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Incotex Dress pants

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  1. deveandepot1
    "The Best Fitting Pants"
    I currently own a bunch of Incotex. They are by far my best fitting pants. They retail for around $300, but can be had on SF, Yoox, and Ebay for much less. Incotex also makes pants for Zegna and a few other brands.
    I highly suggest Incotex pants.

    Tip: Also be on the look out for Mabitex pants.

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  1. acl1
    Absolutely right; sorry for the mislead, and thank you for the catch!
  2. eHaberdasher
    I don't think any are made in Bulgaria or Morocco - you must be referring to Mabitex which are mostly made in Morocco. To my knowledge Incotex factories exist ONLY in Italy, Portugal and Romania. The ones that are fullest have the US sizing - if you want slim you need the Euro sizing.
  3. DerekS
    +1 on checking measurements. I have a few pair that are the same size, but drastically different fits. Great trousers though. always my favorites.
  4. WingTips
    ok great thanks!
  5. acl1
    Some are made in Italy, but they're also made in Romania, Bulgaria, and Morocco. I've heard the Romania/Bulgaria lines are slimmest
  6. noob in 89
    A lot (most?) are made in Romania. Whatever the line you choose, just be sure to request measurements in advance; mine vary from baggy to exceptionally slim.
  7. WingTips
    are they all made in italy or varous EEA locations? what lines offer a slimmer tapered leg?

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