Ecco Men's Fusion Tie Casual Walking Shoe

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  1. gschaeffer
    "Ecco Fusion Tie Moc"
    Pros - Narrow Heal, Wide Toe Box, Resole, Support
    Cons - Sole Weight
    The Ecco Fusion Tie Moc has a narrow heal and wide toe box, which is ideal for some of us who often suffer a compromised fit for casual shoes.

    Though the style is unimpressive it is also not humiliating -- the logos or advertisements are less grotesque than most competitors or "brands" in this category (e.g., Patagonia/Pata-gucci, Timberland, L.L. Bean, Merrel...). In my opinion, an adult can wear these for a short hike or on errands to town and not feel the need to avoid the neighbors, professional colleagues, or even an acquaintance with whom one aspires to develop a relationship of more substance.

    The leather upper is not the stuff of legends, but it takes a mink oil or neutral wax well and can be brushed down. This does darken the leather, but it remains quiet rather than a garish brilliant shine. These are, after all, mere casual shoes for the yard, a short time in the field, knocking around, and chores. The stitching between the upper and sole is above average and would allow one to resole and replace what is an average sole with something of more heft so that the walking experience would gain a greater stability and sense of support.

    I purchased these on sale at a local Nordstroms for $99 vs., the listed $150. They are not a serious outdoor adventure boot (which requires a serious leather and sole), but for what they are and the price listed (and especially at the sale price) they seem to offer a good value overall, a good fit, a confident look in the style of casual outdoor wear.
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