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  1. gorgekko

    NO PURCHASE Club for JUNE 2011

    Late to the sign up but I haven't bought anything since April so I'm still good. I'm in for June.
  2. gorgekko

    tucking in the tie

    This thread may have actually heralded the end of SF.
  3. gorgekko

    NO PURCHASE Club for MAY 2011

    Part A So far, so good. To be truthful, I don't even feel the urge to buy anything clothing related. I'll probably be joining June's NPC as well. Part B I have done spring cleaning, repair and I'm going through everything with an eye to reducing the wardrobe. Did sports jackets and tomorrow...
  4. gorgekko

    Jeep Wrangler

    What do you guys think about the current Wrangler? How good is it in the snow during the winter? Jeeps are God's proof of love for mankind. That said, I've heard that of all the Jeeps, Wranglers are the worst in the snow (perhaps excepting the Compass...I dont know much about that model)...
  5. gorgekko

    Jacket sleeve buttons undone ... interesting example ...

    What's the point of having working buttons if you're not going to use them? As a rationalization that doesn't even make sense.
  6. gorgekko

    Am I going crazy?

    There was an article recently in some magazine -- could have been GQ -- which surveyed a number of manufacturers on their sizes in relation to a measuring tape and the variance between the designer closest and the one farthest was surprisingly large. All OTR off course.
  7. gorgekko

    I just bought a... (non clothing item)

    Just bought an Acer A500 tablet and absolutely loving it. Consider me one of those converted to tablets who wasn't sold on them in the past.
  8. gorgekko

    How do you carry your cash and cards?

    Is it the thinness that makes it fit the breast pocket? It's made for the back pocket but it is thin enough to go into the breast pocket of a sports jacket or suit coat -- which is where I do put it on occasion -- without an unsightly bulge. Like I said, I don't like to carry much -- some...
  9. gorgekko

    interesting WSJ article about dressing up(or not)

    I have no problem with your premise but the Canute reference is something of a pet peeve -- it was Canute's fawning retinue that were the target of the bit by the shore; he did it to demonstrate their folly, not his own. /pedantry I stand corrected sir and thank you for the pedantry.
  10. gorgekko

    How do you carry your cash and cards?

    Small thin wallet with six slots for cards and one bill section. Forces me to carry only what I actually need, not that I was ever in danger of the Costanza wallet.
  11. gorgekko

    Anybody dealt with member stilmacher? Confused as to what to do

    I have bought from him on ebay in the past (Lattanzi shoes and hermes sweater) and he has always been 200% professional and reliable 200 per cent eh? The average athlete -- a professional -- is only capable of giving 110 per cent. That is remarkable. At any rate, glad to hear for the OP that...
  12. gorgekko

    interesting WSJ article about dressing up(or not)

    I think the overall point is that sloppiness is indicative of poor character: that's why a man in the early 20th century wouldn't be seen dead in a scruffy t-shirt and some old chinos; there are appearances, there are expectations, and there's pride as evinced in your choice of clothing. I get...
  13. gorgekko

    Is a 100% Wool Suit a bad idea??

    Do RLPL's get more debrambling than RLBL or blue label? Of course, they cost that much more. But Lauren uses the old Italian debramblers that their suiting industry sold off a few years ago, not the newer ones you'll find in places like the U.S. or Asia.
  14. gorgekko

    Is a 100% Wool Suit a bad idea??

    I was told that the only wool to get is Worsted Wool but that if it says just 'wool' then it will likely be itchy. is this true? Your friend was right. What happens with worsted wool is that all the micro-brambles that are in wool are all removed by a machine called, not surprisingly, a...
  15. gorgekko

    Pocket Squares: A Discussion Thread, Questions, Opinions, Suggestions.....

    I hate to teach critical reading skills but I didn't say I used them exclusively. I use them often, not always.
  16. gorgekko

    Pocket Squares: A Discussion Thread, Questions, Opinions, Suggestions.....

    There is absolutely nothing worse than when someone is doctrinaire on Style Forum. It's like a parody post that writes itself. I use different folds all the time, but I also like using the TV fold. It's a fold that has its use just like all of the others.
  17. gorgekko

    black buttons for my shirt?

    Save the black studs for your tuxedo shirt. As for white shirts, no black buttons unless you want to be an individual and we had ways of correcting that in people when I was in the army. IMPORTANT NOTICE: No media files are hosted on these forums. By clicking the link below you agree to view...
  18. gorgekko

    Pocket Squares: A Discussion Thread, Questions, Opinions, Suggestions.....

    I use TV folds all the time and I never look like I stepped out of an episode of Mad Men. Probably because I also don't wear slim ties and 60s style suits.

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