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  1. stubbsj20

    Tailor Recommendation for Boulder/Denver Area

    Does anyone on the forum have a tailor recommendation in the Boulder/Denver, CO area? All of the other posts are pretty old. I am looking for someone who is skilled at suit/sport coat alterations. Thank you.
  2. A

    Suit sleeve vents were sewn shut by tailor after alterations and sleeves/cuffs are no longer functional. Is this common?

    I took a suit jacket to a tailor to get the sleeves lengthened and the sleeves originally had surgeon cuffs, however in the process of lengthening it, the tailor stitched the cuff vents (excuse me if I've used the wrong term) shut and they're no longer functional/working sleeves. Here are some...
  3. S

    Overcoat alterations, Melbourne~

    Hi, I have 2 Berg & Berg Raglan overcoats I'd like to have altered slightly for a tighter fit, I was wondering if anyone knew of anyone in Melbourne city that could do the job. I have a lovely lady that does my alterations at a dry cleaning place and her work is great I'm just not overly...
  4. A

    Off the rack Spier MacKay suit measurements

    I have been admiring Spier and Mackay suits and sport coats for a while. When I follow their measurement advice for the shoulders I come out with quite a small number for the shoulders 15 inches. I measure from one shoulder bone up around the curve of the back to the other side. When I look at...
  5. L

    Tweed jacket with gaping side vents - is this fixable?

    I received a lovely tweed jacket from Walker Slater the other day in 42R. Fit is fine in the shoulders, a bit tight in the waist. One or the other of the vents gapes slightly, however, causing one end of the flap at the back to stick out. If I adjust it, the other side sticks out instead. The...
  6. montymarvin

    Black tie fit critique

    Hi, I am trying to figure out which alterations I need for this outfit. Currently, I am thinking shirt sleeves -0.5", trousers -0.5". Not sure about jacket length (and others). What do you think? Thank you!
  7. stylishduds2

    What Suit Jacket Alteration fixes this?

    I have been having some difficulty using a far east tailor to design a suit jacket in silm fit style that fits properly. I would like something from him that looks like high-end Armani. This photo is of their Soho line that fit well off the rack but I'm wondering what alterations or tapering can...
  8. nickname199

    Nudie Grim Tim dry

    Recently I bought a Nudie grim tim Greencast 36/30 size but the waist and leg area is a bit baggy so do you think I should alter to make it tighter? I have a long john indigo vision and is 33 size. Thanks
  9. S

    Sleeve alteration - uncut functioning buttonholes

    Hi all I have just bought a suit jacket online which I quite like except for the fact that the sleeves are about 1 inch too long. The suit has functioning buttonholes on the sleeves, however the bottom two buttonholes seem to be uncut - I've uploaded 2 photos here: https://imgur.com/a/7iu7S I...
  10. G

    First Suit for internship at law firm

    Hi, I'm going to do an internship at a law firm soon and I'm wondering: If this suit fits "well" enough or is a complete disaster If alterations would make sense (I guess they don't if: shoulders are too wide, jacket too long etc) -> https://imgur.com/a/HDLOq I hope this is the right forum...
  11. C

    Suit Fit Dilema

    So I've an important interview coming up and need to look my best hence the need for a well fitted suit. I am a 44 chest however no matter what jacket I try they always seem to be a little tight in the shoulder. Having never had a suit altered before and with a completely bespoke suit being out...
  12. mikealvaa

    Looking for tailor, Orange County, NY

    Good morning everyone! I am currently on the search for a new tailor in the Orange County, NY area. While my current tailor is pretty good with my alterations, he seems very picky on what he will/will not work on. I am not looking to replace him, but rather have a back up tailor for small...
  13. J

    Puzzle: Lengthening Functionally Cuffed Sleeves

    Hi all, I posted this over at MFA, and a couple people said I should ask here. There are more details there, but basically I took out the sleeve of my Brioni sport coat almost two inches (still shows at least a half inch of shirt cuff), and now the buttonholes are three inches up the sleeve. I'd...
  14. jkiser

    Nashville Style! Alterations and Opportunities...

    Nashville is now home for me. The pace (and the space) is awesome. Jeans are the way down here...but I must have more suits!! Does anyone know of a dependable tailor in the area? And, are there any exceptional sources for suiting? Thank you in advance for your help. JKiser
  15. BigRed-18

    Jacket too tight?

    Hi, I've lurked on style forum for quite a long time. Just a got a new suit off the rack and had the pants hemmed and jacket sleeves shortened. The tailor didn't seem to think the jacket needed to be let out. It doesn't feel uncomfortable, and the button doesn't seem to be pulling, but...
  16. philippeb

    Can a tailor increase chest size on suit slightly ?

    So, i have this really sweet suit i've been looking at, but it is a size 42S where i usually go for 44s or 43s (43s is usually my perfect fit). And i was wondering if it is possible to have my tailor alter the chest size a little up ? I know this might have been asked a lot, but the only postes...
  17. rdstour

    Menswear Shop Refusing to Tailor "Outside" Clothing | Experiences or Advice?

    All, just wanted to get a 2nd opinion on this and wondering how you may have dealt with this: I was in a well established menswear shop in Houston (ND) recently to have some clothes assessed by their tailor (enough material in sleeves to lengthen adequately? Etc.) A sales associate took me...
  18. Sam99

    Need recommendations on New York tailors

    Good evening all, I'm new here and excited to be part of your community. My name is Sam and I am having a difficult time finding the right tailor here in Brooklyn, NY. I have a few slim fit shirts I recently purchased, and I need a tailor who is familiar with slim fit alterations. Any...
  19. Mikeyyip

    What should be the right sleeve length for a sport coat/blazer

    Hey, I know this question is asked often and read some post already but, I'm still confused on how should the length of the sleeve be. I've heard from retail shops where by they said the proper length should be "half-knuckle", I assume what the staff meant was half the palm? Also, from online...
  20. jrd617

    Pants Tailoring Question: "Military Hem"

    I have a high instep and usually wear derby shoes. This is causing a couple pair of pants with half/full break to bunch up in the front. I like the current length in the back, though I could probably go a bit shorter. I think a solution to this would be to get them re-tailored with a...

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