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  1. Ajeagle6921

    Opion needed on AE shoes for first purchase

    Hello, New to the forum/fashion, trying to build a solid wardrobe. I need some good dress shoes and am looking at getting some AE shoes. I am wanting to buy 2 pairs to start off. The two I'm looking at are: 1 pair of Black AE Park Avenue or the Fifth Avenue in Black-will wear primarily with...
  2. Bexcellence

    What shoe is comparable to the Park Aves?

    I bought Park Aves but they're just not right for my foot. I love the style and the quality, so I am looking for a good substitute in the same price range.
  3. TreadNotOnMe

    Less Expensive Brown Dress Shoes

    I am looking to buy some cheaper less expensive brown dress shoes. The purpose is weekly church attendance, and then the very occasional other dress up event that might occur, if that helps. Usually will just be worn with grey or navy slacks, maybe once per month with a navy suit. I am...
  4. Brian Simmons

    Allen Edmonds - Starter pairs for business wear (suits)

    I wear a suit 2-3 days out of the week and trousers/dress shirt the rest of the week. I'm moving up from the cheap shoes I wore in the past. I've decided on Allen Edmonds and would like to get 2 pairs to start, but would be open to 3 if I absolutely have to. First off, most of my suits are...
  5. ircfas133

    What is the first boat shoe I should buy from Allen Edmonds?

    Hello, gentlemen: It seems that Park Avenue is the first Oxford people usually buy from AE. And the same is true for McAllister among Wingtip. How about casual boat shoe (not too casual though) that I can wear everyday and can pretty much go with everything? Thanks! Edit A lot of people...
  6. arorakevin

    Straight and to the point... AE or Alden

    I am in a dilemma about ordering shoes internationally. Currently, I am in Cairo, Egypt, and let's just say, men's dress shoes is a nightmare here. Back in America, I have a pair of Allen Edmonds Black in size 7.5D. I didn't bring them because they are to funeral-ish for me, and just very...
  7. Bexcellence

    Anyone else have this problem with Park Avenues?

    When I stand, the sides by my ankles expand a bit. Only happens when I put weight down onto the shoes. When Im sitting it isnt very noticeable .
  8. grym02

    Upgrading Wardrobe - Evaluate Current Options + What's Next?

    Hi all, I spent the first five years after undergrad working in a start-up environment (think shorts & t-shirt), but will be interning in a corporate environment this fall and need to upgrade my wardrobe. In addition, I'll be transition from a small city in the SE up to NYC, so I also need to...
  9. CarterH

    Park Avenues: Calf or Cordovan?

    So after seeing that the park avenues are on sale at nordstrom, I decided to go to a local AE outlet to get resized. When i went there, I found that I was able to get them in shell cordovan for just $80 more. Is it worth it since the shoes are black?
  10. american-laywer

    Law firm interviews

    Hi: I'll be wearing a solid, charcoal suit and A.E. Park Aves. I need to stay conservative, but I want to look immaculate and elegant: I was thinking a white medium-spread collar Brooks with this tie...
  11. Sponge

    Nordstrom Lido vs Bruno Magli Maioco Black beginner Captoe

    Hi, I am a college student and I need a nicer dress shoe for interviews/work. Please help me decide between the John W. Nordstrom ($175) and BM Maioco ($280). Or offer any insight on other black captoes around the same price range. I already purchased a pair of Park Avenues but returned them...
  12. jakej

    Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

    So I recently went into Nordstrom's to pick up a pair of Park Avenues. I came across this navy blazer. I know that Hugo Boss isn't a widely accepted name around here but I have been looking for a navy blazer for some time and have had trouble finding anything decent in the ~$300 price range. I...
  13. guest1

    Nordstrom Allen Edmonds sale--sold out?

    Supposedly the Park Avenues are going on sale tomorrow at Nordstrom. However, I don't see any black Park Avenues for sale on their website--does this mean they are not available? Or does it simply mean they are waiting to post them until the sale begins? They only have 3 other colors of Park...
  14. Breedlove

    First shoes, help!

    Starting law school in the fall (or deferring for a year to work) and need a decent pair of shoes for interviews and such.. I pretty much know that the Allen Edmonds Park Avenue in black (or any comparable captoe) is the shoe I should be looking at... Also looking at the Strand, but for my...
  15. Patrologia

    Black Park Ave 10.5 EE Drop (MacNeil and Aldens are sold)

    Feb 2. Everything is gone Jan 5 - Only Park Avenues Remain Jan 1 drop: All prices include CONUS shipping. Others (and also buyers with under 25 posts) please contact me for conditions. Once upon a time I thought I was an 11D, so when I discovered decent shoes, I just bought. Alas. Then I...
  16. dfsuarez

    Allen Edmonds Park Avenue vs Strand

    Hellos Gents, this is my first post. I'm looking to buy either the AE Park Avenue Walnut Grain Calf or the Strand Walnut Calf. I'd like the shoe to pull double duty between work and and dress down (slacks or jeans). I like the texture of the Park Avenue Grain Calf but I like the traditional...

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