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  1. T

    Thoughts on the Kering group eyewear?

    I know they have some good brands under their belt like Lindberg and all, plus they aren’t Luxottica. But curious if they’re overall makers of good to great quality glasses Found some pairs of Montblanc frames from them made in Japan too, so curious about them in general too if possible.
  2. Eltrainoo

    Round shaped eyewear for large bridge/nose

    Round glasses are in. Rectangular glasses are not. Where does this leave those with a wide bridge and/or wide face? With non-fashionable eyewear. I’ve engaged in several discussions with colleagues who feel similarly, so I figured I’d give it a go and see people’s thoughts on this topic...
  3. A

    Howard Flacke - Luxury Horn Sunglasses for the Unique Individual - Now on Kickstarter - Affiliate th

    Hi, we've joined the Streetwear and Denim community and we're super excited to be here! We offer Genuine Buffalo Horn shades, Each pair with it's own one-off pattern. Traditionally priced at over $1,000 (see morgenthal frederics, hoffmann horn) we offer them for $199 by removing price inflating...
  4. A

    Howard Flacke - Affordable Buffalo Horn Sunglasses/Optical - Now on Kickstarter - Affiliate Thread

    Hey there, I had a thread a little while back on some designs I was working on for a new eyewear/sunglass line made of Genuine Buffalo Horn. You guys helped me out with design feedback and tips - Just wanted to keep you updated that we launched on kickstarter, the projects name is Luxury Eyewear...
  5. aliceee

    Transition lenses: In or Out

    Hi!! I heard about transition lenses last week at my Optician (http://www.iris.ca)... I just want to know if someone ever try that kind of product because I'm actually interested in purchasing. I have bleu eyes so I need very effective smoke lens! Please, let me know if you have comments...
  6. pg600rr

    Mens glasses thread? any good blogs or websites? suggestions on particular styles?

    So I am new to the glasses game, not by choice but I need to pick some up. I got Lasik about 4 years ago, prior to that wore contacts for 10 years. Unfortunatley the vison in my right eye is a little down (apparently the Lasik "settled in"). I have free lifetime "touch ups" but dont know if I...
  7. wing8tesqw

    Horn Glasses - Getting the Prescription Lens

    I am curious of what others have experienced when buying horm frames from one place and having the prescription set by another. Any issues? Cracked Frame? Thank you
  8. iamitp

    Eyeglasses for a large round face sporting a french beard?

    Hi, I need suggestions for eyeglass frames that will suit my face. I have a large round face and I usually sport a french beard or a van dyke. The main purpose of the beard is to elongate my face and create an illusion of an oval face shape. What kind of eyeglass frames will look best on me...
  9. dapperman101


    We at Dapperman101.blogspot.co.uk are interested to find out what are the well dressed gentleman's sunglasses of choice? If you could only have two pairs right now what would they be?
  10. jgrn13


    Can anyone tell me what brand these sunglasses are? Can't seem to find any information. http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gzwlpIND1rny94ho1_500.jpg Thanks!
  11. ZOG

    Tom Ford Cary Sunglasses Online

    Hi, I'm trying to find a reputable place that sells Tom Ford sunglasses online. They also need to be able to ship internationally. In particlar, I'm trying to buy a pair of Tom Ford Cary. If anyone could help me out. It would be much appreciated. Kind regards,
  12. pnewelljr

    Red Sunglasses, Neon Green Backpack and what?

    I am trying to put together an outfit and am a little lost. So far I have: Dark Cherry Red Rayban Wayfarers Neon Green Backpack from American Apparel Almost Black V-Neck from J.Crew That's as far as I've gotten, im lost with shoes and pants/shorts. Suggestions?
  13. Reevolving

    Alternatives to Rayban RB2132 New Wayfarer 52mm (smaller frame) ?

    My 52mm RB2132 Wayfarers fell off my head as I flew my plane into a hammerhead stall. With one hand on the yoke, and the other trying to catch that pigeon, I was not able to save the glasses. These are the only sunglasses I have ever found with a smaller, tastefully sized frame. While I need...
  14. icu222much

    Removal of Anti Reflective Coating on Eyeglass Lens

    I bought a pair of glasses several years ago but now the Anti Reflective coating is starting to peel off. This is creating streaks down the middle of both of my lens and looks like my glasses has been placed on a table and scratched violently. These 'scratches' are only found on the front side...
  15. NY Hockey

    Which Ray-Ban's do these best compare to?

    I have to admit that I see some excellent deals on Amazon for Ray Ban's...While I can go to a store and try some on and then just ditch the place, that is not really my style. I just think it is in bad taste. I'd rather not waste their time and use them just to find what I like. So I was...
  16. Stanley Lyndon

    Light blue tinted sunglasses on bold black frames. Suggestions?

    Hello all, I've recently joined the forum although I've been reading some of the threads through Google searches for a few months now. Anyway, long story short, I'm now trying to find a pair of sunglasses that have bold, angular frames like RetroSuperFuture's Ciccio but not oversized like...
  17. ArnimFritsch

    Looking for some shades on the cheap

    Hello, I just got my first box of contact lenses in 7 years (whohoo!), and I'm looking for a pair of sunglasses. I'm still a grad student, so I'm looking for something on the cheap. Specifically, my life would be complete if I could find something under $100, in tortoise, that looks like this...
  18. rennavate

    Help me choose a Warby Parker frame

    I need a new pair of glasses, so I thought I'd give Warby Parker a try. At $95 with the option to get up to five frames sent out to try, I figure it's a good deal. These are some photos of some frames and what they "look like on me." Which look best? Don't mind colour so much as frame shape...
  19. TimelesStyle

    Orange sunglasses?

    All of my sunglasses are either black or silver and have dark grey or dark green lenses. I'd like something with a little more color, but is orange too much color? While I know the reviews here have been mixed over the years, I'm a big fan of Mikli's Starck line and have one pair which are my...
  20. ameyers6

    any clue what brand sunglasses these could be

    lets see if you guys can get this one what brand?Jimmie+Johnson+Indianapolis+Motor+Speedway+tc-Z2x1QGmZl.jpg (76k. jpg file)

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