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  1. Bic Pentameter

    Filson Bag Thread: With Pictures

    There is a Filson store in Obadai (https://filson.jp/pages/store-list) Nigel Cabourn on the 7th floor of Hankyu Men’s in Yurakucho also carries Filson. (Nigel Cabourn THE ARMY GYM HANKYU MEN'S TOKYO) Amerikaya in Ameyoko carries Filson. If you are looking for used, you might try Mercari.
  2. Bic Pentameter

    Japan PM Fumio Kishida: huge "negative tie space" on his "good" shirt

    I found a page from April 2023 that notes photos in which his shirts pinch his neck. (https://arakana0609.net/archives/20492) Maybe he lost weight? Maybe he sized up and the collars are too big?
  3. Bic Pentameter

    Amateur doofus makes bespoke shoes

    Here are a few pictures I took last night. Bic
  4. Bic Pentameter

    File Crockett & Jones sole edges?

    Are you talking about the heel, or the sole? If it really bothers you, you definitely can smooth out the edge with sandpaper. That is pretty natural on the sole, especially if there is no protective rubber insert. If you do decide to use sandpaper on the sole, be careful not to scratch the...
  5. Bic Pentameter

    Shopping in Tokyo, Japan?

    I don't get to West Tokyo very often any more. I like Isetan Men’s in Shinjuku slightly better than Hankyu Men’s in Yurakucho, but if you are pressed for time, I would recommend Yurakucho Hankyu Men's. Yurakucho is a 5-10 minute walk from Ginza, so you would more in one space by spending time...
  6. Bic Pentameter

    Edward Green Appreciation: Pictures, Info, and Where to Buy

    I have EG's Alden's C&J, Carmina, Paolo Scafora, etc. They are all high quality. Your mileage will vary, but I find that E&G seem easiest and lightest overall on my feet. Especially after wearing a pair of Carmina, E&G feel almost like slippers in comparison. Bic
  7. Bic Pentameter

    Stylish clothes for travel?

    I live in Tokyo and travel a bit in the region and to North America for business. These days, Tokyo is still warm in October. Unless you run really cold, I don't think you would need a scarf or gloves, even in November or December In months/locales where the temperature allows, I build my...
  8. Bic Pentameter

    Need tailor recommendation in Fukuoka Japan.

    Are you looking for a fully bespoke tailor, or would made to measure be acceptable? It looks like Tailor Blades does trunk shows with Yohei Fukuda. https://blades-fukuoka.co.jp/concept/ You might consider visiting Corno Blu and asking Seigaku-san if he can recommend anyone in town. Fukuoka...
  9. Bic Pentameter

    Edward Green Appreciation: Pictures, Info, and Where to Buy

    They look like salt stains. I have used over the counter salt stain remover on smooth leather, but never on suede. If you look online, you can see homemade remedies involving using white vinegar. Bic
  10. Bic Pentameter

    Amateur doofus makes bespoke shoes

    More blood was spilled on the cordwainer's battlefield...
  11. Bic Pentameter

    Amateur doofus makes bespoke shoes

    Thank you, JFWR. I made these for myself and am relatively pleased with them.
  12. Bic Pentameter

    Amateur doofus makes bespoke shoes

    Thank you for all of your comments. How close am I to making a decent pair of bespoke shoes is a tough question. I have made wearable shoes that the average person would see as shoes. I never been "happy" with a pair I have made. Some of that is my personality. I have never cooked a meal that...
  13. Bic Pentameter

    Amateur doofus makes bespoke shoes

    Hi Everyone, A few years ago, I made the decision to stop putting my money into buying shoes and start putting it into making them. I have been taking classes at Clematis in Tokyo since 2019. It is an incredibly inefficient way to acquire high quality bespoke shoes. On the other hand, it is...
  14. Bic Pentameter

    Travel shoes — what’s your approach?

    I agree that the purpose of the trip and the meetings are the most important factor. I used to go with a dark brown monk strap, like the C&J Savile (https://row.crockettandjones.com/collections/mens-monk-strap-collection/products/savile-4-darkbrown-calf). The Savile was easy to slip on and...
  15. Bic Pentameter

    Solaro sportcoat?

    Initially, I thought that a whole Solaro suit would be too much, so I had a sport coat made in an olive Solaro-like cloth. I wear it with chinos in the summertime. The color looked a little bit like this: solaro cloth green - Bing images. I think I would have a hard time matching the more...
  16. Bic Pentameter

    The Shell Cordovan, non-Alden Shoe and Boot Thread

    I could only find a photo of the Brift H ebony stick, but have seen similar tools at Japanese shoe shops. I bought a whole array of horn tools on e-bay for a fraction of the price...
  17. Bic Pentameter

    Edward Green Appreciation: Pictures, Info, and Where to Buy

    Leather is a natural material, and there will be differences in color and such. That mark would not bother me in the least. It will be covered by the back of your trousers, and your shoes will collect similar small variations in color as you wear them. Bic
  18. Bic Pentameter

    Is eBay really the only place to hunt for quality shoe bargains?

    I am nowhere near a size 14. I visited the Edward Green and John Lobb factory stores in 2006 and 2007. Once I knew my size in each last, I was able to buy Edward Green, Crockett and Jones, Trickers and Cleverley on eBay. I have not seen screaming bargains on models that I am interested in for...
  19. Bic Pentameter

    Shoemaking Techniques and Traditions--"...these foolish things..."

    Yes, sorry for the confusion. It is square decimeters. Bic
  20. Bic Pentameter

    Shoemaking Techniques and Traditions--"...these foolish things..."

    It is Japanese. It is from the Japanese associate of leather measurers. The blue number is the place where the leather was measured. and the black number is the number of square centimeters. Bic

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