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  1. SoCal2NYC


     Been in NY...was focusing more on my own post-Gilt stuff working with designers/brands on a freelance/consulting basis, traveling and enjoying some room to breath. Re-adjusted some direction and what not and I'm actually doing a year program at NY Film Academy for photography.
  2. SoCal2NYC


    ....shouted on Cornelia Street at 11:45 this morning. I stop and turn and look and all I see is a little Asian lady and a middle aged man who really isn't making eye contact with me yet. But then starts to approach me. "You don't know me in real life, I'm GDL on the internet." /end scene
  3. SoCal2NYC

    Recent purchases - Part II

    Yah, but nobody liked them when Justin/socal bought them a few years ago. His look really good beat to death. The kids always come around.
  4. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    I'll be your Snow Angel
  5. SoCal2NYC

    HOF: What Are You Wearing Right Now - Part II

    High - Low Winter Sportswear Raf Simons hat Jil Sander scarf Michael Bastian sweater North Face coat Jil Sander jeans Timberland boots
  6. SoCal2NYC

    The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    High - Low Winter Sportswear Raf Simons hat Jil Sander scarf Michael Bastian sweater North Face coat Jil Sander jeans Timberland boots
  7. SoCal2NYC


    Gilt City has an extended membership sale for The New Museum in NYC: http://www.giltcity.com/newyork/newmuseum
  8. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    Went to the exposition on Saturday... really interesting, especially downstairs... was it actually what I think it was? The stickers under the pics made it, some of them were really good. My girlfriend thought it was good, too. Wait...were you there REALLY early on like nearly at 7? I remember...
  9. SoCal2NYC


    I am headed back to Berlin this coming January for Bread & Butter and other things. Anyone there, around, know of something worth checking out?
  10. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    Rach in the Gilt MSRP thread "And, realize that greater men have tried to "call out" SoCal as not being real, and most have died trying."
  11. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    teh Socal is mildly amused
  12. SoCal2NYC

    The WAYWT Discussion Thread

    Jil Sander peacoat Deli Bag Ann Demulemeester matte sequin tank Ann Demulemeester shirt (N)umber (N)ine pants Raf x Doc
  13. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    Yes, clearly following a religion is wrong and no one here including the "mods" have a problem with someone saying that. The moment though when someone says being gay is wrong, they are a "bigot". No surprise for the double standards though. After all, this forum is filled with gays in every...
  14. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    So nowadays when anyone has religious values they are a "bigot" according to you? If you are weak minded enough to actually follow and take stock in an organized religion then please go ahead an be a bigot. It's sort of like a consolation prize!
  15. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    Is the sender of the PM, by any chance, the OP of this thread? http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=204227
  16. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    please remind us, what did your parents do for a living? Ballerz
  17. SoCal2NYC

    Random fashion thoughts

    not really fashion but im curious as to why some random guy from texas signed up for a netflix account with my email oh well time to load up his queue with hard hitting classics such as 'Gay Sex in the '70s" and "Small Town Gay Bar" I still haven't watched the 1st one but Small Town Gay Bar is...
  18. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    You have severe mental issues at work. Though I suspect you will never outgrow your pride enough to realize it. I'm very self-aware...but, getting SF all riled up on a slow weekend is like shooting fish in a barrel.
  19. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    It's good to be back... Pvt msg: "Hi, I'm kind of new and all, but I just decided that any prick who posts a jerky response to one of my threads gets a personalized "**** off.". You're the very first recipient, not merely because you were SUCH a douche, but you kept at it. I don't give a ****...
  20. SoCal2NYC

    oh hai! Socal can haz teh sex?

    Speaking of art and teh ****, I visited this today and it was great. It's a showcase of portraits that explore the fluidity of gender, sexuality, etc, pushin' boundaries, all that good stuff. Not much to do with the OP, but DC people should see it THANK YOU FOR POSTING THIS!! I was asked to...

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