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Search results

  1. celery

    Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned?

    Do I have to buy 50 leather jackets to test the tennis balls with?
  2. celery

    Leather Jackets: Post Pictures of the Best You've Seen/Owned?

    Looking for sizing advice. I've lost a lot of weight and not sure what I should really be looking at in terms of fit. Below are two leather jackets I have, both in size 56. I can easily pinch 3'ish inches of material. My chest is ~106cm.
  3. celery

    The unofficial NMWA Buy/Sell Thread (a.k.a. second chance thread)

    bumping, $600 ask, open to offers as well.
  4. celery

    The unofficial NMWA Buy/Sell Thread (a.k.a. second chance thread)

    Looking to sell this tan Valstar Clint sz 54 ($500) - The female button snap on the left pocket has a rip beneath it which is included in the pictures. Not sure how/when it happened or if it was a manufacturing defect I never noticed, but the jacket has only been worn a few times. Clint sold...
  5. celery

    Best height increasing insoles?

    They're the same if you ignore socio-cultural context. Wear lifts if you want, idk how much height they will offer. 1" or so? If that's worth it to you, then go for it.
  6. celery

    How many pair of shoes do you currently own?

    I'm shy of 20 (maybe 18) pairs currently. That's all inclusive of sneakers and my one pair of birkenstocks. At one point I had about 40 and it was just too much. I had shoes/boots/sneakers going almost entirely unworn so they had to get rehomed. I want to actually wear and enjoy what I have in...
  7. celery

    We Have Lost the War, Now Come the Reparations

    Not surprised at the comments. You can put out just about any piece of content about anything on the internet and you'll get a bunch of contrarian takes (sometimes even anger). There's also no point in trying to convince people to dress in a way you prefer. Comfort is variable and some people...
  8. celery

    Gen Z "Zoomers" and Classic Menswear

    I don't know how much merit there is in trying to dissect what "beautifully dressed" means. I can't speak for Mr. DWW, if I had to speculate on how he's using the word "beautiful" it's probably more akin to a confluence of things coming together to create a particular sense of visual harmony...
  9. celery

    Gen Z "Zoomers" and Classic Menswear

    I think what happens with Derek is that he holds many strong opinions and has shared them so frequently, that his real answer is fragmented throughout them. He's really looking at the gestalt of dress. On the more fundamental level, understanding: Proportion Material choice color fit...
  10. celery

    Loved Clothes Last: Mended and thoroughly worn

    This is the oldest thing I own and use (in fact just used it on Monday!) It's my mother's schoolbag from her college days, it's close to 50 years old. It was quite beat up, coming apart at the seams towards the top, and the straps were coming loose. I treated all the leather (it was very dry if...
  11. celery


    Very casual and laid back. I really enjoy them.
  12. celery

    Meermin Picked my Pocket for $15.

    Better than my experience with Kent Wang. When he first opened I ordered some stuff from him, received nothing, emailed to inquire and he insinuated that I received the goods and was trying to get a freebie. So I never got what I paid for, was insulted, and he kept the money. I still remember it...
  13. celery

    What do you hate?

    People who whine about not being able to wear [thing] because it's out of style, too formal, too this, too that. jfc just wear what you want. If you're such a ***** about what people will think then just stfu. There, that's what I hate.
  14. celery

    Pocket squares on a coat?

    Putting a belt in your pocket is definitely the way to go these days.
  15. celery

    Let's Talk About Bookcore

    Sorry, I'm not from Indiana.
  16. celery

    Let's Talk About Bookcore

    Oh definitely. Here are a few that I visit: Station North Books / Viva Books / Red Emmas (which has 3 other floors of books in a separate part of the building, but this is the coffee shop side of things which is much cleaner - also, they're employee owned).
  17. celery

    Let's Talk About Bookcore

    I try very hard to be out of fashion and here I am, bookcored. I keep trying not to be with 'it', but they keep changing what 'it' is.
  18. celery

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    Oh man, I need one of those G. Inglese shackets. In the meantime, the scarves have arrived.
  19. celery

    How to dress well in CM without standing out too much

    Well, I certainly read this thread.

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