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  1. E

    Florsheims alligator shoe mode/year

    Hi I bought a pair of alligator shoes at an estate sale and trying to find out what model/year this might be - I can’t make out the name on the bottom
  2. Sir YoungMan

    What style of loafer is this?

    I found these loafers for sale but can't seem to find anywhere on the internet that shows what type they are. I'm would love to find a pair similar to these, if anyone knows what style these are please respond. Thanks.
  3. the_good_life

    1964 Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovans 10.5 C burgundy

    From the golden age of US shoe manufacturing, here is a pair of Florsheim Imperial shell cordovan Oxfords in burgundy with minor brogueing. C width, similar to a narrow English last. Measurements: Outside: Length 32cm, max. width 11.5cm, min. width 8cm Inside: Length approx. 30 cm, width at heel...
  4. fiestaplatypus

    Florsheim Imperial Shell Cordovan Longwing LWB Mens Shoes 12 A Model 92612 Black Pre-1973

    For sale is a pair of vintage Florsheim Imperial Cordovan longwing shoes, estimated to be manufactured between 1957 and 1973 (due to flush V-cleat in shoe heels, which was moved inward after 1973). According to the v-cleat eBay buying guide, pre-1973 models are exceedingly rare. Here's your...
  5. whoisthis

    Florsheim imperial 93605 used

    Im very knew to old vintage shoes. Could you give me an advice on this shoe as far as the condition and how much i should pay for it ? The only part that is skeptical to me is the heel edge area where you slip in the foot. It seems a bit cracked?
  6. kylepw

    Wanted: Vtg Florsheim Imperial 93605 in 8D

    Hi, I'm looking for a Vintage Florsheim Imperial 93605 Cordovan shoe in size 8D in good condition that can be shipped to Japan. Thanks in advance!
  7. ebayhtl

    New FLORSHEIM Imperial black leather wingtip oxford shoes, US 10.5 / UK 9.5

    ITEM - brand new, never worn FLORSHEIM Imperial black leather wingtip oxford shoes, US 10.5 / UK 9.5. Bought this a couple of years ago from Florsheim in Hong Kong. They're great shoes - you can see how clean the sole is! - I've just bought (lots of) other shoes so I never got around to wearing...
  8. Murlsquirl


    New SF member and not sure where to find the answer you're looking for? Have a quick question that doesn't belong in a current thread? Welcome, you found the right place. This is a weekly thread where new users can ask quick questions and get a solid answer. If a thread already exists that...
  9. trifili

    Florsheim Sizing Vintage

    I apologize if this has already been addressed but I have searched the forums for a similar thread but I havent been able to find one. I'm looking to get into a pair of NOS Vintage Florsheim longwings (or nearly new) but I'm not sure of the sizing. Does anyone know or can steer me in the...
  10. jamesn67

    Yet Another Florsheim Color Question

    Just picked these up from e-bay and was curious if they are color #8 that has lightened or color #6?
  11. The Dork

    List of Goodyear welted ready-to-wear shoes

    In my attempt to add another pair of Goodyear welted shoes to my wardrobe I searched this forum for a list of brands that offer Goodyear welted shoes and couldn't find anything. Off the top of my head, I could think of: Allen Edmonds Grenson Meermin Loake Florsheim Johnston & Murphy What...
  12. Jasper 47

    Florsheim loafers : Are they a good everyday?

    Hi, I've just seen what appears to be a good all-round everyday loafer at a reasonable price on e.bay. I liked the look of these, particularly the unusual sole feature. Having never had any Florsheim shoes previously, does Florsheim history denote a reasonable quality? Any advice on the brand...
  13. MJP2448

    What are your favorite labels?

    What do you wear for casual clothing? (Labels)
  14. Patrologia

    Edge Dressing (?) and Vintage Shell Cordovan!!!

    I recently bought a pair of vintage Florsheim SC v-cleat longwings in pretty nice condition, the original heel is hardly even worn down much. Only problem, somebody tried to apply edge dressing to the soles and got a little (lot) sloppy with the stuff. I'm assuming that this was done in an...
  15. datsunfan

    Hanover Longwings 11.5 A/AAA only ones left - - (1 pr. Shell, 1 pr. Leather), Bostonian Shell PTBs

    1) Size 10.5 C Hanover black shell cordovan longwings. Good condition with original heels and soles. Leather insole. Full photo gallery here. Price $75 shipped CONUS OBO. International buyers PM me for quote. SOLD Measurements Sole length 12.5" Sole widest point 4.5625" 2) Size 10 B/D...
  16. MyOtherLife

    Treating Musty Moldy Leather. What works for you?

    I inherited a fabulous pair of Florsheim Kenmoors in brown Scotchgrain from an uncle. He wore them literally once and kept them in his basement for the last 20 years. A powerful musty smell coming out of them was so strong that I have left them outside for the time being. I wanted to kill the...
  17. jrd617

    Battle of the Longwings: Alden vs. Florsheim Limited vs. Allen Edmonds

    There's a new longwing available from Florsheim called the "Veblen". (See: here) Where does the Florsheim fit in with the Alden 975 and the Allen Edmonds MacNeil?
  18. cmeisenzahl

    What's the story w/ Florsheim? ...

    Last night the wife and daughters were looking for some clothes at the mall. So the boy and I wandered around and eventually into Altier's, a mall shoe store. I saw a few Florsheim wingtips in the men's section. Now that I've seen AE, Alden, and many more shoes I've become a bit jaded. When I...
  19. pitboss12

    Where Do Florsheim Imperial Shoes Rate?

    While I am aware of the forum's admiration of brands such as AE, C&J, etc., I am curious to find out what everyone thinks of the Florsheim Imperial line. I think that they are pretty good in general . Most have replaceable leather soles and come in both classic and contemporary styles. They...

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