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  1. C

    Problem with Spread Collar (no tie no jacket) top-button unfastened

    My office environment is technically business formal but since no one was reinforcing it, most people just wear button down shirts. I have several spread collar dress shirts (Brooks Brothers Ainsley Collar, so semi-spread?) for wearing with tie and blazer but if I do it I would be the only few...
  2. CharlesAlexander

    Paul Stuart Multi colored mini check dress shirt

    Like new never worn Paul Stuart button down shirt. Shirt has very minor defects. One button is slightly frayed, a few of the button have loose stitching and the right cuff button hole is missing.
  3. Simplistik

    Collars and Collar Stays

    Hey all! I'm new here and from what I can tell this place is awesome. I'm not sure if an "introduction" post is appropriate here so i'll forgo that for now. Anyhoo..So I have a couple questions regarding collars and stays. I've very recently become obsessed with men's fashion and from...
  4. malcb33

    LEMAIRE Short sleeve shirt BNWT *DROP*

    From the Spring Summer 2015 collection I'm selling me Lemaire short sleeve shirt in size 50. It's brand new still with the tags. I did try it on but it is a little slimmer than I prefer so I moving it (I like his looser fit). It made from a very soft, smooth feeling poplin material and is in a...
  5. JoeBlack0

    Different shirt collar front and back measurements

    Hi guys, Do you have any idea why all shirt collars are higher at the back than at the front? I was thinking that it could be for making a parallel line to the jawbone viewed from the side but I really have no idea. I´m sure someone in the forum knows the answer to this stupid question :worship:
  6. applky

    ** Gitman x Epaulet (Ashland) Staple and Patterned Shirting, size 15/38 **

    Please PM me (applky) for purchases and inquiries, especially for multi-item discounts. Thanks! Strap yourself in for a veritable three-ring circus of incredible shirting. Due to a recent exercise regimen I’ve gone up a size in shirting, and so my gainz have now become your gains. This is no...
  7. dumbledad

    What's the correct term for a collarless shirt with a bit of a collar?

    The term collarless applied to a shirt conjurers up in my mind what we use to call granddad shirts, i.e. a shirt that was made to take a separate starched collar but without wearing that additional collar. I'm interested in finding shirts with a higher collar than a granddad shirt, but not one...
  8. Upward

    Do you bleach your expensive white dress shirts?

    Will bleach damage fine dress shirts? How much should be added to a wash? half a cup? a full cup? What is the best way to remove stains around the collar? I've tried resolve and sprays and they do not work.
  9. thefuryuk

    collar button too tight

    i can imagine the answer to this is quite simply "nothing" but.... Bought some new shirts recently (Harvie Hudson) and they fitted at first. Since then, the collar button seems to have tightened somewhat so it makes it possible but almost painful to do the top button. I know most collars...
  10. Bruinsfan

    Shirts and Thick neck..

    Dear all, I was wondering if people have the same problem when buying shirts. When I am buying shirts, I have the problem that I can't button the top buttonhole because it just can't fit around my neck. It fits nicely around my shoulders and the rest of my body.. If I go a size bigger it is...
  11. k4lnamja

    Can you stretch a shirt collar?

    I searched and some said yes and most said no. Couldn't I get the shirt wet and pull? One of my nicest dress shirt collars is really tight on my neck or maybe my neck got fatter. I don't know. Thoughts please? Cheers
  12. daspianist

    How to keep the collars of your polo shirts "new" looking?

    Sorry I do not have a photo to better illustrate this. I have noticed that the collars of my polo shirts tend to get.. "rounded-out" after a few washes. They lose their vitality and definition, and just look crumpled up (and makes me want to wear them less..). Of course some people prefer this...

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