that Ralph Lauren came up with unstructured (as in no shoulder padding or chest canvas) tailored jackets, another source mentioned Naples' very own Attolini. Italy seems most likely, given their climate, but someone must...
  4. anmluvr

    water stained lambskin jacket

    Bought a lambskin jacket on St. Martin and it promptly got a football-sized water stain on the back! Don't ask...anyway, after it dried there is of course a stain around the perimeter of where the wet spot was. It is a light colored lambskin, sort of like a car chammy. Any suggestions? Local...
  5. ThinkDerm

    weasel fur?

    I was checking out a kiton jacket and I noticed it was lined in weasel fur. Any idea the quality of weasel fur?
  6. jbayrock

    Help with a Valentino 100% Vicuna Jacket - Size 42

    I recently came across a 100% Vicuna Jacket by Valentino. I am looking at prices for Vicuna jackets online and realize this jacket is very valuable. Does anyone know how I can find a value for this? I have attached three pictures. photo (1).JPG (708k. JPG file)photo.JPG (701k. JPG file)
  7. felixng

    What brand is this jacket?

    Hi, Does anybody know what brand or style this jacket is? I have been looking everywhere for it! http://www.zimbio.com/pictures/S4MKvTMA30_/Ryan+Gosling+Out+Solo+in+NYC/8u7ubcrXuqF/Ryan+Gosling I thought it was a Penfield Kasson in heritage blue older model, but apparently they have not...
  8. Snoopy

    2012 Spiewak Coats/Jackets

    Anyone like them? http://www.spiewak.com/fashion/collection/AW12/men/ And also wtf you think about this? Something is very odd about that fit? http://www.zappos.com/product/8078170/color/1868 ------ I emailed Spiewak a week ago about not having the Harris Duffle this year and still no...
  9. adspainy

    POLL Please vote which leather jacket you prefer

    Hi, First time post, love the forum! I've narrowed my search to two leather jackets I like however I cannot decide which one as they both have qualities I love. I've been looking for a jacket that is: Versatile with both a tshirt, jumper or a shirt&tie Soft leather Slim fitting Biker style...
  10. negusnegas

    Styleforum Centralia Knitting Mills Varsity Jackets - New

    I am arranging a group-buy and wanted to start a new thread so people are not confused. I took the information from shoreman1782 who managed the last group buy and he has been so kind as to give his input about the process so anyone interested just pm and will send you a gmail shared spreadsheet...
  11. lkomarci

    Ryan Gosling's herringbone coat/jacket

    anyone familiar with his herringbone jacket?
  12. samnc

    donegal sports jacket

    another question for you... Would a brown donegal sports jacket be a good addition to a collection? I am looking for something that looks good but not overly formal. I also more critically want something that can go with most of my shirts and pants, not something I have to think too hard...
  13. lillee

    Where can I get a jacket like this?

    Hi, Where can I get this jacket or something similar? Any good alternatives? I know it's from H&M. Thanks
  14. Robellard88

    Wool Jacket advice

    Hey there people, I am trying to figure which of two coats would be best and most versatile. This is the Charcoal And there is this one in Mocha. my wardrobe is switching over to button up shirts and I would be wearing a lot of chino khakis and jeans perhaps with casual dress...
  15. Hampton

    Winter jacket 2012

    I'm searching for a winter jacket from now. I'm not looking for coats or something like that (since I have many already) Something that could almost work with everything but still elegance in the same way.. My first thought is Woolrich, but would like more recommendations and tips for the...
  16. robert2012

    Moving to the UK from Texas, need some Winter clothing!

    Hello, Robert here, this is my first post. 34 year old male living in Sugar Land, TX (near Houston). Work as a Sales manager in the Oil & Gas industry. I was just told that I need to relocate to the London, UK area for 6 months! Woohoo! The issue is that I don't have good Winter gear! and...
  17. Nick Miller

    What should I wear with this jacket

    Pant, shirt, tie, square color? Solids - patterns. I love the jacket but I'm having a hard time figuring out what to wear with it. I'm a complete noob when it comes to this kind of stuff. Help a brother out.
  18. Bazzer

    Lapel width and jacket length for the short and skinny

    I am 5'3 and weigh around 112 pounds. My shoulders are about 16" end-to-end. I am trying to decide between 2.5" or 3". Since most ties these days are on the skinny side, i figure 2.5" might make it easier to buy ties, but who knows how trends will change. 3" ties seem harder to find. I...
  19. blinky221

    In need of reasonably priced leather jacket alteration in vancouver

    Hi there, I recently purchased a basically new MEXX Men's leather jacket from Value Village. However its just slightly too big for me so I'm looking at getting it taken in and having the sleeves slightly shortened. Does anyone know a good tailor in vancouver that is somewhat reasonably priced...
  20. Agatha Crusty

    Low buttoning points

    I'll jump straight in with this. A lot of the two button RTW jackets out there button quite high. With the top button done up it is often a good 2 or even 2 1/2 inches above the natural waist. I don't mind this at all and it's not a criticism of it, but I wondered if anyone has noticed any trend...

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