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  1. unbelragazzo

    Trouser Leg Opening Size: What Range is Acceptable, How You Should Decide

    Gents, While I have gained greatly from exposure to SF taste, advice, and expertise, there's one part of the canon of SF style that I still resist: the narrow leg openings that seem to be in favor for trousers. This may be just a personal thing, as I have big feet (size 11.5), which I think are...
  2. 26redd

    Shirt sleeves are too short!!!

    I am pretty tall around 6'3'', but my arms seem to be super long! I fit medium size t shirts sometimes large, but when ever I buy a long sleeve shirt after one wash the sleeves never fit again and I have to roll them up! Anyone know a good place to get longer sleeve shirts or ones that wont...
  3. godeacs

    Need temporary fix for too long sleeves on blazer

    So I just received a Michael Kors seersucker blazer that I'm planning to wear to a Derby party tomorrow. Unfortunately, the sleeves are a couple inches too long. Since an emergency trip to the tailor isn't possible, I'm wondering if anyone has a temporary solution -- I'm considering rolling the...
  4. chriskirk

    Advice on perfectly fitting suits except too tight around thighs/seat?

    I have 23" thighs, and measured 37" waist although my BR jeans are 33" and are even loose fitting (not sure how jeans are really measured). I have decided to splurge on a few off-the-rack suits and went to C21 in Manhattan the past few days to try some on. My existing suits are all tailored and...
  5. L.R.

    Denim Jacket Question

    I'm looking at picking up a denim jacket in the coming weeks, but frankly, I have little experience with them. I'll probably stick to Levi, (unless I find a rag & bone or nudie I like), but I find them somewhat boxy. Does anyone have any experience getting denim jackets tailored? I expect it's...
  6. k4lnamja

    Can you stretch a shirt collar?

    I searched and some said yes and most said no. Couldn't I get the shirt wet and pull? One of my nicest dress shirt collars is really tight on my neck or maybe my neck got fatter. I don't know. Thoughts please? Cheers
  7. The Louche

    Lapel chest gapping

    I've seen the issue of gapping lapels discussed before, but they have not resulted in conclusions. I have noticed that the lapels on many of my (otherwise fine-fitting) suits do not stay glued to my chest as much as I would like. There is always a bit of space between the inside edge of the...
  8. Student

    Is it possible to enlarge the sleeves of a jacket?

    I have some jackets that fit pretty well, aside from the arms being way too tight. Can a tailor "let out" the arms (in a width sense, not a length sense)? Preferably, all the way up to the shoulder? Let me know if that didn't make sense. Thanks for any thoughts.
  9. Calvo

    Tapering Chinos/jeans

    Hi I find my straight cut chinos to be perfect at the thighs but its too baggy at the the bottom, it looks like a boot cut. If i'm measuring it right, its 7'' knee and and 7.5'' across at the opening. mind=blown It will be my first time. How should I tell the tailor to taper to 6'' at the...
  10. foryoureyesonly

    Can the sleeves on this leather jacket be shortened?

    Can a leather jacket like this one with zippers on the cuffs be shortened say 2-3"? I'm assuming if it could be done the zippers would have to be removed which is fine with me, but I need to know 100% if this can be done before I make a purchase. Would be very much appreciated guys as I really...
  11. Popol

    Convert shirt to button down?

    I've got a few dress shirts that I mostly wear with the top button undone and I was wondering: is it possible to convert the regular medium spread collar into a button-down collar? Also, if it is possible just how easy do you guys think it would be? I'm pretty sure the collar is supple enough to...
  12. SFA

    How should a tailor shorten dress shirt sleeves?

    So like most men here, I would say the biggest problem I have with buying off the rack dress shirts, is that the sleeve length is usually a little too long for me. Usually there is too much fabric on the sleeve therefore bunching up. Even though I have been measured a bunch of times, and I've...
  13. Pal_Brand

    details on how to get your regular chinos tailored/alternated?

    So there is that ultimate modern dilemma when it's about buying new pair of jeans or chinos, the only options I have are 501 and 507 cuts in the local market, and I could find a big bunch of crappy boot cut jeans as well... for chinos things are a little bit worse, seems like most of what I find...
  14. softbakedgoods

    Possible to lengthen a shirt sleeve?

    hello gentlemen, Is it possible to lengthen a shirt sleeve? I've had it shortened before and it came out OK. I know T & A has their shirts cuffs a bit longer so one can have it lengthened. Anybody have experience they would like to share? The shirt sleeve I want to have lengthened is a Thomas...
  15. warlok1965

    Calling all tailors and/or cognoscenti: shorten jacket sleeve from shoulder question

    Dear MC friends, I have searched but have not found a good answer or thread to add to with my predicament. I have a blazer with functional button cuffs whose sleeves are too long. Therefore, according to accepted SF dogma the proper way to shorten the sleeves is from the shoulder. I took the...
  16. GQhustler

    Is it possible to slim down the sleeves of a suit jacket?

    Been wanting to know this for a while. I have a couple of suit jackets that have fairly wide sleeves and everything else is fine. I would rather just alter the sleeves to make them slimmer than have to buy all new suits. Can this be done without compromising the integrity of the jacket? When...
  17. vncrz

    How much does a tailor charge for shortening suit jacket sleeves?

    I need the sleeves in a suit jacket shortened by half an inch, my go to guy Stephen the Tailor in DC said it might cost around $50-60. I've never had this alteration done but this seemed a bit steep. Since it's only a tad, would this imply bringing the sleevehead in or just "hemming&quot...
  18. gumercindo

    Expected turnaround time for alterations from a tailor?

    I plan to take in 2 sportscoats to a tailor today. The quote he gave me was 2-3 weeks. I will probably have him do some waist suppression, arm length adjustments and possibly the dreaded shoulder adjustments. Is 2-3 weeks pretty standard for a very reputable tailor?
  19. serpx

    Question regarding getting a polo shirt tailored

    Just bought a ralph lauren polo shirt. One of these, to be precise: http://www.ralphlauren.com/product/i...entPage=family Anyways, I bought a medium, and I understand that not every small/medium/large/etc. will fit every guy perfectly. This shirt fits me, and looks fantastic, though I am...
  20. tjc4golf

    My tailor’s unique approach to shoulder alterations - genius or fraud?

    Primary Question: So I've been to my new tailor a few times and have been happy with all of the work he's done for me so far (lowered the collar of a jacket, added waist suppression, sleeve length adjustments, pants hemmed, pants waist and seat taken in) and I've always been surprised by how...

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