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black tie

  1. Gentlemens's Era

    Luxurious Black and Purple Floral Tie

    On-trend silk tie with embroidered floral design! Dimensions: This tie is 7 cm wide (2.75 inches) at the widest point. Neck Tie: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/615212299/purple-and-black-floral-flower-silk-neck?ref=shop_home_active_54&frs=1&cns=1 Other Accessories...
  2. ill clinton

    PRICE DROP! Caruso for Braun Hamburg Tuxedo, 38R

    Like new, Classic tuxedo from an excellent maker. Jacket is one-button and ventless. The peak lapels feature grosgrain facings, as do the jetted hip pockets. The sleeves include working buttonholes. The trousers are slim-fitting. They feature a grosgrain stripe and have buttons for...
  3. Spurious

    Black Tie Shoes: Opera pumps in velvet?

    Hi all, I have a midnight blue tuxedo and I wanted to inquire if you can wear velvet opera pumps, like those offered here: https://www.broadlandslippers.co.uk/slippers/mens-patent-leather-evening-pumps/ Is it formally correct to wear velvet pumps with a tuxedo? If not, when are you wearing those?
  4. Y

    Black tie event - shirt/button help

    Hey all. Apologies in advance if this topic has been covered. New to the site and couldn’t find this in a quick search. Going to a wedding, and plan to wear a black velvet jacket and black velvet bow tie. Looking for advice on the shirt. I have a white shirt that has black buttons. Would this...
  5. jreigen

    SOLD! NWT Stefano Ricci Black/Blue/Grey Silk Tie Retail $250

    Offering for sale a brand new with tags tie from Stefano Ricci. Black with light blue, grey and white floral pattern, 100% silk, 3.5" wide, retail $250, asking $100 including USPS Priority to the US, elsewhere at cost. NOW $90 SOLD
  6. jreigen

    SOLD! NWT Tom Ford Black & White Stripe Silk Tie Retail $250

    Offering for sale a brand new with tags tie from Tom Ford. Black/white striped, 3" wide, 100% silk, retail $250, asking $100 including USPS Priority to the US, elsewhere at cost. NOW $95 SOLD
  7. jreigen

    SOLD! NWT Salvatore Ferragamo Gancini Pattern Ties Black & Light Blue

    Offering for sale a couple brand new with tags Salvatore Ferragamo ties. Retail $190 each, asking $95 each including USPS Priority to the US, elsewhere at cost. NOW $90 SOLD 1) Dark blue background with lighter blue and pink Gancini pattern, 100% silk, 3" wide SOLD 2) Black with white...
  8. S

    Blue Chequered suite at black tie wedding

    So I’ve just bought a suit that I really want to ware to my friends wedding (picture attached). The wedding is a black tie event was just wondering what your thoughts are on what kind of tie or bow tie I should ware.
  9. M

    Modern Classic Tuxedo Options Under $2K

    Hello, I’m getting married in the South (USA) in November. I’m looking for a new tuxedo and looking for recommendations. I’m 30 yrs old, 5’8, 150-155 lbs, with an athletic build. For OTR suits I typically go with a 38S, though sometimes find a short is too short for my liking. I’ve done a number...
  10. 4saken

    Drake's black silk cummerbund (size M, new without tags, made in England)

    Drake's black silk cummerbund RRP £115, Made in England Size medium 100% satin (smooth) silk Brand new without tags £60 + shipping This cummerbund was accidentally sold to me as a size small. Tried it on at home before an event and it was a bit too bit for me but unfortunately tags were already...
  11. D

    London Made To Measure Dinner Jacket

    I recently posted in /r/MFA's 'Simple Questions' thread about purchasing a made to measure Dinner Jacket in London, and it was suggested I post here as you all might be able to help point me in the best direction. I go to Black Tie events easily every month and often more for work, and now that...
  12. sdjackofclubs

    Creative Black Tie?

    Gents, I am attending an event on May 24th in NYC. The invitation called for creative black tie. The group is a bunch of retail design nerds - some of whom have a fantastic sense of style. Black tie (creative or traditional) is not a new concept for me. However, it's been a while and I've since...
  13. DonnyLee


    Rose & Born Dinner Jacket size 38/48 I'm selling a beautiful midnight blue wool silk dinner jacket by Swedish brand Rose & Borni. Very good for party events and formal dinners. The material is very special, a 93% wool / 7% silk with subtle luster that shines. Used the jacket for wedding shoot...
  14. 901stevez

    Is Tux Shirt OK With Black Suit and Bow Tie?

    First off, I am NOT trying to pass off a black suit as a Tux!! It's not a black tie event. But I have to wear black suit, white shirt, black bow tie. I have a three button suit (the one in my avatar) or a three piece. I have a black silk polka dot bow tie. I just don't like bow ties. I have...
  15. crosstheline

    Black tie event but no tux

    Hi, I've been invited to a black tie event and do not own a tux. This is a business setting. I won't be able to get one before the event. I own a black 3 piece suit and a black tie and am planning to wear this with a white shirt. My question is if I should wear the vest? Also, yes or no to a...
  16. halvorsen

    Tuxedo and Smoking, what is the difference and a quick question!

    Greetings! I wonder what the difference is between a Smoking and a Tuxedo?! Is there a difference at all? I am looking for a smoking or a tuxedo that i can wear to formal occations in the future. I found some pictures. Here is Daniel Craig in a so called "Shawl collar style" tuxedo. I really...
  17. modern_leifeng

    Tuxedo Peak v. Shawl Driving Me Insane...

    I'm at the do or die point right now, less than 2 months to the wedding and need to take care of the tux, I plan on having mine made, have the tailor pretty much picked out, definitely single button, no vent, just need to make up my mind on lapels. The tailor I'm going to did the tux in picture...
  18. origenesprit

    Tuxedo Rules (Pocket Square, Cufflinks)

    There was a thread about this before, but I wasn't satisfied with the replies. When wearing a tuxedo, which is better - white linen pocket square, white silk pocket square, or none at all? And also, what are the best cufflinks to wear with a tuxedo? (My tuxedo shirt is covered placket, so no...
  19. gumercindo

    Black-tie braces - black or white?

    http://www.blacktieguide.com/ is inconcluvie on this as it states... Suspenders (or "braces" in the UK) are always worn with a tuxedo. This is not just a matter of tradition but also of style as Dressing the Man points out. Braces raise the trouser waistband to prevent a gap between the...

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