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  1. S

    Help me find the brand

    Hi, Could you help me to find the brand name? The logo looked like a bathtub and raindrops. It was on the deep blue joggers/sweatpants, a small white logo. I attached a picture with my sketch (not sure it's correct though)
  2. Auburn02

    Which popular brand item to get?

    Hello, I need some advice :)) I want to start buying brands but money is an issue, so I said to myself I am going to do buy it but only 1 or 2 items from each brand of what they're best at making. So for example Levi's? The 501 jeans obviously, T.Hilfiger? their Polo rings a bell to me. So not...
  3. D

    Brand ID.. Please! I need to know.

    I've found this brand before but I can't for the life of me remember the name. Anyone have a clue? Poor quality photo from screenshot of Alix Perez's Keep Hush set, haha.
  4. S

    What are those! Seriously what are these shoes and where can I get them again?

    I had a pair of shoes and for some reason a long time ago I took some random pictures of them strewn out on the floor. I loved these shoes and wore them into the ground as you can see by the pictures. At the time I did not have the money to buy a new pair of "nice" shoes and these disappeared...
  5. S

    Does anyone know what clothing brand this is??

    What brand is this?
  6. Angelo0303

    Versace suit vintage

    So i got this suit from my dad, he said its about 25 years old. Looking to see if anyone knows if its authentic
  7. My suits 1

    My suits 1

    A bunch of my older suits still worn but not on a regular basis. My newer suits that are currently in rotation, are not included as they wish to remain anonymous for now
  8. My suits 2

    My suits 2

    A bunch of my older suits still worn but not on a regular basis. My newer suits that are currently in rotation, are not included as they wish to remain anonymous for now
  9. My suits 3

    My suits 3

    A bunch of my older suits still worn but not on a regular basis. My newer suits that are currently in rotation, are not included as they wish to remain anonymous for now
  10. jakemollan

    Imperial King (Clothing Brand)

    Recently i have been thinking about making a clothing brand that sells all types of clothing for all ages and accessories, I have a website ready but i'm not sure if i should publish it or not. I have attached some mockup photos, please tell me what you think.
  11. S

    Burberry Coat, is it real?

    Hey guys, I'm in need of urgent help to figure out whether this coat is authentic or not. It seems like the logo doesn't sit symmetrically to the pattern, and also the collar just doesnt seem like its symmetrical either. Everything else looks pretty good, but would rather here other opinions...
  12. S

    Is Steve Madden a good brand?

    I've been looking at backpacks lately, and found this Steve Madden one, but I'm not sure if it is a quality brand. I heard that Steve Madden is a brand commonly wore by gay men, so is that true? Is somebody feeding me a lie? Thanks if you can answer!
  13. RottierResaleCo

    Lacoste Navy Blue Sweater (NWT)(SIZE: L) PRICE: $80

    Lacoste Navy Blue Sweater (NWT) ($80) Brand New With Tags! Navy Blue Lacoste Quarter-Zip Sweater Retail Price: $175 Size: Large Color: Navy Blue OTHER DETAILS: -New With Tags! -Imported -Machine Washable PICTURES:
  14. Felicia

    Looking for some cool streetwear stuff!

    Hey I am Felicia I want to create my streetwear brand and I want to know your favorite streetwear online store. I looking for some suppliers too.
  15. D

    Brand opinion: DISCOLORED

    Hi Everyone! Since almost 2 months my 3rd Collection for my brand Discolored hit the Webshop. I've put a lot of work in this collection design wise and I have had the full Collection manufactured. The past two collections I wasn't really satisfied with the end result but with this collection...
  16. V

    Vitali Apparel Feedback

    Starting out a new clothing brand and we would like some feedback on what we have so far. Your feedback will help us to better ourselves in any weak areas we may have and help us achieve our goals as a business. Thank you in advance. VitaliApparel.bigcartel.com
  17. L

    Does anyone know which brand this polo is?

    Hey guys, i saw this cool polo and i really want to buy it. Does anyone know which brand this is?
  18. TheCowboy


    Couldn't find anything on this brand here-perhaps I just failed in my search engine use. BANANATIME is a small luxury brand located in Amsterdam. It all starts with two best friends living in Amsterdam. Both have lived abroad for a good part of their lives and each having over 16 years...
  19. MarcusAurelius

    Help me find the name of a brand

    I bought these shoes from Nordstrom years ago and they have been my favorite pair of casual shoes. They are chukkas but not your average suede chukka which is what I loved so much about them, they had an oxford look to them without being so narrow looking. Pictures: I'm hoping this is a good...
  20. graand Limited

    Best Fabric For Hoodies

    Hi all! New to styleforum - I'm a new, upscale streetwear brand looking to hear comments and opinions on what type of fabrics you like and are most comfortable wearing when it comes to hooded sweatshirts. I'm leaning towards Brushed Cotton but would love some further input. Thank you!

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