Mosey Life Working Girl Travel Laptop Tote

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  1. sprout2
    "Work all day, party all night. On dat Mosey Life"
    Pros - Thermal compartment good for storing soup
    Cons - Nylon is hard to coordinate with traditional suit fabrics
    Despite its name, this bag is not actually limited to use by prostitutes. After all, I'm not a prostitute, and I use it daily.

    The red color is perfect to add that extra pizazz and sprezz. I usually wear somber full-milled worsted fabrics from the West of England, so it's easy for the day's outfit to slip into a stiff upper lip drabness. Cue this bag, which pops a shot of color into my total look. The quilted flap adds textural interest, something that needs no explanation on ye olde Style Forume. Don't believe the hype -- you don't actually need to carry your Blackberry and binders in a brown waxed tincloth bag that looks like something Dust Bowl plumbers used.

    Ample storage, clean looks, and it makes a sweet swishing sound when you walk. It makes a smooth transition from day to play, too -- I carry my legal briefs, power tools, and calculators in the front compartment, and my cigars, amphetamines, and UNO cards in the back. This means I can seamlessly transition from work to the pub without skipping a beat.

    With this bag, you can "mosey" your way from the office to the watering hole and turn heads in the process. Believe me, I do -- daily!
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