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  1. Stilig

    HOF: Labels, heels and nail patterns - Secrets to ID the maker

    I bought a vintage Kilgour RTW flannel suit online. It arrived today and I've not been able to find any tags that indicate any sort of origin or maker. These are the only two tags, save a very small black size tag that says "42" and nothing else. The jacket fully canvassed with a lot of hand...
  2. Stilig

    Belgian Loafers?

    I have one pair of Mr Casuals that I bought in the store in NY. Since I‘m at most in NY a couple of times per year I’ve looked for options where I live in Europe. I’ve never been able to find another example that comes close to the look and feel of the original. What all other brands than the...
  3. Stilig

    Luciano Barbera quality

    They have a bunch of different lines. I know what factory makes the 'Soft' line. Or at least made them up until three years ago. They're either unconstructed or fully canvassed depending on the model. It's an industrial production with a few steps by hand. I'd say they are on par with Caruso...
  4. Stilig

    Loro Piana Walking Shoes - Thoughts/Reviews?

    Nope, Santoni does not make the Open Walk style shoes for Loro Piana. It's not Santoni but rather a smaller company based just outside of Florence. I've actually heard that Santoni (and almost everyone else who is making the same type of shoe nowadays) use the same factory.
  5. Stilig

    Loro Piana Walking Shoes - Thoughts/Reviews?

    the summer walk is a loafer. The Open walk is a chukka style slip-on.
  6. Stilig

    Sartorial shops: Traveling to Rome & Amalfi/Capri/Positano

    Cruciani & Bella in Rome is nice. They sell ties, shirts, and other accessories. Lovely little place.
  7. Stilig

    Loro Piana Walking Shoes - Thoughts/Reviews?

    The soles are already rubber. Would be rather odd to put more rubber on them? You can't really re-sole them, so once they are worn down that's the end of it. But they are a luxury item, and not something you buy to pass on to the grandkids. That being said, I do find that they stand up quite...
  8. Stilig

    Sartoria Partenopea quality

    I know Mauro Blasi, and this is the story as I understand it: Sartoria Partenopea was founded by Mauro's dad Angelo Blasi. When Mauro grew up he joined his dad in the business. Somewhere ~2010 give or take a few years, a private equity investor bought a large stake of the company with the...
  9. Stilig

    Loro Piana

    This was just discussed in a thread a few weeks back. Recommend you use the search function. Most are made by Gabo Napoli. Half canvas construction. They're nice, but definitely not good value for money. It seems that some are made by Santandrea, and they are much better.
  10. Stilig

    quality socks not made in europe

    I think you might have seen Viccel mentioned: https://www.viccelshop.com/ I believe they are Turkish. No experience with the socks, but I've heard they're good value for money.
  11. Stilig

    Is sport coat/ suit "made by Loro Piana" good?

    Most of their tailoring is machine-made and half-canvassed. It's made by Gabo Napoli. I've heard first hand from the owners of Gabo that they make about 80% of Loro Piana's tailoring. The fabrics are excellent, but the construction is not close to the brands you listed.
  12. Stilig

    Ralph Lauren Anthony - Black vs Purple Label

    According to one of the sales associates in their Biblioteksgatan store in Stockholm, the only difference should be the label. They do change the models ever so slightly over the years, but there was no distinct difference between the black and purple label as much as a normal evolution based on...
  13. Stilig

    Quality of Eleventy - Made in Italy

    I used to work in a store that carries Eleventy, and has done so since the brand started. The casualwear is quite nice, I especially like the outerwear, trousers, and polo shirts. I'm not a fan of the "tailoring". Even if I did like the look of it, I don't think that it's very good value for money.
  14. Stilig

    Why do British and European shoes not offer wide widths?

    A 44R is quite a big size by European standards. When I worked in retail, we covered probably 80% of customers with 38-42R. For MTM maybe one out of every ten to fifteen clients used a 44R or bigger as a base. For shoes, we worked primarily with Crockett & Jones. During the four years that I...
  15. Stilig

    Why do British and European shoes not offer wide widths?

    My main experience from the US is visiting NYC a couple of times. And I spent a few months living in North Carolina, traveling up and down the east coast a bit. Many Americans are BIG in a way that most Europeans don't get. Not necessarily overweight. But for some reason, the average guy seems a...
  16. Stilig

    The Official Thrift Thread Maker Label Guide

    Anyone? I received the suit today. It was a 15 dollar thrift buy. It's fully canvassed, in what I think is a very nice cut. Feels Florentine for some reason I can't really put my finger on. There's no hand-work that I can see. The fabric feels a bit rough as well - Not necessarily cheap, but...
  17. Stilig

    Questions regarding the price of a suit 100 years ago.

    I couldn't say a price, but there were definitely different tiers of tailoring. Your average working-class man would most likely not buy something that would even remotely resemble a modern-day Attolini in terms of quality, and definitely not something from a top-tier tailoring house. Most...
  18. Stilig

    The Official Thrift Thread Maker Label Guide

    Does anyone know who made this jacket? It's a vintage Arthur & Fox. Thanks!
  19. Stilig

    Quality of De Petrillo?

    AFAIK they're half canvassed, with some hand stitching to make it look more sartorial. I think the product looks very nice for the price, much like Gabo Napoli. I don't think you can compare it to for instance Attolini.
  20. Stilig

    Best Dressed Statesman

    I think Staffan de Mistura deserves a mention. He's a Swedish-Italian diplomat who is perhaps most known for being the UN's special envoy to Syria. He was also the deputy minister of foreign affairs in Mario Monti's Italian government. As far as I know, he wears bespoke suits from an undisclosed...

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