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  1. O

    Where To Purchase The Oxybreath Pro?

    Oxybreath Pro Mask is as of now accessible just through the official site. It is exceptionally simple to arrange the cover online through their official webpage. You simply should enter in the delivery subtleties and installment data to put in the request. The transportation differs from 3-4...
  2. R

    Bemass Muscle - The Latest Development About Muscle Boost That You Have To Know.

    Bemass Muscle can be a top priority for this adage. A client of mine forced my hand when your course necessitated that situation. They are a good source. Using this was not the point. It will raise the roof. As we know, that gives you a rare theory of how a trick is or I rely on the fact my...
  3. jase12

    Boxing vs Crossfit?

    Looking to join a gym. I want one that will provide me with a bit of motivation to push myself and stay committed. Would you guys recommend a boxing gym or crossfit? or any other suggestions? not interested in MMA as i'm in australia and every bogan man and his dog thinks he is tito ortiz
  4. HerpDerp1

    Would you tell a new girl you had/have HPV? If so, when?

    This is the most mature forum I lurk in, so I'd like to hear your thoughts/experiences.. Background: I'm 30 and I just recently got a case of HPV that has the pleasant side effect of genital warts. Its only like 4-5 little flesh/white circles primarly on my scrotum and base of the penis that...
  5. LA Guy

    Introduce yourself.

    This is a thread in which you introduce yourself, regulars and new members alike. This is one thread I'd like to keep reasonably civil and reasonably clean, so, let's do that, okay? I'll start. I'm Fok, one of the adminstrators on the forum. I have a bunch of kids and live in Idaho. If...
  6. Sesame Seed

    Why do I sweat when I consume acidic fruit?

    Oranges, grapefruits and pineapples set me off. I accumulate sweat under my eyes and around my mouth. I also have the same reaction to Starburst and other candy. I just assumed all of this was normal. Having brought it up a few times in conversations, the people I was talking did not have...
  7. pg600rr

    blood in saliva???

    SO before someone says it, I got a doc appointment Mon., but wanted to see if anyone on here had this experience or any thoughts. Background info: 27/m, had an upper gi x-rays w/ barium and upper gi endoscopy prob. about 16-18 months ago, everything was fine. Had colonoscopy about 12 months...
  8. mm84321

    Just finished a 20 day water fast

    Stopped eating on November 30th and had my first bite of solid food today (an orange). Amazingly enlightening experience. My body did a lot of healing during this period. Scars I've had for years disappeared, my skin is incredibly soft, vision improved, and I have more energy than I've had...
  9. furo

    Coughing up tiny little chunks of stuff from the throat

    Anyone ever had this? It's like a pasty little whitish ball or chunk that is lodged into the tonsils or somewhere near there. I cough one up now and then. If I happen to catch one I notice that it smells absolutely awful. Like the worst thing you can imagine. You can mash it up with your fingers...
  10. Eason

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    All the things you think about when it comes to health, diet, and exercise. I have lost all perspective on whether I'm too fat, too skinny, look good, etc. I literally change my mind every other day. Yesterday I was too skinny until I tried to put on a MTM shirt and my arms didn't fit in the...
  11. Zintintin

    I have the most evil bastard of a wart

    So I have had this wart on my hand for as long as I can remember (I am in my twenties now). It is about an inch long and doctors and dermatologists have told me that it's sort of a " birth mark wart". I have tried everything to get rid of this. Freezing, prescription creams, crazy shit like...
  12. pg600rr

    Ativan/Lorazepam for public speaking anxiety?

    I have a script for Lorazepam .5 mg. I have a big presentation due next week and when I speak in front of large groups I get severe anxiety. I spoke with a pharma friend and she mentioned lots of people (including business people & students) take some sort of anti-anxiety med prior to...
  13. CJG_NYC

    Missing Patch in Beard - Alopecia

    So, too keep this short, I have an "alopecia-spot" in my beard, along my jawline, that is SUPER annoying. I have very dark, coarse, facial hair - and the REAL problem is that even when clean shaven you can still notice the area that is completely hairless. Its for this reason that I am most...
  14. KJT

    Broken capillaries around my eyes from puking

    Welp, I got too f'd up last night and puked a few times today from my hangover. Nothing too out of the ordinary, but during one of the bouts of dry-heaving that was particularly heavy, I seem to have ruptured a bunch of capillaries in my cheeks and forehead. I could feel my face filling up with...
  15. longskate88

    Sunglasses leaving red marks on nose. What to do?

    Just got some new Persols, after needing sunglasses for awhile. After wearing them for more than 5 minutes or so, I get red marks where the 'pads' touch my nose. These are black plastic frames. The store has already reshaped the arms to alleviate squeezing at the temples, and curved the tips...
  16. Tarmac

    VSP Vision Insurance Plan - rip-off?

    I have VSP coverage by my company, I believe it is one of the largest vision insurers in America. However, they seem to get a lot of hate. The stores which don't accept VSP seem to have the attitude of "well of course we don't accept that shit!", and as it happens, most of the higher-end frame...
  17. taktikz

    What to take to ease nerves before a presentation?

    I tend to get too fucking nervous when giving a presentation. It's like I can't focus on what I have to say... Is there anything out there that I can take to kind of just chill me out? I've heard of ppl drinking a bit before a speech...
  18. gnatty8

    D*mn Filling Fell Out for the Third Time!!

    So I had a tooth filled about 4 months ago. Upper tooth, somewhere between canine and molar. About 3 weeks later, a huge piece of the damn thing comes out. I'd never had this happen before, but figured maybe its no big deal. I go back, he fills it for me again, but I notice he didn't drill the...
  19. The False Prophet

    Non-surgical ear pinning

    Just a fairly straightforward question. I know that there is a minor surgical process called osteoplasty that removes a small amount of cartilage to make your ears sit flatter against your head. I have heard apocryphically about a similar result being had by basically "taping" ones ears back...
  20. Oddly Familiar

    swollen throat dangly thing...

    A while back I had a huge uvula (the thing that hangs in your mouth). It was literally laying on my tongue. I didn't want to say anything about in fear of going to the doctor, getting a blood test and having it screened for drugs. So I just drank a ton of water and it was gone by the next day...

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