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  1. horndog
    "Wonderful shirts"
    Pros - Quality, styling, consistency
    Cons - none
    I’m exceptionally impressed by these shirts and bought one in white and one in blue. The store seems to be the only online retailer to find the perfect white and blue, conservatively featured, Italian shirts with consistent make. Quality strikes me as equal to Isaia, Barba, Partenopea shirts (I think they’re from the Sartoria Partenopea factory). In any case, there’s no longer a need for me to scour the internet for the staple interview, CBD shirt.

    The shirts have a very natural, organic shape, and the collar is the right measure of stiffness for ties and business casual alike. Especially for no-tie days, the placket rolls evenly from flat against your chest to perpendicularly open and this “roll” makes it look a hell of a lot better than machine made shirts when I’ve undone the first two buttons.

    One thing I really love that adds value and versatility beyond measure is the convertible French / barrel cuffs. There’s a clever sewing mechanism I’ve not seen elsewhere that allows you to use the button when you want it, thereby a single button barrel cuff, and to hide it by the interior of your wrist for when duty calls for cufflinks.

    Given the quality, features, and reliability of the seller, I didn’t mind paying the price for a white and blue shirt. It’s a necessary investment. You can usually work out a deal with Morigi Milano too. In the end, my buying behavior went like this: one perfect white and one perfect blue is worth four striped/patterned usually available at other online places for the same total price.
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