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Oscar Wylee Jarvis & Raymond

  • Oscar Wylee Jarvis & Raymond eyeglasses

    Oscar Wylee is an Austaliran sunglasses and spectacles manufacturer who offers so much more than just frames with lenses. I first heard of Oscar Wylee online and I was immediately intrigued because of the variety of models they offer but also because of their services like “home try-on” as well as their eye tests. Oscar Wylee has a showroom in Sidney and even though I have not visited it, it has to be a joy to experience, if it is half as good as their online customer service.
    For our second collaboration with Oscar Wylee, they were kind enough to send two models, the Jarvis and the Raymond, included with lenses.
    As I have previously mentioned, my favorite brands include GLCO & Salt Optics. After using two pairs of glasses from Oscar Wylee, I now have another brand I will go back to in the coming years.
    As always, I opened up the case to find the beautifully crafted eyeglasses in Obsidian Black. They were magnificent. The Jarvis eyeglasses are infused with class, style and timelessness. They are not a model that has previously been unseen yet they are breathtaking and unique. If this style works with your head and face shape, you will turn heads. Lately there have been a ton of new color choices and people tend to forget that nothing works like the classis. Though if black does not do the trick for the creative monster in you, you can turn the the Raymond in Egyptian camo. I just love the way how the sun plays tricks with the Raymond in Egyptian Camo, it changes the shades ever so subtly yet it makes a divine difference.
    As I have extensively spoke of this in my previous review of the Crystal Clear Leos, all of the Oscar Wylee frames are individually cut from premium sheets of Italian-made acetate. Eyeglasses made from this particularly versatile material are acutely pliant and yielding, and can produce an incongruity of vigorous colors and structures. These frames are complemented by some of the sturdiest hinges for absolute comfort and durability. Like with all my online orders of acquiring spectacles, I fear they will be too tight or too loose and it has been the case will all my previous “online endeavours”. While I had no issues of discomfort with the Raymond, they Jarvis were a bit of a different story. The end of the temples were a bit too tight for my head, yet the nose pads pose no problem, even for a whole day of wearing.
    Oscar Wylee also offers prescription lenses and as with the entire customer service experience they were efficient, fast and always kind and they provided me with prescription lenses for the model they sent over. As with every other aspect, the lenses were impeccable. No night reflection, no sunlight reflection and certainly no “orange peel” effect.
    What’s in the box?
    Both the Raymond in Egyptian Camo & the Jarvis in Obsidian Black can be yours for $99 each and besides the frames you get a very big and study case with a large micro fiber cloth inside.

    Oscar Wylee still offers the Home Try On and get five pairs of glasses which you can choose. If you are satisfied with any of the pairs, you keep them and send back the rest.
    So, if you are looking for immense quality, utmost objectivity in design and looking not to burn a hole in your pocket, Oscar Wylee is the place to go.

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