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  1. S

    How long should a button shank be?

    Hello! How long should the shank for trouser buttons be? Learned from a video on Permanent Style (here) and ended up with a ~3/16 inch (or ~1/4 inch) shank. Can post better photos, if needed. Thank you!
  2. F

    What to do about this new suit? Issues after cleaning / pressing

    Greetings to all: First time poster put long time peruser of the forum. Have avoided quite a few pitfalls after spending some quality time here. I'm relatively new to the world of professional business attire but had to get a quick lesson and build an arsenal after receiving a promotion...
  3. NABoylan

    Substitute for Buttons?

    Hi All- My brother-in-law was in an accident some time back, and as a result lost a lot of dexterity in his fingers to do buttons and snaps. He has gotten around this by buying shirts that are way too big, having someone button them once after laundry, and then putting them on like t-shirts...
  4. BadContrakt

    Triangle of Shirt/Tie Under Jacket Button(s)

    Well. I've done some looking on the vast web of knowledge and the only threads I find are dated... Like 2011 or earlier dated. So let's have a chat. Men's jeans are progressively getting lower and lower sitting and the buttons on the coats are not necessarily lowering with them. I recently...
  5. A

    Borrelli suit - Hard 3 or 3 roll 2??

    Hi Styleforum - help requested! So I just bought a beautiful grey Borrelli suit from Yoox - heavily discounted from over £1000 to £350. Link here: https://imgur.com/gallery/9Qmg5 I personally prefer two button suits, but I also like three buttons *when* you can roll down the lapel and only...
  6. sobecane

    Gauntlet Button.....Do you keep it buttoned or let it open?

    or do your shirts not even have them and the area just stays open?
  7. never

    Ties without top button undone

    Is it possible to wear a tie with the top button of shirt undone and get away with it in an office setting?
  8. randomtw

    cufflinks with shirts that use a button cuff

    Would you just remove the buttons in order to use cufflinks?
  9. houserichichi

    Buttons open or closed when machine washing shirts?

    I suppose the title sums it up. Do you close all, some, or none of the buttons on your shirt when you machine wash them (front, gauntlet, cuff)? Any other details? Collars left turned down or do you flip them up? Turnback cuffs; do you unturn them or leave them folder back on themselves?
  10. overdog

    That button inside your dress pants

    Does anyone actually use it? It seems like overkill to have that inside button in addition to the metal clasp, outside button, and zipper. What is the purpose of that button?

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