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  1. unbelragazzo

    Do You Use a Trouser Press?

    Thread title explains purpose. Do you find them easy to use? Do they decrease the lifespan of a trouser? If you're pressing the trousers of a suit all the time but not the jacket, are you going to get a lot of differentiation between the two fabrics?
  2. Despos

    Removing a grease spot

    This happened when having a juicy burger from Off Site Kitchen yesterday. This is what I used Apply baby powder on the stain Had to apply powder 3 times. First application, let it sit for about 4 hours and brushed the powder away. Turned the trouser leg inside out and applied powder on the...
  3. Meester Pe

    Moose brown chinos and light brown shoes.

    Hi guys, I'm new on the forum, and have been looking around for a bit. I have a question. Will the pant/shoes combination on the picture work? Are these shoes too dressy to go with chinos ? I've had these pair of shoes sitting in a closet for a while, and wondered if I could make them fit with...
  4. blue123

    Matching Pants with AE Stands

    So I recently picked up pair of AE strands from Nordstrom. I love the shoe, but I am having a hard time pairing it with slacks. I have worn them with Navy and Khahki and have gotten plenty of compliments. I own a pair of the following pants and I was wondering if they would work with them...
  5. reyesjanise


    I just bought some red pants but don't know what to pair it with. i'll post a link of what they look like. http://www.polyvore.com/best_mens_red_pants_for/thing?id=55384859 They're pretty much red like that and kind of a denim feel.
  6. nms713

    Classify this pant break - any room to let out?

    What would you call this break? No, quarter, half? Problem I have is that I show sock when I walk. If it is decided to let it out, is there any material to do it and keep same cuff height? Thanks!
  7. Mr Engineer

    How much should I taper my pants?

    I have a few pants that need to be tapered and I was wondering how many inches should I taper it to. I am going to taper my pants from the knee down because I have big thighs and above the knees is fine.I don't want the pants to be covering up my shoes as it is right now. Is there a way to...
  8. Inker19

    Suit Pants: can the waistband be stretched?

    I have a wool suit that fits in every area except the waist is maybe 1/2 an inch too tight, but there's no extra fabric to be let out. So is there any way a pair of wool slacks can be "stretched" without damaging them?
  9. Douglas

    Baggy Trousers

    So I'm thinking about experimenting with some trousers that would be a lot baggier than the SF-approved standard. As a bigger fellow, not only do I find them cooler (temperature not attitude) and more comfortable, but I think they work proportionately better as well. We're not talking oxford...
  10. Quadcammer

    Flannel Trousers...where to buy?

    Afternoon all. The one item for fall that i've decided I clearly need to add to my wardrobe is a pair of flannel trousers in a light grey. I like the brooks brothers milano option, but wondering if you had any other options to look at in the same price range say ($150 to $250). Looking for a...
  11. pcstyle

    Pant waist alteration, normal or poor?

    I recently found a new tailor and has been asking him to take in on some of my older trousers. The finished job I noticed is different than my previous tailor in that the waistband always seems to have a slight "V" shape and the belt loops not straight on the waistband. I didn't ask him about...
  12. SamSpade

    Please help me find higher raise pants

    The only existing thread with the same problem produces unsatisfactory results. Basically, I am about to transition from frustration to full on rage :fu: - the current trend of low raise pants makes no sense from any angle: it looks bad/sloppy/childish, its uncomfortable, and the shirts get...
  13. PipersSon

    Tough/ most durable dress pants for business casual wear - brand or cloth

    The dress code in my office department is dress trouser and shirt, and if needed, we 'go up' to a sport coat. In all the years I have never needed to wear a suit. I am looking to purchase (or have made) a few pairs of dress trousers with the stipulation that the material both qualifies for...
  14. knight7552

    Need advice on pants to wear with OCBD

    Hi everyone! I'm a long time lurker on this forum and AAAC. I have a couple of questions for you all. I tried using the search function to address my concerns, but to no avail. Anyway, I've been building my business casual wardrobe for when I start work in August. I will be working as an...
  15. goneAWOL

    Is reweaving worth it? - Pictures

    I've never had anything reweaved before, so I don't have a good feel for how high the cost can get depending on the extent of damage. I would probably send to withoutatrace unless someone has a better recommendation. The first is a Luciano Barbera Collezioni Sartoriale blazer. The...
  16. Franc Lloyd

    Bespoke Trousers: Current Trend

    Seeing an uptick of requests from clients demanding old-school, retro-looking side-adjusters (a.k.a. buckles) with their bespoke trousers. With no loops on the waistband, belts are rendered useless. Brighter colors and "busier" patterns are certainly on the rise. Pants have a certain minimalist...
  17. tdonohue

    Starting Business Wardrobe with $2k

    Hello All, Been reading this forum for a few weeks and thought I would seek some advice from the collective wisdom of the SF community. I just graduated college and start my first job in July in Chicago; the environment is business casual, though I'd like to be on the dressier side of business...
  18. RDiaz

    What the hell is wrong with spanish tailors? (rant thread)

    I got a RTW suit a couple weeks ago. The trousers are a slim cut and came with unfinished hems, so I took them to a tailor to get them finished, with 1.5" cuffs. I asked for no break, as in this picture: He said that would be too short, and that the "correct length" would be trousers...
  19. MBLAQ

    Which color should I get?

    Hello, I am thinking of buying this pair of skinny fit pants http://www.yesstyle.com/en/topguys-cotton-blend-skinny-pants/info.html/pid.1030936818 I am having trouble choosing between the khaki and navy color, suggestions please?
  20. PiPPo NYC

    Working buttonholes in trousers cuffs

    Hi I am working on the details of my first bespoke suit. The trousers will be cuffed (2” likely) and I thought it would be nice having working buttonholes instead of having the cuffs stitched to the pants. What do you guys think? Also, I friend had tiny weights inside the cuffs to hold...

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