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Herring Shoes - Coltham chelsea boots

  • The Chelsea boot, the footwear that it known to have Victorian roots. The Chelsea boot of today are extremely popular due to their simplistic and classic look. They can be dressed up, down, and then back again very easily. Chelsea boots give a man timeless charm and signals heritage – some would even say old fashion alpha male power.
    I got my hands, or should I say feet, on a pair of Coltham Chelsea boots from Herring Shoes. I am quite familiar with Herring and my standards as well as expectations for this pair was pretty high and boy was I in for a treat.

    The Coltham is everything a Chelsea boot needs to be. They’re simple, sleek, sophisticated and pay homage to the original Chelsea boots. That’s it, that’s the list. No extra stitching or embellishments. Just high quality elastic panels on each side of the ankles for the best possible fit, a pull tab at the back for easy slipping in and out of the boots, and the perfect toe that’s not too elongated but not spear or elf-shoe like. These kinds of hideous “mutations” in shoes are seen too often these days, but not in Herring’s collection.

    Even before I opened the box, I could sense that magnificent rich leather smell which is a prequel for the quality of the boots. The leather is, unsurprisingly wonderful. Herring’s leather is probably one of the top ten leathers which is used for shoemaking. The leather is not too thick, to the point of being hard to flex but it is definitely not thin either. Herring managed to find that golden point regarding the leather thickness.

    I love the fact that the heel is not too wide. A wide heel often distorts the look of the whole boot. As with every Chelsea boot, I am most worried about one thing. The elastic panels on the sides of the boots. A lot of manufacturers pay a lot of attention on the leather and the sole but they use cheap elastic textile and they understitch it when connecting it with the leather. This is most definitely not the case with the Coltham. Herring uses very high quality fine materials throughout the entirety of the boots. The elastic panels are very strong yet they do not apply unnecessary pressure to your ankles. The pull tab is constructed of the same leather the boot is and is secured in place by some might powerful stitching, as is the rest of the boots.

    The balance of the shoe is terrific. The proportions are balanced and subtle. That being said, the Colthams are still boots but boots that can easily be paired with a suit, for a more elegant look or worn with a more casual everyday outfit, something like trousers and a fine knitwear sweater.

    What I look out for in every pair of shoes is when the heel is flat on the ground, sole touches the floor. In an ideal situation, it should touch the ground around the front arch of the foot. This improves the comfort of walking very very much, it limits the wrinkling and reduces the creases on the upper leather. This is rarely seen in shoes that are not bespoke and I was positively surprised in this case. These shoes are comfortable but I would have no issues wearing them the entire day, as I did on two occasions.

    The boots come in a large, beautifully thought-out box with two sleeves, for each boot. In the box is also included a small shoe horn along with a Herring catalog for the rest of their products.

    To conclude, the Coltham from Herring are an extraordinary pair of boots. They offers top notch quality, appealing and timeless design and a satisfying level of comfort.
    I will dare say that this pair of shoes is one of the best pair you will ever own.

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