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  1. S

    Classic Shirt Help

    Hello all, Essentially I'm just starting to buy nice better fitting clothes, and I tried a MTM shirt from Proper Cloth. Its a point collar, active slim cut, standard placard, with french cuffs. I dont know enough to know if anything is sized improperly and if so, what is off and does the shirt...
  2. F

    Fit of suit jacket

    Hi all! I have a few questions about the fits of a few Suitsupply Lazio jackets. Context is that it’s for my wedding, and will be part of a three piece suit that I want to be able to use for interviews, on the job, etc. in the future. In the pics I have a vest to mimic the vest I’ll have for...
  3. J

    Excess Fabric on sides of back of jacket

    Hello everyone, am new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting this query in the wrong forum. Anyway, I noticed excess fabric in both sides of the back of the suit jacket I tried on. The Sales associate told me the in house tailor would remove the armholes and take in the excess fabric...
  4. W

    First flannel trousers - help with fit questions

    Hi, I just received my first MTM flannel trousers from Luxire and am now asking for opinions about the fit (see the pic links below). Because of my largish thighs, I often find trousers that are too tight on the thigh area. I have a feeling that this might be the case with my new purchase as...
  5. Tannerm322

    First Suit Advice

    I've never owned a suit before, but I'd like to add one or two to my wardrobe. My problem is going about figuring out the fitting. Should I get a measurement from a tailor, then get an off the rack suit as close to that as possible then have the tailor better fit it to me? Or should I go the...
  6. R

    Loafer Conundrum

    I know there are many threads on loafer sizing but I've been having trouble with getting the right fit. So I recently bought a pair of OSB Beefroll Penny loafers in size 10D. I was recently re-measured on a Brannock at Allen Edmonds and my left foot is a 9.5E while my right is a 9.5D. The OSB's...

    SIZING/FIT difference between SLP L01 SS13(Hendi) and current L01(Anthony Vaccarello)

    Hello everyone, thanks in advance for any replies given. I am considering purchasing the SLP L01 leather jacket, but I am looking for the Hedi version back in SS13 I have come across with two SS13 L01s listed on eBay, a 50 and a 48. However the sellers claimed that the fit from SS13 was much...
  8. G

    First Suit for internship at law firm

    Hi, I'm going to do an internship at a law firm soon and I'm wondering: If this suit fits "well" enough or is a complete disaster If alterations would make sense (I guess they don't if: shoulders are too wide, jacket too long etc) -> https://imgur.com/a/HDLOq I hope this is the right forum...
  9. D

    Fit/Style Vs Construction/Materials

    Hi everyone! Long time lurker here. I finally decided to sign up and join the discussion. I was hoping to get some feedback on an issue that's been bugging me for a while. I've been in the process on building my wardrobe for a little while, but I keep wavering back and forth on two suiting...
  10. C

    Suit Fit Dilema

    So I've an important interview coming up and need to look my best hence the need for a well fitted suit. I am a 44 chest however no matter what jacket I try they always seem to be a little tight in the shoulder. Having never had a suit altered before and with a completely bespoke suit being out...
  11. D

    Suit Separates or High Drop For a Triangle (Y-Shaped) Professional?

    First post; I'm a noob looking to upgrade from cheap-o suits. My problem is: I'm a 42" chest and 32" waist. Where can I find quality suit separates? Or suits with a high drop? All the suits I've tried have a 6" or 8" drop, which just won't work. I'm aiming for $500 - $800 for a good value on...
  12. M

    New Member, Question over Leather Jacket Fit. Thanks IA!

    Hello everyone at Style Forum! Lurked for about a week, but just bought a leather jacket and need advice about the sizing please. It FEELS absolutely fine, but I am a tad conscious about the sleeve length being a tad too long (I've got short arms for my height) I think the body length wise is...
  13. K

    Suitsupply Fit Issue

    I have tried on everything at Suitsupply and finally settled on their Hartford suit. It was ordered in and as I was trying on the pants the salesperson tells me that there will be too much tailoring and that the pants won't look right once they have been taken that far in. The suit is a 40 and...
  14. TimeToSuitUp

    Leather jacket advice for my body type.

    Hey everyone, So I've done a bit of research and I'm interested in getting a high quality Aero leather jacket. I can get it tailored to my measurements and even make some customisations, like a pocket here or a zip here etc. I was looking for some advice with this in mind. I want a style of...
  15. americanninja

    Jacket Tightness in back and sides - how to fix?

    I have a suit jacket which I think is a bit tight in the back and sides. My tailor says that it's normal to fit like this when moving around in it. Looking for advice and feedback on this. Is this true, should I just deal with it, or can it be improved and more comfortable. I have included...
  16. americanninja

    Puffy Shirt in the Lower Back

    I'm looking for advice on what I can ask the tailor to do, to get rid of this puffiness in the lower back area of my tailored shirts. I've read that you should have roughly 1-3 inches of pinched fabric to allow for a comfortable fit. I hate nothing more than having a restricted feeling, or a...
  17. S

    Cotton Blend Slim Fit Shirt

    1 Set = Total 4 Pieces, 4 Each Of Size:38,40,42,44 Interlocking-Same Thread,Slim Fit,Bottom Fold Stitching:Double Size Set / Color Set = Size Set Sleeve = Half Sleeve Style = Shirt Style
  18. lullemans72

    How much should I have my suit pants tapered?

    So just the other day, I was watching a video on alpha m, and he brought something to my attention that I hadn't given any thought until now. And that is about pant tapering. The video is here: (starts at 0:43) Ever since I started studying up on fashion, I quickly learned the importance of...
  19. Rakesh

    Albam Selvedge a bit too big. How can I make it fit better?

    Hi all, I was given a new pair of Albam Selvedge, straight-leg jeans. They were bought from a store in another country so I can't change them. They're a bit too spacious around my thighs, calves and (less so around my waist) but I really like the quality of the denim. For me, the fit is more...
  20. BadContrakt

    Triangle of Shirt/Tie Under Jacket Button(s)

    Well. I've done some looking on the vast web of knowledge and the only threads I find are dated... Like 2011 or earlier dated. So let's have a chat. Men's jeans are progressively getting lower and lower sitting and the buttons on the coats are not necessarily lowering with them. I recently...

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