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  1. sbbbjm

    H&M X Margiela Collab SS 2009 suit

    hey guys - i have the black suit up for sale. i've been thinking about it a while and i'm just not the sleek black suit kind of guy (more of a navy/charcoal kind of guy). that being said the suit really is gorgeous and fits like a glove albeit being from H&M. the MM fabric feels a lot...
  2. sbbbjm

    H&M X Margiela Collab SS 2009 suit

    hey guys - i have the black suit up for sale. i've been thinking about it a while and i'm just not the sleek black suit kind of guy (more of a navy/charcoal kind of guy). that being said the suit really is gorgeous and fits like a glove albeit being from H&M. the MM fabric feels a lot...
  3. sbbbjm

    How to clean out pores on nose?? Biore strips? any better options

    find an esthetician or a dermatologist that can perform an Exolift. its basically a prescription strength Biore strip. they dab a special polymer on your cleaned skin - my esthetician likes to call it super glue. then they put a layer of tape on it, let it sit for 3 min and then slowly rip it...
  4. sbbbjm

    I want a new cologne... Terre D'Hermes, Prada Pour Homme or Bvlgari Aqva?

    i would go with Terre d'Hermes, and i would go with the Parfum version (not the EDT). i've found that the EDT is either a hit or miss with people. they either smell the citrus sitting on top of the soft woods/vetiver and it's really aromatic and sparkling OR all they get is the mineral/flint...
  5. sbbbjm

    How often do you get your hair cut?

    i go every 6-8 weeks for a full cut. however, between cuts i get a 'dry trim' or a 'cleanup' where my guy goes in and trims/cleans up my neck and over the ears. sometimes he'll go in and lightly re-taper the sides and back just to make sure everything is extra neat. so technically, i...
  6. sbbbjm

    The Official Hair Thread

    its a classic short back and sides. if you have normal or finer hair, you could go to a barber and you'll be fine. if you have thicker or more difficult texture, i'd go to an experienced stylist bc they should know different techniques to make your hair look like the picture even if your hair...
  7. sbbbjm

    Hair product similar to American Crew Fiber?

    i'm partial to Night Rider by Kevin Murphy. i have thick and coarse asian hair that usually laughs at any kind of wax or molding clay, so i usually have to use a lot more product than the average person to get any kind of hold. with this stuff, i use about a dime sized daub. i was pleasantly...
  8. sbbbjm

    The Official Hair Thread

     woa totally thought that was bobby flay just glancing
  9. sbbbjm

    Male Waxing?

    i reaalllly think u should let a professional do it. however, if you must, you want to look for brazilian "hard wax." it either comes in little pots that u heat up on a warmer or you buy a bag of wax pellets and warm them in the warmer. it's nice to put a light dusting of talc on the skin...
  10. sbbbjm

    Male Waxing?

    as a cosmetologist, i'm going to say it's not really worth it for the waxing. waxing around your shaft/nuts is tricky bc the skin there is stretchy and looser. we can use special brazilian waxes to remove a good amount of hair, but since it's hard to get the skin taut, you're indefinitely...
  11. sbbbjm

    Post Pictures of your Tattoos

    I prefer marine-inspired tattoos. I'm considering this, what do you think guys? that's as gay as 2 hugging muscle bear mermen.
  12. sbbbjm

    APC NS 28 - trade for like new 27 or sell $90

    moderators - i am so sorry, totally posted in the wrong category, please delete thanks.
  13. sbbbjm

    APC NS 28 - trade for like new 27 or sell $90

    i think the title is pretty self explanatory. i purchased some APC New Standards off of a member who bought them brand new. he only wore them at home for about a week, and he decided he didn't like the fit. i purchased them off of him for $110. i've decided they are a bit big after wearing...
  14. sbbbjm

    Wrist Accessories

    you could maaaaake them . . . . if you're crafty enough. seriously, all you need is some stretchy beading string and a bag of wooden beads, then some super glue to seal the knot, and bam, you got a bracelet. its waaaay cheaper too.
  15. sbbbjm

    The smell good thread

    I don't really have a conscious rotation of scents as people have for clothes because I tend to like something and stick with it for a while until my preference changes. Still, I own tons from working at Nordstrom. In the past couple years I've been almost exclusively wearing Chanel Allure...
  16. sbbbjm

    Muscular or skinny?

    athletic . . . like the model noah mills some may say that's skinny but skinny is like no muscle tone at all in my mind. muscular is more like hugh jackman or ryan reynolds in my mind.
  17. sbbbjm

    A.P.C. The official thread for APC denim sizing and other questions.

    i would just like to say . . . i've had Nudie Sven's, Naked & Famous Weird Guys, APC Rescues, PBJ's 005's, FH 3001's, SDA-103's, Samurai 610's, Samurai 0500's, Skull 5010xx's AND GODDAMN IT! after all these years . . . 7 years of dry denim trials . . . the ubiquitous APC New Standards are...
  18. sbbbjm

    New Line of Levi's?

    i saw these in person today at the good ole CO-OP. they look Capital E and Earnest Sewn had babies . . . albino babies at that, bc of the white tabs. i think they went in the wrong direction with the branding on these. the white tab and distressed arcuate look really bad, and actually take away...
  19. sbbbjm

    Advice on growing long hair

    like milosz, i also had mine 'shaped' and thinned out. what they do is take a thinning shear, which looks like a scissor with variegated teeth and just run it throughout your or where it feels heavy and should lay flatter. i had a fancy schmancy guy once use a straight razor (like the ones they...
  20. sbbbjm

    Face Care

    trying to preserve my 25 year old youth . . . about a month ago i purchased a retinol anti-wrinkle cream - Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkle with SPF 20 - to be exact - and it's eye cream counterpart. its been good to me so far. i used retin-a creams in high school for acne and they...

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