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dress shirt

  1. EuropeanInterloper Redux

    Dress Shirts Give Me Pain

    Dear all, Today marks the day when I almost found myself giving up on the men's shirt. I have search far and wide, from base OTR to more substantial MTM, and even had one bespoke shirt altered, and have yet to find a shirt that does not hurt my neck and back. More specifically- approaching one...
  2. galway

    Purple Shirt Tie Match?

    I recently decided to make my first foray into purple shirts. I've got one solid and one base-white-purple-stripe and am looking for tie suggestions, especially what colour to wear. I'm not a big fan of shirt/tie colour matching but am thinking about a different shade. The solid shirt is a...
  3. pred02

    Shirt Alterations: Making Shirts Slim Fit

    Hi have a bunch of shirts that I bought before I realized Slim fit shirts fit me better. Is it a difficult (or expensive) for a tailor to make them slimmer? If so, should I just try my regular dry cleaning place or go for a proper tailor? Thanks!
  4. randomtw

    cufflinks with shirts that use a button cuff

    Would you just remove the buttons in order to use cufflinks?
  5. Clench Million

    Big neck, medium chest (what to buy?)

    Okay, a question for you stylish guys. My neck is fairly large (16.5, although 17 is most comfortable), but everytime I buy a button-up for a neck that size the chest if fucking gigantic. I know huge puffy shirts are in style in some areas, but not for me. Barring getting shirts tailor-made...
  6. Goblin

    White dress shirts to cover tattoos?

    I'm beginning the very long process of getting both arms sleeved in tattoos. I'm only at the shoulder-cap stage now, so undershirts are doing the job of covering my tattoos at work. However, soon I'll be starting the linework on the parts of my arms that an undershirt won't cover. I generally...
  7. randomtw

    do you remove plastic collar stays before washing shirts in a washing machine?

    are you supposed to take out the plastic collar stays in shirts before you wash them in the washing machine?
  8. R

    Cream shirt goes with

    I have a lovely cream herringbone shirt that I picked up a few weeks ago. My dilemma is pairing it up with suits and ties. It's not a colour I've really worn so I'm having difficulty. Not fussed on the tie color suggesstions, I'll wear anything and not afraid of loud (there's a difference...
  9. Sartorially Challenged

    When There Are Two Buttons on Dress Shirt Sleeve

    When there are two buttons on a dress shirt sleeve, am I supposed to use: 1. The narrower button or 2. The wider button or 3. Whichever fits my wrist better? Also, I read on this forum that generally about 1/2 inch of sleeve should show when wearing a suit jacket (from hands at rest by side...
  10. myoclonic

    Seeing undershirt under white dress shirt?

    Hi Everyone, Yes, I'm here because of the NYT article, but I'd been looking for a resource like this for quite awhile, and I'm grateful. My question pertains to undershirts "showing through" when worn under a white dress shirt, such that one could see the short sleeves under the...

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