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  1. Biscione

    Anyonce carry 2 sizes of the SAME topcoat?

    Just get a topcoat with very soft shoulders. If it, and your jackets, fit well there should be barely any difference.
  2. Biscione

    Espresso Maker

    I thrive on fetishism, commodity or otherwise. Hear hear. After growing up with so much (beautiful) clutter I love living in a very pure, sparse place, where the few objects that require necessary exposure are as much chosen for their looks as they are for their performance. I can't conceive...
  3. Biscione

    Espresso Maker

    I own a Rocket Giotto. It is one of the main fetish objects in my extremely minimal appartment.
  4. Biscione

    The New Tony Biddle List for the 21st Century

    I quite like the idea of a spartan minimal wardrobe, but I honestly have much more fun with a lot of clothing. My ideal is having dozens of dandyish suits and sports jackets too eccentric to be worn frequently, in addition to the sort of staples already mentioned.
  5. Biscione

    Best looking money

    I've always thought that Tsarist Russian banknotes of the early 20th century were exquisite:
  6. Biscione

    RULES for the tall and skinny man

    Wow, that khaki point is very interesting. I've always wondered why I've never found a pair that looked particularly good. My best advice is that plaid suits look better on tall, slim men than they do on anyone else. Striped suits, on the other hand, tend to exaggerate our proportions. I also...
  7. Biscione

    Fuuma's Highly Edited and Unexplained WAYWRN Look of the Week

    I like that if Fuuma wanted to he could probably do a vastly better version of 'classic mens clothing' than 99% of the people who ***** about him. Even if you hate what he does, he does it very well by fashionable standards and has clear style. I also don't see why how much he spends on his...
  8. Biscione

    Socks - what colours are essential?

    Navy and charcoal (mostly the former). As much as I like them, 'fun' socks are completely inessential. I enjoy them because they're a bit naughty, but when they're worn poorly it looks absolutely terrible.
  9. Biscione

    Recent Sartorialist Looks

    I hate the pants, and the fact that he is too old to carry this very young look with aplomb. A 60 year old man with a gut does not need to go around in super slim, super tapered pants. Plus the trousers are too tight for a 60+ year old man. I don't see why a lot of people here seem to feel that...
  10. Biscione

    longest you have ever gone without sleep?

    How? I've heard stories of people in the army being kept awake for 2-3 days on training and things but 80 hours... It was a silly party that went on for days. I was fuelled by caffeine (amongst other substances), but I can barely remember the last 15 hours of it, and I was apparently making...
  11. Biscione

    longest you have ever gone without sleep?

    Around 80 hours. I slept for about 10 hours afterwards and awoke still completely exhausted. Wouldn't do it again.
  12. Biscione


    I apologize for offending your delicate sensibilities, and for not rising to the usual level of scintillating, wholesome, family-style entertainment we usually enjoy. Now go suck a dick. I can assure you, I probably have a much more open mind that most people here. I don't see how my decision...
  13. Biscione


    It . . . was . . . a . . . ******* . . . joke. A really bad one, if I might say. Tasteless humour is actually quite offensive when it's not clever.
  14. Biscione

    Adventures in antiquing. Ruining(and hopefully saving) a pair of EGs. Black to brown.

    I've always considered cap-toe brogued balmorals to be a style that unquestionably looks best in black. Those shoes (in their original state) would've been fantastic with a black and white glenplaid. Maybe you've been manipulated a bit by the groupthink here into believing that black shoes are...
  15. Biscione

    Solaro - too casual a cloth for a business suit?

    It makes a great mid-season business suit. But I don't really think it should be worn outside of Italy (Northern Italy, really). This isn't just because I consider it rather imbedded in that culture, but also because virtually nobody would understand it outside of Italy. It's a perplexing...
  16. Biscione

    Unbuttoned Nonfunctional Buttonholes?

    Everyone stop being dumb and read this: It's so that you can either have the sleeves shortened from that end or if the sleeve length is right as is, you can have the button holes opened up. A lot of good brands do it. In my mind it makes more sense than putting functional buttonholes on a RTW...
  17. Biscione

    Fashion trends you don't buy into

    I failed to read the entire thread so this may have been mentioned, but can we declare white jeans officially over? The ill-fitting white jeans that made repeated appearances on this forum, or just white jeans?
  18. Biscione

    I haven't worn a black shoe in 6 months.

    A great pair of black shoes is extremely elegant. As with most of you I wear brown shoes almost exclusively, but black shouldn't be neglected.
  19. Biscione

    Post pictures to show off your lifestyle, here

    Well, since you asked... Awesome. You are the argument for the existence of lifestyle pictures.
  20. Biscione

    Suede hi-top sneakers. With a suit.

    Winkelmann tends to wear stupid shoes. I'm not sure whether it's an issue with his feet, a desire for comfort, or an attempt at aping Agnelli's penchant for wearing hiking boots with suits. Whatever the explanation, it doesn't look good.

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