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  1. An Acute Style

    Sport Coats and Jeans

    To wear or not to wear. Post pics here. Let's discuss. @Caustic Man @mossrockss @WillingToLearn @Jacobs @AJL @Murlsquirl @timotune @AlexRamius Sorry, if I'm leaving anyone out. Some examples. CM Moss AAS I want to say Angel Ramos Sabir Fred
  2. Gus

    ABITOFCOLOR Interviews Bill Charman - Men With Personal Style Series

    Men With Personal Style Series – Bill Charman By Gus Walbolt, abitofcolor.tumblr.com From a continuing series of interviews with men who have cultivated a unique personal style reflecting their lives and passions From the study of Italian classic literature to smuggling vintage guitars to...
  3. Gus

    Men's Hats: A Discussion Thread, Questions, Opinions, Suggestions...

    This thread is for year-round questions, comments, sharing , photos for men's hats.
  4. Gus

    Men WIth Personal Style - Paul d'Orleans Interview by A Bit Of Color.Tumblr

    Men With Personal Style Series – Paul d’Orleans This is the first in a series of interviews with men who have cultivated a unique personal style reflecting their lives and passions. As a writer, artist and leading expert on vintage motorcycles (http://thevintagent.blogspot.com/ ) who rode in...
  5. Manton

    If you do not own the following things, you are not well dressed

    -a blue odd jacket. If you live in a two-season climate, then two, one for warmth and one for the cold -mid gray flannel pants -decent, non-chino khakis -at least one funky (but tasteful!) non-blue tweed jacket -a mid to dark gray worsted single-breasted suit -a navy worsted single breasted...
  6. acecow

    WAYWRN: Classic Menswear, Casual Style

    There has been a lot of talk about the inappropriateness of casual shots in the WAYWRN thread. Yet, that is what many of us wear more often than our suit-and-tie ensembles. Most of you'd agree that posting in the SW&D sub-forum is not an option. I've tried to assemble most of the casual fits...
  7. Gus

    Pocket Squares: A Discussion Thread, Questions, Opinions, Suggestions.....

    It is remarkable to me how many people come to SF to ask about pocket squares. The following is a good basic summery by Alan Flusser from his book Clothes and the Man. A simple white handkerchief is all that is necessary to complete the business ensemble. It is also the least expensive way a...
  8. Gus

    London Hotel Recommendation

    My wife will be in London in late October for a few days. We will be doing general running around-museums some shopping, etc. Any recommendations for a good value in a hotel? Is under $250 available for a double? Also, any Style Forum approved (non- bespoke) places I should add to my...
  9. Gus

    Rock Your Socks- show your sock, shoe & pant combos

    Show how you mix and match your socks with shoes and pants. Bold, conservative, street & traditional are all welcome. Here are a few recent examples:
  10. Gus

    Pocketsquare 101

    Here is a nice overview on pocket squares. I for one, like either a sharp TV fold for a formal look or a loose puff with a few corners sticking out randomly when going casual. But, in the end, do whatever you like and have fun with it. http://artofmanliness.com/2008/06/15...pocket-square/

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