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  1. CunningSmeagol

    Buday Shoes - Hungarian Shoemaker

    Any update on if they're still active? Is @edmorel still facilitating?
  2. CunningSmeagol

    The Despos Thread

    Is he really not taking new clients? Are there other tailors in the Chicago area worth considering?
  3. CunningSmeagol

    ٭٭٭ No Man Walks Alone - Official Affiliate Thread ٭٭٭ (a.k.a. I shouldn't have slept on it)

    Tempted by the Eidos Ulster overcoat in 52. GDL - two questions: would this fit someone with a ~42L jacket size, over the jacket, comfortably? Second - hard to tell from the pics, but would this be appropriate semi-conservative business dress? Can't tell how fuzzy the cloth is...
  4. CunningSmeagol

    The Definitive MANBAG Thread, Part II: 2014~

    I ordered the blue Tumi Anderson. Excited about this one :slayer:
  5. CunningSmeagol

    The Definitive MANBAG Thread, Part II: 2014~

    Awesome - thanks guys. Have a duffel from Glaser I bought like 8 yrs ago that I love. Great product. I'll look into it but as I recall it's going to have a really long lead time, esp for any customization. Tumi options look great too, probably more readily available too. I'll look into it...
  6. CunningSmeagol

    The Definitive MANBAG Thread, Part II: 2014~

    Any recommendations for a light travel bag that can double as a briefcase? Doesn't need to be too formal, but I'd like to use it daily to and from office w/ laptop. Here's my wishlist: - Lightweight - Dedicated slot for laptop/charger - Ability to stow one change of clothes - dress shirt...
  7. CunningSmeagol

    Do you like my new pink cashmere Attolini tie?

    Trying to remember what this was all about. Didn't Connie get this as a gift then try to do something heinous like sell it?
  8. CunningSmeagol

    Official Guitar, Amp, Pedals, and Gear Thread

     I wouldn't call a traditional jazz tone dull, but I know what you're saying. It comes down to a few things. First, your tone needs to blend with the acoustic instruments you're playing with. You don't want to encroach on the horns, and you need to be able to lock with the drums and bass. A...
  9. CunningSmeagol

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    We were at the showroom a couple days ago and the lady priced it out around $8K. That was for a smaller version, but still marble top. I'm leaning toward the Cassina.
  10. CunningSmeagol

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    Opinions on these? http://www.cassina.com/en/collection/tables/713714 http://www.poliform.it/poliform/tables/Gallery_2988_1_1.html http://www.poliform.it/poliform/tables/Gallery_9433_1_4.html Search for a round table continues.
  11. CunningSmeagol

    The MBA Thread

     They are the same teachers and content, yes, but everyone knows the standards to get in are vastly different. Speaking as someone who went to one of these schools and evaluates people coming out of these schools, IME there's a strong preference for people from the FT programs. I don't know...
  12. CunningSmeagol

    Playful Shelves for Baby/Kids Wall

    Any recommendations for wall-mounted shelves that are playful/whimsical such as the following? http://hivemodern.com/pages/product399/kartell-ron-arad-bookworm-bookshelf-short http://hivemodern.com/pages/product456/kartell-ron-arad-lovely-rita-bookshelf...
  13. CunningSmeagol

    Cars We Drive!

    I drove a GLK as a loaner and could not wait to give it back. That said it was sparsely optioned which could be coloring my opinion unfairly. The ride was not terrible. I do not like how small the cabin is relative to the E sedan. There are also a lot of them in any given Whole Foods parking lot.
  14. CunningSmeagol

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

    Here's a quick model I made showing the effects of a dividend and buyback program on the balance sheet, assuming no change in the value of operations. I guess I could have put a finer point on it, but the investor in the dividend scenario is left with the cash dividend and a stock that (all...
  15. CunningSmeagol

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

     Both of these replies speak to a money management argument for dividends. The first relates to personal finance, and I would argue that you can achieve the same effect (assuming you own enough shares) of dividend payments just by selling small portions of your holdings every month. If you...
  16. CunningSmeagol

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

     I completely understand a large shareholder wanting to extract meaningful liquidity, and the only way of doing so being dividends. However, that has nothing to do with a retail investor in public companies, who can just sell shares on the exchanges for little to no cost to get liquidity...
  17. CunningSmeagol

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

    Curious why people care about dividends and buybacks. I can see positive information signaling in the case of a buyback - we think our stock is undervalued. However, the transfer of cash to shareholders is mechanically a reduction in equity value, dollar for dollar with the size of the...
  18. CunningSmeagol

    Talking stocks, trading, and investing in general

    What's the best way to be long euros without actually opening in international account and buying them? Is there a simple, low expense ETF that is 1:1 long euro? I googled for the past ten minutes and all I found were these bullshit 2x, 3x, short, 2x short funds.
  19. CunningSmeagol

    Circular dining table

    I have unassailable taste.
  20. CunningSmeagol

    Circular dining table

    I've been reading the responses and think they're great. I still haven't made a decision. Just wanted to thank you guys for some great ideas. I am also planning to redo the floors in and around the area.

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