Men’s The Original 3” Boxerjock® Boxer Briefs Bottoms by Under Armour

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  1. Alper
    "Love Under Armour as a brand but these... nah..."
    Pros - Good sizing
    Cons - Fabric wasn't comfortable
    I generally love Under Armour as a brand... their sweaters and shorts are amazing. The design of this underwear was good but the fabric however, wasn't comfortable. The product discription on their website says it should dry quickly but it is just as bad as it is with cotton underwear, it never really gets dry after a workout until you take them off. I just feel like they put some fancy words and names on the discription to make it sound good.. You're better off with the $5 undies at H&M..

    Summary: They are OK, but buying underwear from a sports brand should mean they are made to be ready for high intensity training not just look good and "sporty".. For that reason I'll give it a 2.
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