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Search results

  1. MontyChapman

    Huntsman alum outfits?

    Are there any Huntsman alum tailors that operate their own shops? I'm looking for shops like Connock & Lockie on Conduit St. when it was under Mr Craig (Huntsman alum).
  2. MontyChapman

    Turnbull vs Emma Willis Sea Island MTM

    After acquiring a secondhand bespoke sea island shirt from T&A, I've absolutely fallen for the fabric - absolutely lovely thing. Silky and light - the perfect shirt fabric. I'd like to purchase x2 MTM Sea Island shirts (thought about bespoke but I'm not able to splash out on the 5 shirt minimum...
  3. MontyChapman

    Commissioning Bespoke Oxfords (UK)

    I very nearly commissioned a Savile Row suit but my weight has been seriously fluctuating (a constant battle of the classic exercise vs food), so it probably was not a very wise choice to be commissioning my "forever" suit. BUT with the allotted budget, one can indeed commission a very nice pair...
  4. MontyChapman

    Pakeman, Catto & Carter alternative

    P.S. I'm more of a city person, so I'm looking for any good city gentlemen's outfitters.
  5. MontyChapman

    Pakeman, Catto & Carter alternative

    Are there any other good quality gentlemen's outfitters akin to the late Pakeman firm? I have visited several UK cities/towns and found old shops with history, usually full of disappointing Magee or re-branded Brook Tavener stuff. I believe Pakeman had its own facilities/arrangements and made...
  6. MontyChapman

    Resoling old Lobbs

    I might be acquiring a pair of Bespoke Lobb brogues but the original sole is in need of a full re-sole. I was wondering if there were any good cobblers in London apt for this kind of job?
  7. MontyChapman

    Tassel loafer not too narrow.

    Sorry to revive the thread but I actually got a pair of Langham IIs (C&J tassel loafers) very recently. Their Jermyn St flagship was selling Langhams at a discounted rate as they are discontinued now. I have wide feet, so accommodated better than their more popular Cavendish model. I'm a EE...
  8. MontyChapman

    2022 Jermyn St. RTW Shoe Brands Ranking

    I think Barker also has an Indian production line, which I did not like. The leather was very tough and unaccomodating. Funnily, I've had Indian-made shoes from American dress shoe brands that were miles better!
  9. MontyChapman

    2022 Jermyn St. RTW Shoe Brands Ranking

    I meant that some of the previous threads on rankings were conflating a firm's bespoke and RTW sectors, making it a hazy evaluation.
  10. MontyChapman

    2022 Jermyn St. RTW Shoe Brands Ranking

    I've read a few older StyleForum threads on English GWY shoes but it seems to be a hazy mix of bespoke & RTW operations, so I thought I would open a thread dedicated to solely the RTW branch of English shoemakers found on Jermyn Street. Please rank them and tell us why? (If possible, please...
  11. MontyChapman

    Secondhand shoes cleaning ritual?

    What would be the best way to disinfect the interior lining of a pair of very nice brogues (without damaging them)? I was told to use a single-use alcohol wipe to give it a quick wipedown. Is that okay?
  12. MontyChapman

    Secondhand shoes cleaning ritual?

    Whilst I contemplate the idea of purchasing a new pair of Lobbs, I received my secondhand Lobb brogue pair all the way from a German gentleman. It's in pretty good condition but I was wondering if there is a cleaning ritual StyleForum members do for their secondhand shoe purchases? Are there any...
  13. MontyChapman

    John Lobb worth spending 1K+?

    I’m trying to get Oxfords that look good, of good quality and are comfortable. As much as I appreciated the slightly lesser price jump between a pair of EG and C&J, for me, EG lasts were quite constricting. I have quite wide feet and tried various EE sizes for EG and Lobb but ended up liking the...
  14. MontyChapman

    John Lobb worth spending 1K+?

    Last month, I went around Jermyn Street trying out some shoes (C&J, Edward Green and John Lobb). I was very impressed with all three firms and did purchase a pair of loafers from C&J. It cost me around 380 pounds but it was worth it because I have been wearing them regularly: they are...
  15. MontyChapman

    Hong Kong tailors & shirts?

    I have a friend based in HK and was informed that they have their own "Burlington Arcade" and multiple Savile Row-esque tailoring houses. I might test the waters by getting some dress shirts. Quite keen to get some nice dress shirts as well. Any recommendations?
  16. MontyChapman

    Best English Dress Shoe (Oxfords)

    Might bite the bullet then. Some IB associates told me to stay away from brogues but I could wear monk straps? I don't get the logic... Those Berkeleys look very slick!
  17. MontyChapman

    Help! Are these C&Js?

    Oh, I see! That's the last number! Learning something new every day. :cool:
  18. MontyChapman

    Best English Dress Shoe (Oxfords)

    That's a lovely model! I wish the city dress code wasn't as strict. Apparently, brogued shoes are off-limit for most young city professionals...
  19. MontyChapman

    Help! Are these C&Js?

    That makes sense. It's a shame; I was hoping to pick up more of these Peal & Co. ones. I might go back to the store and see if they have more.
  20. MontyChapman

    Best English Dress Shoe (Oxfords)

    I think I'm a 7.5E but it looks like that they are all sold out. Would a 7E fit or would it be too tight?

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