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  1. i01111000

    Random food thoughts - Street edition

    How do you avoid fast food? Do you pack a lunch at work? I should pack a lunch, but ya know. Whos got two thumbs and is a lazy fat ass? this guy.
  2. TheFoo

    Foo shops for a Japanese knife

    I am researching Japanese gyutos. I am addicted. Can someone give me the lay of the land? I understand there are high-end manufacturers like Misono and Masamoto. But then, from what I've seen, there are also artisans who hand forge knives one by one, like Hattori KD and Itou. Then, further...
  3. VKK3450

    Smokin meat - Start in the oven, finish on the grill?

    When smoking meat (Pulled pork, ribs, brisket, etc), can you start it in the oven for the first few hours then finish on your smoker? I know its not ideal, but we're throwing a party this Saturday and I just dont have the time required to constantly maintain the temp in my crappy leaky offset...
  4. Sesame Seed

    Why do I sweat when I consume acidic fruit?

    Oranges, grapefruits and pineapples set me off. I accumulate sweat under my eyes and around my mouth. I also have the same reaction to Starburst and other candy. I just assumed all of this was normal. Having brought it up a few times in conversations, the people I was talking did not have...
  5. Gus

    The Very Best Hot Sauce.......

    Here it is, the very best hot sauce - Cholula, made in Mexico. Available most places (Safeway, etc.). Hot, but not burning. Full of flavor not just heat. (Why I like it better than Tabasco) It comes in the bottle with the real wooden cap. A family favorite for years, we use it often for...
  6. why

    Guide to Buying Canned Sardines

    Rather than going through all the brands and distributors, I decided to make an easy guide to sardines that gives a quick overview of the sardine market by country of processing, type of sardine, distributor information, and method of processing. I. Types of Sardines Sardines can be found...
  7. MetroStyles

    Old meat in the fridge

    Aside from that "fresh taste", what are the down sides of eating old meat from the fridge. How long is too long? What exactly makes it unsafe after x days? Thanks.
  8. Shiny

    What do you put on canned tuna to spice things up?

    Being cheap and trying to drop some lbs, one of my staples is fastly becoming canned tuna. I usually get the starkist cheapy can and drain the water from it and down it with a fork. Not bad, but I could use a little variety. Do you guys put some kind of hot sauce or spices on it to liven things...
  9. vaclava krishna

    Creme Brulee vs, Panna Cotta

    If you are, dairy intolerant please don't, abstain from imagination.
  10. phatty123

    Food stuck in throat

    This has just happened so many times to me that i am really sick of it. Anyone have this problem that after they eat something but its still stuck in their throat b/c they didn't chew it fullly? when i eat oatmeal Quaker Oats, this has happened to me at least 5 times already. I try to cough it...

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