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Brathwait Italiat Strap Watch

  • Brathwait Italian Strap watch

    Brathwait is a wrist watch manufacturer which is relatively new but one not to be underestimated. Brathwait claims that they watches are worth $500 but they sell them for $150.
    Brathwait got the attention of many people and for a reason. The name comes from Richard Brathwait – “the world’s first proclaimed gentleman”. The case is 316L stainless steel, it’s 40mm wide, 7.5mm tall with a 6uM( 1uM is guarantied to last 2 years) thick rose gold plating with a very nice mirror effect. The case is enclosed by an anti reflective domed sapphire crystal. The crystal has a convex shape which merges with the edges of the case very smoothly which I, and I don’t doubt other will find most attractive. You will notice that this watch has very little flat areas which makes for a small protuberance for the crown at the bottom of the case. The lugs are in total and complete harmony with the rest of the timepiece and they do not taper though they curve downwards in order to embrace your wrist better and more snug.
    This timepiece is using a rather powerful and accurate Swiss movement which lays a solid foundation. The movement is 6 jewel Ronda quartz which is not as good as the movement popular in these sort of watches, the Miyota 9510 but it will do it’s job perfectly non the less. The crown is quite small yet beautifully unobtrusive and excellently machined which applies for every single other part of the watch.
    I can’t even begin to tell you how comfortable this watch is when you adjust the strap length. The case sits very comfortably and secure on the wrist yet it won’t get in the way of your everyday activities. The Italian leather is top quality and it’s clear that it will age most beautifully with time. The lower part of the case is secured with four screws and the lower part holds the basic information like the water resistance( 100 meters ) , the case material( stainless steel ), sapphire glass and the Swiss movement.
    The dial is very minimalistic yet hipnotizingly beautiful. It makes me want to look at the watch more often. I read that Brathwait used the “golden ratio” when they designed the dial, the hands width, the space between the hour and minute marks which is brilliant since the golden ratio can be found in a lot of places in nature. If you look at the dial vaguely, it will seem that it is white but that is not true. The dial has a slight yet present beige coloring which adds to that unique beauty of this timepiece. The hour markers are long and thin and go with the minimalistic flow of the watch, they do not sting your eyes or take unnecessary attention. Along the outer edge of the dial are the thin black dashes or in other words the minute markers. The printing is highly crisp and clean with no smudging what so ever. The only other printing is on the top half of the dial and that is the brand name for which a fine and classy font has been chosen, I think it’s sans-serif. Needless to say, the brand name placement, size and font suits the watch extraordinarily.
    This leads us to the hands. The hour and minute hands are the same and have the same gold plating as the watch case. They also have a slight raise in the middle which gives a nice 3D, so to say “illusion” which makes things very interesting with the light reflections.
    The second indicating hand is unlike the other two. It’s colored red and it’s not like a very pointy arrow but it’s rather a fine straight line which has a wider part on the opposite site, it gives the illusion of a counter weight of the long second hand.
    Brathwait offers a variety of straps. Several colored NATO straps: green, purple and blue with a red line in along the middle of the strap. For the price of $150 you get the watch with a strap but if you pay $26 more you get all the NATO straps in a set. The leather strap as I said before, is Italian leather and I am sure it will age in a terrific manner. It will show the soul of the watch and all it’s adventures. I also very much got fond of the buckle which I had no high hopes for but I was a fool. The leather strap uses a butterfly clasp which was very rigid and very very secure. It made no squeaky sounds which is the case with many watches of this price range.
    The lugs are 20mm and finding an after-market NATO or a leather strap will not be an issue for that width.

    The Brathwait watch is a marvelous timepiece, starting from the materials used, going through the design and ending with the straps. The case shape along with the convex sapphire crystal is indeed magnificent to look at. It’s well constructed, it’s high quality and if you are looking for an affordable yet high quality dress watch, this is it.

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