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  1. D

    Advice on removing pilling from off-white denim jacket

    I have this off-white denim jacket from Folk - https://www.stuartslondon.com/folk-orb-ecru-denim-jacket-f2931w-p25914 - which has pilled quite a bit on the shoulder/back because I usually carry a bag. I am wondering what the best way to remove the pilling off the jacket would be? I haven't tried...
  2. Shetland

    Dry Cleaning in Los Angeles

    Any good dry cleaners in LA? I'm considering Door to Door Cleaners. If you have experience with them or if you have a favorite dry cleaner in LA, please advise. Taking some suits and jackets in and don't want them to be ruined. Thanks!
  3. jcorqian

    How to Get Arm Wrinkles Out of Corduroy Suit?

    Friends - would love to get your advice. This corduroy Isaia jacket has been worn on a number of occasions and I see now that the arms have retained their wrinkles - some of them are quite prominent in a way that I'm a bit worried about. They seem to have set in and "creased" a lot, so much so...
  4. squalidozzi

    Best Detergents and Stain Removers: Laundry Megathread

    I was mildly surprised to have come up with zero results after a forum search for detergent/stain remover recommendations! Tweaked my search terms a bit and then found a few small threads on laundering, but no good ones focused on products, so I figured I'd start a thread as a resource for...
  5. Chich

    Removing sweat from Dry Clean Only suit

    Hi guys, I'm in a bit of a dilemma. I have a few MTM suits which I rotate for work and air out in a poorly (?) ventilated room (standard living room, no open windows) while not in use. Unfortunately it seems as though the woollen patch "sweat guard" sewn into my underarm lining is beginning to...
  6. pg600rr

    Washing suede shoes in washing machine?? serious question on how to go about doing so...

    So I have a pair of N.D.C. suede shoes that have gotten some wear, I dig the worn roughed up look, and I know some of the casual type suede shoes come advertised as 'washed suede' I am assuming this process is done before the soles are attached... Anyway, I was thinking about throwing these in...
  7. ~whip~

    Wanna clean my shoes so I can return them...Shhh

    I've bought a pair of Clark's Wallabees. I don't like 'em, they're rubbing the hell out of my right foot and they just feel awkward to wear. Problem is, I've already worn them outside, not much just a bit of walking but the crepe sole has blackened. Is there anyway I can clean them up so...
  8. fat al

    Bleach turned a white shirt pink - suggestions?

    Had an accident recently with my favourite Dunhill shirt: a new brand of sunscreen (P20 - an alcohol based apply-once-a-day) stained it. Where the shirt rubbed left yellow stains. Pretty ugly. Shirt is ruined as it is (standard stain treatment did very little to improve), so I decided to soak it...
  9. ThinkandDrive

    Cleaning acetate eyeglass frames

    I have a pair of tortise acetate Persol eyeglass frames that I've had for a few years. They used to shine and be brilliant. I keep the lenses clean and polished but cannot seem to get the frames clean. There is a definite haze or film where my skin contacts the bows of the frame. It's dull and...
  10. CityHunter

    Clearing Hair Caught Between the Blades of a Razor...How?

    Up until last year, I have been using an electric Norelco razor to shave. Sure, it didn't provide the closest shave, but it was quick and convenient. After that I switched to the Gillette Fusion razor, which was amazing, minus the fact that my hairs would always get stuck in between the blades...

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