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  1. V

    Is this jeans fake?

    hello guys, i found this pair of diesel jeans in my closet and I’m very confused if it’s fake or real and if it’s real, what is his value? I hope Someone here has a knowledge about diesel jeans and I will be very happy if you will help me. The photos of the jeans:
  2. M

    Looking for Diesel J-Bisa reversible jacket

    Hi guys, I hope this is right place to post this... I’m looking for Diesel J-Bisa reversible jacket in XL. I’ve been looking for that jacket for over 6 years with no luck. A year ago someone was selling one on eBay but it was L (42inch chest) - too small for me. Does anyone of you guys know...
  3. InfiniteFall

    Looking For - Diesel Lumi Leather Jacket

    Hey guys, Looking for : Diesel Lumi Leather Jacket - Black Sz Large or Medium Jackets I have to trade : Belstaff Malenotti Era H Racer - Black, Winter Version (Blue Lining), Size Large Tommy Hilfiger Motorcycle Leather Jacket - Distressed Black, Size Small Lucky Brand Bonneville Racer -...
  4. John Wick

    Denim Jeans Info Center

    The purpose of this thread is to discuss denim jeans. More specifically, please share your discoveries with the community so that we can save time and money. I recently puchased a pair of Uniqlo Selvedged jeans for $50.00. I have worn them for about a week and I like the fit and the wash. I do...
  5. B


    Brand new Dsquared2 "Glam Head" slim leg jeans. Available in sizes EU 46 (30 US) Button-fly closure 98% cotton, 2% elastane Made in Italy Retail: $465 $215 + $8 for conus shipping (after fees, if any).
  6. jphil93

    I'd really like dolce & gabbana to revive their D&G line

    i understand this forum looks down on low quality and diffusion brand clothing. D&g was never known for the best quality. Some of their pieces were even tacky and over the top. But the truth is, that line was young and refreshing, something I'd wear on the weekend or on vacation. Even some...
  7. TimelesStyle

    Anyone every experiment with Diesel's "Turbo Denim"?

    I know the general feelings about Diesel on this board (and I feel the same about most of their jeans), but was wondering if anyone had tried/had thoughts on the "Turbo Denim" they used a few seasons ago? For those who never saw it, the idea was a specially dyed raw denim that would go from raw...
  8. jeromestyle

    Top 10 List of most hated fashion brands: gaudy, tacky, flashy, ugly, gross clothing.

    would LV, Gucci and D&G be part of your horror list? Any brand that really disgusts you is welcome! This is an ongoing list, you can suggest more tacky brands and I will update the list. At the moment the brands that are included on the top ten list appear in no particular order. Styleforum...
  9. SirGrotius

    Which brand do you find the most annoying?

    I hear a lot of hatred toward brands here, where "fashion" is equated with crap, or gimmick, etc. What brand(s) do you find the most annoying? For me it's the second-tier brands, such as Calvin Klein, or Kenneth Cole, which are trying to be fashionable and fail even at that (in addition to...
  10. marissa0321

    what brand jeans is your favorite ?

    hey guys ,you must have many jeans ,and which brand jeans is your favorite ?and can you share with us why you like them ?

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