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  1. H

    Question about Shell Cordova

    Hi all, I recently purchased my first pair of shell cordovan boots - the Berwick 1707 cap toe boot in testa shell cordovan. Overall I was satisfied enough to keep them as I felt the finish and quality was what you would expect from an entry level brand From what I understand about shell...
  2. L

    Removing crease from corduroy pants.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post on this forum as I've recently got into menstyle. I've just acquired some new corduroy trousers, which are gorgeous but came with a crease as they were advertised as "dress corduroy trousers". They have a fine wale and it looks fine around the crease. I was...
  3. WondrousMoose

    Repairing deep leather creases?

    Hey all! Long-time reader; first-time poster. I recently received a pair of hand-me-down Cole Haan chukkas and am having a hell of a time fixing them up to my liking. Below are two pictures of the creasing, followed by one of the other shoe on that same side. All the other sides look like that...
  4. DLock Holmes

    Trousers that hold a crease

    I have a pair of trousers that I've now worn to death because they don't require ironing after ever wear. The trick is in the fabric pattern. Hardly noticeable, but I've attached a photo to show the texture which runs vertically. I would love to have another pair of trousers like these but...
  5. jcorqian

    How to Get Arm Wrinkles Out of Corduroy Suit?

    Friends - would love to get your advice. This corduroy Isaia jacket has been worn on a number of occasions and I see now that the arms have retained their wrinkles - some of them are quite prominent in a way that I'm a bit worried about. They seem to have set in and "creased" a lot, so much so...
  6. Papa Doble

    Shoe crease causing pain

    (I saw some old threads on this topic and chose to start a new one rather than bump an old one.) Some Allen Edmonds Park Avenues I've worn approximately 10 times have developed a crease that presses on the joint/knuckle of my big toe -- mainly on one foot, and to a lesser degree on the other...
  7. ColeFieldHouse

    Wait a second - creases on flat-front pants?

    Somehow I may have just plain missed the boat on this rule. I've always had my cleaner press them without creases, but I read something recently here or on AAAC that makes me think I've been blissfully ignorant for some time. Should flat front pants have creases pressed into them? My wife hopes...
  8. Gatsby

    Permanent Crease?

    I recently had a MTM suit made and the salesman recommended something called "shilo-set processing" (translated from Japanese). Apparently this makes the crease on the pant legs permanent, hence no need to iron it out. It seems like a great idea considering how rarely I iron out my pants, but...

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