Sutor Mantellassi Men's C 567 Oxford

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  • Sutor Mantellassi creates a whole new look of drama with this eye-catching oxford. Its elongated toe and slim laces keep up with the classic silhouette that you've always loved, but its rich ostrich upper creates texture and contrast to vamp up an old favorite.

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  1. sprout2
    "Unleash your inner Ninja Turtle"
    Pros - Aerodynamic silhouette increases speed when making a hasty getaway; swamp green color lets you blend in in the sewers
    Cons - Laced construction is really hard to tie up with three fingers; a buckle would be better.
    I don't know if ostriches and turtles are natural predators, or if ostriches and turtles are ever in the same location, besides the zoo, at the same time, but I do know that these are the ultimate shoe for fighting crime after radioactive ooze transforms you into amphibian form.

    Master Splinter is strict when it comes to a proper uniform, so you won't get any demerits with these when it comes time for a dress revue. Why?

    1. Swamp green color is the perfect camouflage for the sewers
    2. Aerodynamic shape gives you speed
    3. Bumpy surface is a perfect complement to turtle skin and carapace
    4. Pizza slides right off the smooth surface

    Also, these are made by a guy withan Italian name, which automatically gives you style points. After a hard day of battling mutated rhinoceros and pig creatures, I want to make a smart impression on April Ryan. You might just say that these shoes by Sutor really "suit her!"

    Turtle power!
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  1. carlrogersmc
    Will look like you have crocodiles on your legs! Cool note on radioactive ooze transformations!

    ___________________ reviewer
  2. sprout2
    Stars deducted for grain-corrected leather.
  3. Parker
    Thank you for the greatest review from 1983 on all of Styleforum. Just one question: why only 3-and-a-half stars!?

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