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  1. whoisthis

    Humidity in the closet

    Whats the humidity you guys set in the closet ? It seems like right now it's at around 26% for me. I got a dyson humidifier+air purifier which goes as low as 30-40%. Is 40% humidity blowing right at the closet too high? I can feel the moisture coming out of the unit in my hand and it feels too...
  2. Fishbone

    Storing suits

    Hello everyone, I am wondering what you would recommend for storing suits longterm if you cannot hang them up. I plan on putting my suits in a box for 15 months as I will be going away for a while. The suits are made of 100%wool, natural fabrics. How should I fold them? how tight should it be...
  3. E

    Can you brush moleskin?

    I'm getting a moleskin jacket soon. Do those "red" lint remover brushes or suit brushes(bristle) cause damage if I want to brush off lint from time to time? Also can I use a lint brush on a cord jacket?
  4. E

    How to store sweaters

    I want to wash my sweaters as little as possible. Maybe once a season. If I fold them, my concern is that the fabric can't breathe and odour will form by the arm pit area. So handing seems better for air circulation but then it will stretch. What do you do?
  5. jcorqian

    How to Get Arm Wrinkles Out of Corduroy Suit?

    Friends - would love to get your advice. This corduroy Isaia jacket has been worn on a number of occasions and I see now that the arms have retained their wrinkles - some of them are quite prominent in a way that I'm a bit worried about. They seem to have set in and "creased" a lot, so much so...
  6. squalidozzi

    Best Detergents and Stain Removers: Laundry Megathread

    I was mildly surprised to have come up with zero results after a forum search for detergent/stain remover recommendations! Tweaked my search terms a bit and then found a few small threads on laundering, but no good ones focused on products, so I figured I'd start a thread as a resource for...

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