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  1. TheFoo

    Pocket Square Review: an Ongoing Series

    The background or predominant color of your pocket square should not be the same as your shirt. Recent posted examples: A pocket square is just another layer of your outfit--on top of your shirt, tie and jacket. Moreover, it is the most superfluous of them all. So, if you're going to include...
  2. apple3210

    Brown Shoes, Grey Pants. Use a Brown Belt??

    hey guys, so i like the look of brown shoes against grey pants. but i'm not seeing the grey pants going with the brown belt. should i just go with it though? also, what color is good with a very dark charcoal? i can't imagine the brown going with it but i'm yet to try. thanks
  3. bjornb17

    Most useful thing you've learned on StyleForum?

    When i came here a year ago or so, I was a complete noob, so there are many great things I have learned. However, the most important thing I learned is that khakis are not dress pants. I was always afraid to buy wool dress pants because I thought I had to dry clean them after every wear. Now...
  4. its299792458mps

    Need some honest advice! Should I dress my age?

    Hey, I am a puzzled 20 yr old looking for some honest advice. I'm a physics major and I started working for the physics department beginning of fall semester as a TA to teach labs. I wanted to stand out a little so the students I teach wouldn't confuse me as another student so I decided to dress...
  5. Ambrosi

    Ambrosi Napoli

    And my pleasure to share this with you ....
  6. Reevolving

    Blue blazer and Grey pants? Classic or boring?

    I can't explain why, but I am not so sure about this combo anymore. Is it too generic? Too boring? Too much of a uniform? old man? Mentally, I am associating this with the "blazer/khakis sailor" look. Does anyone have any pictures of this combo they feel look stylish?
  7. SpallaCamiccia

    Luca Rubinacci ; most TACKY around

    Where is the hype with Luca Rubinacci? He wants to be the ETRO man? I found him the most tacky douche around I have ever seen. Even he is tatooed Thing that a real and classic elllegant man would never do under my personal thoughts. He mixes colors with a very bad taste and to me he looks to be...
  8. Fred H.

    WAYWRN Week In Review

    Week of Jan. 23, 2011. Best Industry Insider:yfyf Best Special Effects: Tibor Best "I hate this fuckin' weather" Shot: NewYorkRanger Best "Look at this fuckin' weather!" Shot: Spoopoker Most Interesting Detail Shot: harry2quinn Runner Up: niidawg3 Best Shoe Shot: KtownGreg Most...
  9. MBreinin

    Friday WAYWRN challenge - best budget - who did it best? Vote!!!!

    I just got a message from Spoo on the Steezaphone and apparently he is having too much fun with Mrs. Spoo, eating cheese, gambling and drinking wine on some isolated island to handle the poll tonight. So, he enlisted the services of his favorite attorney to administer the task this evening...
  10. ZenStyle

    My first MTM suit (+ shirts), opinions please!

    Hey guys, This is my first MTM suit along with a MTM couple shirts. I'm fairly tall and slim/fit so OTR is a bit of a challenge (especially dress shirts). I'll post the suit in this post, then the shirts in the next post. I know they are not perfect, but hopefully tweakable with a touch of...
  11. SpooPoker

    2010 WAYWRN Champions Challenge - Who had the fit of the year? VOTE!!

    Who won the challenge of the year?
  12. tonio028

    What Are You Wearing Now/Today? Pictures only - no discussion (3.0)

    Edit by j, your host The last thread has gotten too big and was confusing the server. I've cut off the last few days of posts into a new thread (to allow quoting and give the last thread a bit of breathing room), and we'll start from here. Up to Feb 3, 2010 can be found here...
  13. srivats

    suede shoes - post 'em here!

    I have a newfound love for suede shoes. I have really started enjoying them this winter. They are the perfect complement for flannel or tweed trousers, and I think they will make a great summer shoe as well. I thought I'd start a thread for suede appreciation Please post your pics (or pics of...
  14. BrianVarick

    I used to be a Pimp... Childhood Photo

    I love this picture of my cousin and I, although he looks more like a waiter than anything Post pictures from your childhood of yourself looking dapper!
  15. Sebastian_Flyte

    RULES for the tall and skinny man

    I'm 6'1'', 140 lbs. I'm creating this niche thread as a sort of home base for the members of our forum who are around my height and weight. I see there are a good number of us from reading this thread. Some of this advice is spread around the forum, but it would be nice to have it all in one...
  16. talon

    Online suits tailor: review and recomend

    A few of the online tailors have a visiting tailor coming to sydney So I'm looking to choose between them Who I am currently looking at http://www.onlinesuits.com/: they are very inexpensive which raises the questions of cheap quality and service. http://www.princehenry.biz...
  17. TheFoo

    Get Foofed

    "We can rebuild him. We have the technology." In this thread, voluntary and involuntary subjects will be Foofed--by yours truly. The service is free of charge. Subject #1: Mr. Moo. Problem: Subject believes his jacket fits. Foofification: Fuller chest, longer length, lower buttoning point...
  18. scrollphaser

    Tailoring Pants - Taking in vs. Letting Out

    I could use some help and it looks like a lot of people here know what they are doing. I tried on a pair of slim fitting flat-front dress pants by Hugo Boss today. The opening at the bottom is 9" and seems to work good. My shoe is 10.5 B width. I originally tried on 33" but the tailor wanted to...
  19. bsblguy31

    What to wear to a casual interview?

    I have an interview this week with a newspaper. iThe interviewer told me I don't have to dress up or anything unless "I'm a guy that likes to dress up." I get the impression that it's pretty casual around the office, but I'm not really sure what would be the right attire for the...
  20. shoes22

    brown shoes grey pants

    what color socks? also, what color browns work? would the barker black brown suede and leather wingtips or suese brown loafers work with grey pants?

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