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  1. Ajeagle6921

    Opion needed on AE shoes for first purchase

    Hello, New to the forum/fashion, trying to build a solid wardrobe. I need some good dress shoes and am looking at getting some AE shoes. I am wanting to buy 2 pairs to start off. The two I'm looking at are: 1 pair of Black AE Park Avenue or the Fifth Avenue in Black-will wear primarily with...
  2. Spyder187

    Black and walnut Stands or should I get black Mcallister and walnut Stand?

    I'm unsure how much I like the Allen Edmonds Mcallister in black. The wingtip seems like it would look better in brown or walnut but that's not an option. So which would you choose? A) Black and walnut Stands OR B) Black Mcallister and walnut Stand Thanks!
  3. dreamspace

    How are Gravati shoes in sizing? Flexible material?

    Hi, found some nice looking Gravati oxfords at a pretty good discount. Problem is that I can't find any local, so obviously no trying for me. Compared to AE Strands: Size up, down? I did some quick research, and it seems like the materials they're using are much more flexible. Is this...
  4. Brian Simmons

    Allen Edmonds - Starter pairs for business wear (suits)

    I wear a suit 2-3 days out of the week and trousers/dress shirt the rest of the week. I'm moving up from the cheap shoes I wore in the past. I've decided on Allen Edmonds and would like to get 2 pairs to start, but would be open to 3 if I absolutely have to. First off, most of my suits are...
  5. srmd22

    Allen Edmond Cordovan Strands

    Thinking about ordering a pair of these. Anyone owned a pair and have opinions/advice? Maybe you prefer cordovan vs. calf, prefer similar style in a different brand (at around the same pricepoint), love 'em, hate 'em, etc? I have a pair of McAllisters in 9 1/2 A which fit pretty well, same...
  6. blue123

    Matching Pants with AE Stands

    So I recently picked up pair of AE strands from Nordstrom. I love the shoe, but I am having a hard time pairing it with slacks. I have worn them with Navy and Khahki and have gotten plenty of compliments. I own a pair of the following pants and I was wondering if they would work with them...
  7. guest1

    Advice for Comfortable, Versatile "Business Casual" Shoes

    What recommendations do you have for "business casual" shoes? I would like some that have the following characteristics: 1. Comfortable--good for walking long distances 2. Classic yet stylish looking 3. Versatile--good with business casual or with jeans 4. Quality
  8. dfsuarez

    Allen Edmonds Park Avenue vs Strand

    Hellos Gents, this is my first post. I'm looking to buy either the AE Park Avenue Walnut Grain Calf or the Strand Walnut Calf. I'd like the shoe to pull double duty between work and and dress down (slacks or jeans). I like the texture of the Park Avenue Grain Calf but I like the traditional...

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