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  1. K_The_Sartorialist

    Suitsupply MTM fit check

    Hi guys :) Just took delivery og this new MTM suit from SuSu a couple of days ago. All measurements have been done by myself (due to SuSu not having any physical stores in my country) so I’m very curious as to what the outside world thinks. Is it a keeper or am i way off in terms of fit? I...
  2. A

    Suit Jacket length check

    :)Hey all, I'm trying to decide between two suit jackets: 46 Regular vs 46 Long. I've attached a photo of me in each jacket with the same pants. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks!
  3. P

    MTM (online) Fit Advice Kindly requested

    Hey Everyone. Made an MTM order online and need help with fit and body measurement changes for next order. Here are some pics of the MTM suit and shirt. Please advise if one of my shoulders is slightly square or sloping. Also any other recommendations will be appreciated.
  4. PSNY

    Bespoke shirt fitting critique please

    Started a project with a new tailor. Shown here is my 2nd fitting. Fit is decent forearms a tad tight. It just feels messy or is it just me? Goal is a balance of comfort and fit. Tailor recommended darting to eliminate excess back and body fabric per my concern. I want to raise the collar by...
  5. Anthony678

    Where to buy a tuxedo

    Hello. I'm looking for a tuxedo for my upcoming prom in the end of May. Where do you recommend I look? I don't really know what my budget is but I'm looking for a lower end tuxedo so that I can put money towards alterations as well.
  6. B

    Suit buying advice

    Hello everyone, I live in the Richmond, Virginia area and cannot seem to find a good bespoke tailor in the region. I have spent a lot of money on suits but never seem to be satisfied. What are the best options for getting a high quality suit with a great fit when you don't have access to...
  7. kylemoredock

    Finding shoes that fit when shopping online

    If you're anything like me, you find it really challenging to accurately select the right size shoe when shopping online. Rather than continue complaining on various internet forums, I've taken a stab at trying to solve the problem. Grayle is platform that collects information about the shoes...
  8. kai888

    Leather Jacket fit (pictures) Too tight

    Hi everyone! Thanks in advance for your advice, I recently bought a lambskin leather jacket ( I can return it within 1 week). Do you think it fits too tight? I have lifted weights regularly and might put on a little bit more mass. No doubt this will have some influence. The next size up...
  9. T

    What measurements should i request from my tailor

    In the interest of buying clothes online i'm planning on getting my measurements taken by a tailor. She seemed keen on the idea and willing to do the job so that's great and all :) However i would like to make sure that the measurements i get are useful for buying clothing online. Is there a...
  10. A

    How does this suit fit (Lanieri)

    Hello everyone! I’m new to the forum, so excuse me if I’m making mistakes by posting this here. I’ve recently decided that I need a suit, and after visiting several shops and realizing how difficult it is to find something for my body type (168cm and wide shoulders) I opted for lanieri MTM. What...
  11. K

    Thoughts on the fit of this biker jacket?

    My father was a hardcore biker, and recently he gifted me one of his cowhide leather biker jackets. I like the style of the jacket but it doesn’t seem to fit well (feels big), and I would like to gather some different perspectives before I wear it, sell it, or condemn it to life imprisonment in...
  12. mikealvaa

    Definitive guide to suit fits/cuts

    Hey all, I have been digging through the internet and I can't seem to find a definitive guide to the different styles of suit cuts/fits. I recently watched Spike Lee's Malcolm X and I was in awe of the style of suiting that dominated during the 1960s. It might be my favorite decade of...
  13. pasoguava

    Requesting Fit Advice on New Oliver Wicks Suit

    Hello! Requesting thoughts on the fit of the Oliver Wicks MTM suit below. The first photo shows the suit as depicted on their website and the rest are the suit I received. For reference, I'm 5'8", 158lbs. I'm in the arts so am never in an office environment. This suit will be used for openings...
  14. C

    Suit question: Shoulder fits, chest doesn’t

    Hello everyone, I have recently gone through my closet looking for a interview suit sadly to find many don’t fit anymore. I’ve put on a little weight and where I was once a 36s (I’m 5’ 6” 150lb) now the chest on a few of my suits is popping up I’ve also heard people say the lapel is popping up...
  15. S

    Classic Shirt Help

    Hello all, Essentially I'm just starting to buy nice better fitting clothes, and I tried a MTM shirt from Proper Cloth. Its a point collar, active slim cut, standard placard, with french cuffs. I dont know enough to know if anything is sized improperly and if so, what is off and does the shirt...
  16. F

    Fit of suit jacket

    Hi all! I have a few questions about the fits of a few Suitsupply Lazio jackets. Context is that it’s for my wedding, and will be part of a three piece suit that I want to be able to use for interviews, on the job, etc. in the future. In the pics I have a vest to mimic the vest I’ll have for...
  17. J

    Excess Fabric on sides of back of jacket

    Hello everyone, am new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting this query in the wrong forum. Anyway, I noticed excess fabric in both sides of the back of the suit jacket I tried on. The Sales associate told me the in house tailor would remove the armholes and take in the excess fabric...
  18. W

    First flannel trousers - help with fit questions

    Hi, I just received my first MTM flannel trousers from Luxire and am now asking for opinions about the fit (see the pic links below). Because of my largish thighs, I often find trousers that are too tight on the thigh area. I have a feeling that this might be the case with my new purchase as...
  19. Tannerm322

    First Suit Advice

    I've never owned a suit before, but I'd like to add one or two to my wardrobe. My problem is going about figuring out the fitting. Should I get a measurement from a tailor, then get an off the rack suit as close to that as possible then have the tailor better fit it to me? Or should I go the...
  20. R

    Loafer Conundrum

    I know there are many threads on loafer sizing but I've been having trouble with getting the right fit. So I recently bought a pair of OSB Beefroll Penny loafers in size 10D. I was recently re-measured on a Brannock at Allen Edmonds and my left foot is a 9.5E while my right is a 9.5D. The OSB's...

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