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allen edmonds

  1. bombri

    Shoe Advice - Allen Edmonds vs To Boot NY

    I'm thinking about purchasing a pair of monk dress shoes and was wondering if people here could offer me some information as to which of these shoes is of the highest quality and what the differences are between them.I will be getting the brownish variation of whatever shoe I choose if there...
  2. bkhahn

    When to resole/recraft Allen Edmonds?

    I have a pair of Allen Edmonds that are starting to show some wear on both the bottom of the sole as well as beginning to crack/separate along the edge. At what point should you get a shoe resoled? Is it time for this pair to get recrafted? Sole wear. Sole wear. Toe is beginning to...
  3. AdamAdam

    Allen Edmonds Strand vs McAllister (black vs brown)

    Hi all. I'd like some opinions if you'd indulge me. I need a nice new pair of black and brown shoes. I've order a pair of AE McAllisters in walnut which are on their way. However, I'm having second thoughts. Here is what I need... For work I'm business casual 50% and in a suit 50%. So, in the...
  4. coolarrow

    AVOID buying Allen Edmonds seconds shoes or AE shoes from Nordstrom’s Rack.

    My story: I purchased these shoes, Hinsdale model, at Nordstrom Rack. I own several pair of AE shoes and like my other AEs these fit great and are very comfortable. After a few months, the shoes started to bow out on the sides where you put your foot in. I contacted customer service and they...
  5. The Dork

    List of Goodyear welted ready-to-wear shoes

    In my attempt to add another pair of Goodyear welted shoes to my wardrobe I searched this forum for a list of brands that offer Goodyear welted shoes and couldn't find anything. Off the top of my head, I could think of: Allen Edmonds Grenson Meermin Loake Florsheim Johnston & Murphy What...
  6. thecheat

    How to remove a shoe dent?

    I could use some help with a pair of shoes I recently bought. Something was dropped on one of my AE oxfords recently, right on the toe, and now there is a dent in the toe that I can't remove. I've tried pushing up the dent by putting newspaper on my shoe tree, and generally making it as tight...
  7. lemmy127

    Allen Edmonds Shoe Sizing Question

    Hey so I am looking into slowly upgrading my shoe collection on a budget. I've decided to go the used Allen Edmonds route and recraft if it's necessary, resulting in good-like new shoes for 50% off or more. I'd likely be going for Park Avenues, McAllisters, Lombards, MacNeils, 5th Avenues, and...
  8. LA Guy

    Introduce yourself.

    This is a thread in which you introduce yourself, regulars and new members alike. This is one thread I'd like to keep reasonably civil and reasonably clean, so, let's do that, okay? I'll start. I'm Fok, one of the adminstrators on the forum. I have a bunch of kids and live in Idaho. If...
  9. r1013

    Allen Edmond shoe squeeks between sock and leather.

    I finally bought my first Allen Edmonds shoes a few months ago. I bought two pair. Both are very comfortable, however they squeak when I walk in them. I'm positive that it's my foot rubbing the inside of the leather. It squeaks from my toes to my heal. This is very very irritating. I have went...
  10. JRB

    New shoes, how tight is too tight?

    Jeez, sorry, this seems like such a childish question, but it's really bugging me. So as I mentioned in another thread, I purchased a pair of Allen Edmonds Lexingtons, size 8.5D. They are tight. I wore them yesterday afternoon (about 3 hours) and today (about 9-10 hours) and my feet are...
  11. k4lnamja

    Should I use saddle soap or no?

    I finally received all of my supplies from AE and went and bought some saddle soap from a local shoe repair shop here in LA. I bought the saddle soap b/c my shoe shine guy would always use this plus I read some of you use it as well. But when I did a recent search (a few minutes ago) some were...
  12. zerostyle

    Allen Edmonds - best alternative?

    Hi all, Styleforum influenced me to go try on some Allen Edmonds shoes because they are known to be very well made, stylish, and reasonably priced when on sale. Well, I tried. Many sizes (9D, 9.5D, 9E). Many lasts. They just don't fit me. So, now I am at a loss for a good alternative...
  13. Lafont

    Allen-Edmonds - Quality?

    Your experiences with Allen Edmonds men's footwear, please. How well do they wear? Has the leather scuffed too quickly? How about original soles - how long have they lasted? There's a pair of "the Alton" at Nordstrom's Rack - black kiltie slip-ons with the leather bow; the soles have black...
  14. SVS

    Do Allen Edmonds break in?

    I just picked up a pair of retail store ordered Allen Edmonds Delray (basic leather soled split toe bluchers). I choose to purchase at a retailer because I prefer to try on shoes. My feet measure to be a 10.5D, but I have typically preferred a 10.5E. Before placing the order, I tried on a pair...
  15. kakaroach

    Need help with allen edmonds sizing!

    I'm interested in buying a pair of AE's off ebay but I'm concerned as to what the 'girth' letters really indicate? What is a correct measure of these letters? Anyone have a chart or something? I am 5'10, 170 pounds and wear an 8 1/2. How can I narrow down the other measurement?
  16. LA Guy

    Official Sales Alert thread - sales, coupon and discount codes

    Hi all, I thought that I'd start an official thread on sales and discount codes. This is the place to post where the sales are at, and to ask about hookups. To see the latest sales, please click to the last page. We are constantly posting new sales. To keep up with the latest sales, make...
  17. constantine

    Help! My new Allen Edmonds shoes hurt my feet

    I came across this site a few weeks ago (about the same time I bought "The Suit") and have been an eager reader ever since. I've been particularly impressed with the "helpful/supportive advice" to snarkiness ratio on this board. Anyway, on to my question of the moment. After reading several...

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