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  1. Superfluous

    Almost New Alfred Sargent Kelmarsh UK10.5E (US11) Brown Loafers

    Alfred Sargent Kelmarsh UK10.5E Premier Collection (the very nice collection) Goodyear Welted Single Leather Brown 31cm x 11cm I think I give up buying shoes online (or at least loafers). I bought these for myself, but my foot is much too narrow for the shoe. I tried wearing the shoe for...
  2. onix

    Black plain toe blucher (either Crockett & Jones or Alfred Sargent) size US 9

    AAUp for sale is a size 9 black PTB. Some scratches in front, but hard to notice since the pair is black. Outsole measurement is 4" x 11 7/8". Channelled soles. They have double-row nail pattern on the heels. But I can't tell if they're Alfred Sargent or older Crockett & Jones. Price already...
  3. countbaron

    WHATEVER HAPPENED TO: Alfred Sargent Handgrades ?

    Less than one year has passed since the AS bandwagon was on full speed here. I used to joke about the ridiculous "Chay (of AS) said this ..", "Chay (of AS) did that.." posts, to the extreme distaste of members like Clintonf, Pliny etc which were singing the song of Solomon - Vass? what Vass...
  4. cvac

    NEW Alfred Sargent Brown Suede Boots, Size UK 8

    ANEW Alfred Sargent boots in dark brown suede. Size UK 8. Made in England. These fit more like dress shoes than workboots and were probably designed to be worn with thin-ish dress socks as opposed to heavy wool socks you might wear with a pair of hiking boots. The toe area is a little tapered...
  5. miurasv

    How do Alfred Sargent Dumfries and Bedale compare to Trickers, Church's and C&J?

    These Alfred Sargent boots, Dumfries and Bedale, look great and I'm wondering how the quality compares to Trickers, Church's and Crockett & Jones as the AS's are quite a lot cheaper. Are they made in England? Also does anyone know if the width they come in, which is FX, is a medium, wide or very...
  6. jerrybrowne

    PSA Pediwear Alfred Sargent sale

    Looks like all AS is on sale....
  7. Viral

    Which Alfred Sargent last is closest to C&J 341 last?

    I'm looking to pull the trigger on some loafers but am not familiar with their lasts. The shoes look pretty sleek, but I'm really partial to the C&J Sydney shape/last, so I'm hoping to get as close to that as possible. Thanks in advance.
  8. RangerP

    Ferragamo vs. Alfred Sargent sizing.

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a size 8F UK Alfred Sargent shoe but I've never owned a pair or shoes marked UK. I know it's usually 1/2 to 1 size difference for US sizes but I'm just wondering if someone has direct experience between Alfred Sargent and Ferragamo. I tried on a Ferragamo the...
  9. chasingred

    Help with Alfred Sargent chukkas shoe sizing

    I've been on the market for a pair of chukkas for quite some time now -- first considered Tetburys, then Aldens, then Loakes. Tonight, I found a pair of Alfred Sargent chukkas online for pretty cheap, and somewhat on an impulse, decided to snatch them up. I'm unsure which model it is, but I...
  10. patrickBOOTH

    Gaziano & Girling vs. Alfred Sargent Handgrade

    I have heard a few opinions from friends regarding which maker is better. What do you think? While you are at it does anybody know if the fit is similar in regards to the waist treatment and high instep?
  11. alexmvargas

    Vass vs. Alfred Sargent "Handgrade"

    After seeing all the sweeet shoes on the Vass Appreciation thread, I decided I needed a new pair of F last suede Adelaides. I sent Kolecho an email and was just about ready to roll but as I was looking for a picture of what exactly I was looking for I came across a picture of these new Alfred Sargents...
  12. aquatherm

    Help identifying Alfred Sargent Shoes

    Hi Been lurking this forum for a while now since I become interested in 'proper' shoes. I saw this pair of Alfred Sargents on a Japanese website which I really like. Does anyone know what model or last this shoe is? This is the website: http://store.shopping.yahoo.co.jp/ed...0273-1500.html...
  13. HitMan009

    Is there a cheaper online shop for Alfred Sargents and C&Js?

    I was wondering if there is a online shop that offers prices cheaper then Pediwear? I understand Plal can't sell online anymore so what are other options that are cheaper then Pediwear?
  14. Slewfoot

    London shopping, Alfred Sargent factory trip and custom last at Springline

    Hi Guys, Just got back from a few days in London which was fantastic as expected. It's been a few years since I've been to London and my last trip was one of the times that helped jumpstart my sartorial journey. Let's get one thing straight right off the bat: London is one of the most beautiful...
  15. A

    Chukkas - Alfred Sargent Havant sizing help

    UPDATE 2/26 I have decided to try my luck with the AS Havant. Now I need your help regarding the sizing i.e. whether to order 9.5 or 10 UK. My experience with English shoes up till now is as under All sizes UK 1. Lowndes 10Uk half size too big 2. Hallam 9.5 perfect 3. Tetbury 9.5 half...
  16. emptym

    My New OneShoe, by Alfred Sargent

    (I posted this in MC, but I know a bunch of people don't cross over, and I think this shoe fits both worlds well.) They arrived a few days ago, and I love them. Perhaps too much. Like our friend Mafoo, I seek simplicity. And if I could only have one shoe, OK one pair (RJ), these would be the...
  17. emptym

    My New OneShoe, by Alfred Sargent

    They arrived a few days ago, and I love them. Perhaps too much. Like our friend Mafoo, I seek simplicity. And if I could only have one shoe, OK one pair (RJ), these would be the ones. Why? First, because they're versatile: They go well with anything from jeans to suits, perhaps even a tux...
  18. bartil

    Loake and Alfred Sargent shoes in London and Brighton?

    Yes, where can I find these shoes in London and Brighton? / bartil
  19. mg428

    Quality of Peal shoes made by Alfred Sargent

    After long research, I have found out that most of the Peal shoes made by Alfred Sargent comes from the Classic Collection of AS, as the style, last and width are the same. I have found quite a few threads where people say that only the Premier or higher collections of AS are worth to buy. I...
  20. clausc

    shoes: your opinion on Herring seconds (made by Alfred Sargent)

    I am buying one of the few Herring shoes left from a previous collection made by Alfred Sargent. I was confirmed by email by Adrian Herring that the model Herring Kent is from the AS Premier collection (made by Herring specs?). Brands "º Herring "º Herring Sale and Seconds "º Herring Kent...

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