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  1. Reggs

    OFFICIAL THREAD: General Cookery and Discussion

    I'm trying to lean up a bit more and have been having this salad pretty regularly in the past week. Even if it's just a week, I think I look more lean than 7 days ago. It tastes great and is very filling. I think this will be something like green smoothies for me in the sense that it can be a...
  2. Reggs

    What TV Series Are You Streaming Lately?

    Great series. If they had waited a few more years to make it they could have used AI enhanced footage, which would have been amazing.
  3. Reggs

    What Movies Are You Watching Lately

    The appeal of the first movie was the vivid world building. It's probably the best example of cyber punk. The sequel had much better characters all around and the world they lived in was just as enjoyable. If you would have asked me what I thought of a Blade Runner sequel before it was made I...
  4. Reggs

    Video Games

    It's a great series. The first game is pretty old now, but still a lot of fun. 2 is the only one that's flat out not worth playing. Blood Dragon was by far my favorite Far Cry game even though it was an expansion. The 80's aesthetic was very charming. Play that one if you haven't. My only...
  5. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    I mostly go to a little hole in the wall gym now. Also have a Planet Fitness membership. The hole in the wall place is appealing because they have barbells. The hole in the wall place is only staffed a few hrs a day but the place has cameras everywhere, scan your ID when you get a membership...
  6. Reggs

    What music are you listening to lately?

    Sounds like it was made in the 80s:
  7. Reggs

    Video Games

    I'm playing Ion Fury. It's made on a 20 year old engine and everything feels like the good old days. They even have gratuitous blood and cheesy one liners. Very fun.
  8. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    After the lockdown, my weight is roughly the same, but I'm sure I lost muscle mass and gained fat. I look less cut. I'm going to focus on losing weight first just because Im vain. Eating out in the south is a lot more difficult. They sneak cheese, butter, and bacon bits into anything they can...
  9. Reggs

    What TV Series Are You Streaming Lately?

    I hope the next season of The Boys gives Homelander more screen time. Easily one of the best villains in years. He makes the show.
  10. Reggs

    Turned 40, gained 10 pounds

    Make your goals be the new habits you create that will lead to the weight loss rather than the weight loss itself. You have to restrict calories, but if this makes you feel hungry there is a good chance it won't become a habit in the end. I think fiber is very important when restricting...
  11. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    What are these for? I use gloves when I go, and as for benches they have disinfectant wipes and spray to clean stuff before/after you use.
  12. Reggs

    What TV Series Are You Streaming Lately?

    I'm watching Waco on Netflix. It's pretty good. The guy they have playing David Koresh is pretty good and has that particular preacher's voice. I like how they reconstructed the Branch Davidian compound, even the underground bus. The series is more about the stand off and not really about David...
  13. Reggs

    Video Games

    I'm amazed by this game. It has the absolute best world building of any game I've played. Everything was made with such detail and care. The sounds are amazing too. The dialogue is very real and the characters are indeed interesting. I like how it's in the early 1900s when the wild west is dying...
  14. Reggs

    Random health and exercise thoughts

    Recently started going to the gym again. Did squats the first day and my legs are extremely sore. I get up from chairs slowly and walk funny the first few paces. I think this will wear off once I get into the groove of things. It feels great working out again. I'm much more relaxed and the...
  15. Reggs

    Video Games

    I've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2. It's really relaxing to play being out in nature all the time. Makes me want to vacation in a cabin soon. I'm enjoying it a lot more than any GTA game.
  16. Reggs

    I think I hate San Francisco.

    My first time was awful. It's a very different high. It's good to learn your dose though because it's the best way to travel with drugs. TSA has checked my baggage multiple times and I just have ******* mixed in a sandwich bag of other assorted candy. I like the oil vape cartridges a lot since...
  17. Reggs

    I think I hate San Francisco.

    I've been complaining about this for years. Even many of the men have up speak. My voice was deeper than Domenico Montanaro's when I was 13 years old. How any of these people could get a job in radio is beyond me. I'd listen to NPR as a kid all the time because my dad would play it in the car...
  18. Reggs

    Video Games

    Elon has been reading my Style Forum posts! He changed his avatar to Deus Ex after I posted about it being prophetic a few pages back. :bigstar:
  19. Reggs

    Video Games

    Cyberpunk is dystopian. This was written in 1995.

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