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  1. lightsaber

    lowering the crotch

    Is it possible to alter a pair of trousers by having the crotch lowered, so that there will be a higher rise and the waistband will sit about an inch higher? Feasible alteration job or impossible?
  2. Shiny

    Coat jacket "puffs out". Is this something that can be altered?

    I'm considering a Ralph Lauren suit that I need some advice on esp. the jacket. The jacket fits me fine in terms of sleeve length etc, however, when I button it it sort of puffs out in the upper chest area: both lapels. This is more pronounced when you button it than when it "hangs" unbuttoned...
  3. runes

    tailoring a peacoat?

    i receieved a peacoat as a gift, it's quite nice, but it's a bit big. time/situation worked out so i couldn't exchange it. i know there's a serious difference between tailoring a fairly thick, relatively complicated jacket... and a shirt. so can i hope for the jacket to go from a bit bulky...
  4. pred02

    Shirt Alterations: Making Shirts Slim Fit

    Hi have a bunch of shirts that I bought before I realized Slim fit shirts fit me better. Is it a difficult (or expensive) for a tailor to make them slimmer? If so, should I just try my regular dry cleaning place or go for a proper tailor? Thanks!
  5. lemonbishop

    Question on altering pants 32" to 30"

    Hello, Trying to learn something here, so thanks any help. I was looking for some flat front trousers in a 30" waist, and stopped in at Neimen Marcus. They had a total of zero 30" pants (flat front). The salesman had me try on some 32"s. These were too big (obviously) in the waist, but also...
  6. BYucko

    Tailoring a leather jacket

    Hi guys! Just a quick question about taking in the waist of a leather jacket. I'm new to this stuff, and I certainly know that regular jackets can be taken in. Are there any special rules or risks to altering leather? This jacket costed my (female) friend quite a bit, so I don't want to offer...
  7. heynow

    Resizing a suit jacket cost?

    Just dropped a suit jacket off at my tailor that needed to brought from a 42 to a 38, and she charged me $200.00. Is this a reasonable price? i have never had to resize a suit before. The shoulders needed to be brought in a pinch, the sleeves shortened, and the length chopped a bit. Just so you...
  8. GuP

    Tailoring the crotch to fit

    Is it feasible to tailor the crotch of dress pants for a better fit? I would suppose that this would be very difficult as the zipper would get in the way of shortening the crotch for a more snug fit. Thoughts?
  9. gefinzi

    Can pant legs be widened?

    There was a brief thread on this in 2004 but I'm not sure it gave me a satisfactory answer. I have a pair of suit pants by Attolini that taper more than I would like. On each pant leg the seam on the inward facing side of the pant has about 0.75-1.0" extra fabric. This surplus is not present on...
  10. J

    Suit Sleeves too short?

    Hey guys. I recently bought a suit from the Buy-Sell Forum and failed to adequately take sleeve length into account. I'd say its about 3" too short so its showing alot of cuff (most of the barrel if my memory serves me well). However I tried it on last night with a pair of jeans and a white...
  11. Matt

    can you tailor a suit down two sizes?

    hi all A friend just asked me on IM whether or not he can have a tailor 'chop down' the size of a couple of suits he has just been given by a relative. Apparently his uncle died, and his aunt was doing the cleanup and said "here take my husbands tailor-made suits." He tells me that...
  12. Sway23

    How much can you take-in on the waist?

    I have a pair of dress pants that I need to take down from a 33 to a 30 waist. Will a tailor be able to do this pretty easily, or is it too much big of a change? Generally, what is the "maximum" amount that you can take-in at the waist and have it still look OK?

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