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fit check

  1. H

    Proper Cloth fit check

    Hi all. First time poster here! I recently received a shirt from Proper Cloth and am looking for opinions on the fit. All thoughts are welcome!
  2. A

    Suit Jacket length check

    :)Hey all, I'm trying to decide between two suit jackets: 46 Regular vs 46 Long. I've attached a photo of me in each jacket with the same pants. Any and all advice is appreciated, thanks!
  3. P

    New suit fit opinions

    Dear all, just bought a new suit and would like some opinions on its fit, especially possible tailoring that needs doing. - Philip
  4. E

    Fit check (suit)

    Hello, About a year or so ago, I got an unused Tom Ford O’Connor (size 50R EU, drop 8) at about 1/3 of the retail price. I took it to an alterations tailor, and I feel rather pleased with the result. He took in the jacket along the back seam, raised the arms from the shoulder, trimmed the pant...
  5. saggysuit25

    Fit Check, Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano

    Looking for suit for wedding, taking a look at the Brooks Brothers 1818 Milano fit. Tried 40R and shoulders fit well, but definitely a lot of room in the mid-section. Planning to tailor to have a much more fitted look, but concerned of how the suit lays in the front, mainly the bulge between the...
  6. L

    Newbie with Ebay suit looking for alteration advice

    Been lurking for about 2 weeks ever since I found out that I will be attending a wedding later this year. I never wear suits so I'm not confident about how they are supposed to fit. I mean, I looked up some info on Google but I think more experienced eyes would be more insightful. So I just...
  7. TimpD

    Fit check (jacket)

    Hello, I picked up a couple SamuelSohn for a great deal (68% and 76% off) and was looking for some feedback as I am currently under lockdown and can't meet with my tailor. The cut is Madison so it's their slimmest, normally I go for a contemporary fit. I also have an extra 5-8 COVID pounds. Do...
  8. A

    Fit Advice: Spier & MacKay Navy Blazer

    Hello! I'd love some advice on the fit of my new Spier & MacKay Navy Hopsack blazer in a 40R Slim. This is my first purchase from SM, so I could return or exchange for free. I actually purchased it using the referral code of a generous Styleforum member. From the photos, it's clear the sleeves...
  9. J

    Excess Fabric on sides of back of jacket

    Hello everyone, am new to this forum so apologies if I'm posting this query in the wrong forum. Anyway, I noticed excess fabric in both sides of the back of the suit jacket I tried on. The Sales associate told me the in house tailor would remove the armholes and take in the excess fabric...
  10. Z

    Suit Fit Opinions

    Gents, Recently purchased Suitsupply Jort suit. I had the trousers tapered and hemmed (clearly not enough) and the waist of the jacket taken in. What additional alterations would you recommend to the jacket and trousers so the suit is proportional? Taper the sleeves? Shorten the sleeves (the...
  11. E

    Help determining zegna jacket issues

    Gentlemen, Long time lurker could use some help here. I purchased an E. Zegna jacket off the bay after trying on several zegna sizes at neimans and saks. The jacket I received feels good in the shoulders as far as not being too tight or too large. However it has this very wierd rumpled up...
  12. G

    First Suit for internship at law firm

    Hi, I'm going to do an internship at a law firm soon and I'm wondering: If this suit fits "well" enough or is a complete disaster If alterations would make sense (I guess they don't if: shoulders are too wide, jacket too long etc) -> https://imgur.com/a/HDLOq I hope this is the right forum...
  13. R

    Leather jacket advice

    Looking for a leather jacket. I tried a Schott 118 (long) and the standard 618. 118 was a little boxy in the chest, and also a little long when sitting (some "puffing" in the front). 618 was short in body and sleeves, but looked good in the chest. Both are a 36. I can't size down in the 188 as...
  14. Don007

    Leather jacket sizing help,please?

    Hello, I recently purchased a leather jacket online but I do think it's a bit small, snug good around my chest but around where my arms connect to my shoulder bone kind of constructing "sleeves". The shoulder straps on the jacket are somewhat laying in front my shoulders rather than on top like...
  15. S

    Denim jacket fit check

    Hi all! I have been reading this forum for quite some time and decided to subscribe because sometimes I have some questions myself (and I hope to be able to help others). I recently bought a trucker jacket from levi´s in the colour midnight carbon. I have read a lot about how a trucker/denim...
  16. R

    Boot proportions

    I'm not a short man, about average, 5'10" or so. However, I'm very thin, and am somewhat concerned that the new pair of boots I bought make my feet look enormous when compared to my body. I used to wear nothing but flat sneakers (think Vans) and I'm not used to wearing boots at all. So my...
  17. ctrlaltelite

    what the hell is "anti-fit?"

    i was talking to a friend about t-shirts today since junkfood shirts don't fit the same on me as they used to, whereas they used to be slim and comfortable the new ones (star wars themed and the one i bought reading "rap royalty") feel boxier and looser, but remain the same length as before. he...

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