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advice wanted

  1. ck12hk

    Shirt Fit Help

    Hello Gentlemen, First time posting here. I've recently got this new shirt made in Hong kong. What do you think to the fit? Would love to get some advice and opinion. I usually don't wear a jacket and will be wearing the shirt tucked in as is most of the time. I look forward to hearing your...
  2. H

    Wedding suit advice fit/style

    Hello, long time lurker here. I bought a suit MTM not so long ago that I’m thinking to wear at my wedding this spring. The wedding is in northern europe so we dont wear tuxedos or morning coats. Now I would like some advice, primarily on the fit but any advice that can be helpful is appreciated...
  3. hevlk

    Fitcheck Natalino

    Hey guys! I just bought a sport jacket (52) and a flannel trouser (50) from Natalino and wanted to ask about your opinion on the fit. I think the trouser fits perfectly. In my opinion, the jacket fits nicely in the shoulders, sleeves are unfinished but I wouldn't shorten them, but I would have...
  4. hevlk

    Opinions on my outfit

    I am pretty new to classic men's fashion although I always liked preppy clothing. But starting into classic fashion now and wanted to get your opinion on this outfit I wore to a dinner a few weeks ago. The navy blazer is from Zegna, found it in a vintage store in Hamburg, the shirt is from...
  5. C

    Similar style to Brunello Cucinello but much cheaper

    Hi ! Can someone please give me advice on what brands I can buy in Europe which have a similar style to Brunello Cucinelli, but are a third or a fourth of the price. I'm looking for winter coats and also winter pants. For winter coats, I liked a design in Herno. Also for a winter coat, would...
  6. N

    Hello, I’m getting a haircut soon but I don’t really know what would go well with my facial shape.

    First one is me, second one is what I’ll get if I don’t find anything that suits me
  7. ausdkunst

    Styling with this suit jacket/blazer

    Hi, I have recently bought a standalone suit jacket/blazer and would like some advice. I think it was advertised as a blazer but it looks a bit like a suit jacket to me as well (but not like a super formal suit jacket because it is not shiny on the surface, there's no hard shoulder pads and...
  8. A

    Bally Shoes - unsure if real or sellable?

    Hi, so first time poster here. I recently found a pair of what appear to be Bally shoes in my attic, I don't ever recall purchasing them but I've heard they're a fairly reputable brand. I was planning on selling them as they don't fit (size 3, when I'm a size 4 unfortunately), however, despite...
  9. Mike4688

    Boot resizing?

    Hey, I’ve been looking for some vintage Red Wing 915’s and boots of the similar look and style. So my question is if I find a pair of boots that are a size or two larger then mine at a great price. Can I buy them and send them to a boot cobbler and have them resized during the rebuilding process...
  10. N

    Please critique my suit in honesty

    Just bought this slim fit black suit from Hugo Boss - I think one of the sales associates rush on me too fast and I feel like the sleeves are way too long as well as the jacket. I wanted to show off my watch and undershirt sleeves however the jacket sleeves are covering it. Still got the tags on...
  11. woofmang

    Alteration advice: can these pants be taken in?

    I have a half dozen pair of pants that I bought last year (the Mavi "Zach" Straight Legs in 97% cotton/3% elastane); they fit great when I bought them, but I've lost 50 pounds since then, and now they're way too big (they're 38s, but my waist is now 32", so they're all like 6" too big). Can...
  12. J

    Allen Edmonds Vs. Loake longwing brogues

    Found two pairs of great shoes at a garage sale. Allen Edmonds MacNeils and Loake black Royal Brogues. I know a bit about AE but not a lot about Loake. These aren’t the high end Loake’s so not in the 1880 range. Trying to figure out which ones to keep. Both fit great. Curious to see thoughts on...
  13. Lazarevsky

    The Ultimate Ivy-Style Plain Toes

    Hi gentry, Long time lurker here - made my first post yesterday and got some good advice. Before I get on to my main point, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading through the hundreds of threads on this forum ranging from style, cloths and shoes. I used this forum as a platform and...
  14. S

    First Time Daily Suit Advice For A Pale Guy

    Hi all, so I’m kinda in a pickle. I’ve recently been hired for a job which requires the daily wearing of suits. Problem is before now I’ve never worn a suit or anything more than board shorts and T-shirt’s really. I’ve gone ahead and bought myself two suits to start off with, one black and the...
  15. woofmang

    Shoe recommendations, please

    I've started to upgrade my shoe collection over the past year or so, and so far, the upgrade process hasn't had much direction; the Boulders and the Surreys were bought to replace an older pair of driving mocs and an older pair of chukkas, respectively, but the others were impulse buys. I'd...
  16. E

    7 Moncler Fragment Suede, Leather and Rubber boots - looking for something similar

    Good night. These boots are the most beautiful I've ever seen, but I surely can't pay the price tag. Do you know of any similar boots? I looked a lot and couldn't find any. Sorry if posted in the wrong place. I didn't find a general.
  17. AX2007

    Inexpensive classic trench coat?

    I'm searching for a relatively inexpensive trench coat that can run the gamut from casual to business casual (I rarely wear suits in my day-to-day life). Something that I could wear with jeans and a sweater all the way up to a sport coat and pants. I prefer the classic trench coat style that is...
  18. S

    Small hole in brand new CK suit pants

    https://photos.app.goo.gl/inULvsKMqUkSpqS96 Hi everyone, I’m a first-time poster here, but I’ve lurked for a while and found the forums very helpful on a variety of topics. I am hoping that someone may have advice on what I can/should do about a hole I discovered this morning in a new pair of...
  19. A

    What do you guys think about my first suit?

    Hey fellas. I just bought my first suit today. It is a pre-owned Sartoria Castangia three-roll-two suit in navy blue. I got it for $185 on eBay, which I think is a f**king steal!!! Am I right or what? Also, I think the lapel roll of this suit is gorgeous. Please look at the pictures and let me...
  20. T

    Pocket Square Advice???

    Hey, i'm new here, i made an account just to ask this question and hopefully i can have it answered in the next couple days My prom's coming up fast, and after a recent banquet i fell in love with pocket squares. It's honestly kind of fun creating new ways to fold them and such. Anyways, i've...

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