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    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    Northern NSW. Travel to Sydney for work & Brisbane occasionally to see ageing relatives. At this point I'm open to anywhere in Australia. Feels like the last few decent places I knew of didn't survive COVID & either no one wants to ship here, or shipping is more expensive than the furniture.
  2. B

    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    Does anyone have a recommendation for rugs or wood furniture? In both scenarios, I can find really cheap options e.g. synthetic rugs & pine furniture but nice stuff all seems to be overseas with thousands in shipping costs. Surely it's possible to still buy decent quality furniture & decor in...
  3. B

    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    Can anyone recommend a travelling tailor or shop in Brisbane that sells decent OTR dress shirts? Seems like everywhere closed during COVID & we aren't big enough to have a suitsupply yet. Wondering if I should just fly interstate.
  4. B

    Cool furniture, design objects and desiderata

    The one I have in the office is great, because people are watching me, so it sort of encourages me to sit with correct posture. At home with no audience, I definitely slouch because of it. No more lower back pain though, so I'm ignoring the slouching until that becomes an issue again.
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    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    As we approach the QLD summer I'm beginning to prepare for the inevitable damage to my long sleeve shirts thanks to my sweaty dad-bod. I've tried undershirts, different deoderants, etc and the results are the same, neither I nor my wardrobe suit this climate. Is there anywhere to get decent...
  6. B

    The Apple Discussion Thread

    Gotcha, makes sense. I have no eye for colour / colour accuracy. I'm quite certain any designer would be appalled by my colour calibration. Was worried I needed to calibrate it for maintenance/longevity purposes.
  7. B

    The Apple Discussion Thread

    Why does calibrating them extend their life? I thought calibration was all about light/colour/focus? I'm still using the same mediocre quality 1080p panel that I bought over a decade ago. Its followed me across multiple homes, states & jobs. It must easily be up in the tens of thousands of...
  8. B

    The Architecture Thread

    Rubbish video, rubbish rebuttal. Old mate in the video can't separate brutalist concrete jungle slums built in rubbish city fringe suburbs to be cheap housing for the proles from monuments to capitalism like the Shard. They aren't comparable in style, they aren't comparable in purpose, they...
  9. B

    Cars We Drive!

    I would love to own one... But the front grill is too big (looks like a cartoon car) and the rear looks like a cayman to me.
  10. B

    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    Disappointing but not surprising. I Guess that rules out Institchu as a viable option in Brisbane. Doesn't seem like there is much up here in the price point between MJ Bale and DeeRstyle.
  11. B

    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    I believe Institchu already sort of does this in Aus with body scanners found in Westfields (mPort scanners). I've not heard of anyone's experiences with either Institchu or the scanners but given that they are expanding to showrooms in most states with in person measurements it seems like for...
  12. B

    Australian Members - Part II - if you read the first post, you'll get what this is all about.

    I'm a big fan of the dynamic flex but it does impact fit. an 8.5H comfort craftsman is too wide for me, an 8.5h dynamic flex is perfect.
  13. B

    Things you just don't get

    Six Sigma (more so lean six) is pretty huge in services where I am. Manufacturers figured out long ago that most of their employees aren't bright sparks and struggle at problem solving, so reduce everything to spreadsheets and defined steps. Services companies have now worked out that often...
  14. B

    Money or Dream Career - 26's

    26 isn't that old & even if it takes you a while, I'm sure you'll eventually be able to find something that you can spin as relevant when/if you go back to Brazil. Also this might be relevant, saw on another section on here that Kent Wang is chasing an assistant...
  15. B


    So basically, you have no taste or opinion or are too lazy to share it & want someone else to do all your research for you? Start browsing the threads & read sites like http://www.apartmenttherapy.com
  16. B

    Thoughts on resigning from work

    Sounds like a sh*t company to work for. Personally I'd probably be calling my lawyer and challenging the writeup, where I am unless its against policy, industrial relations laws or I've failed to meet an expectation outlined in my contract they can't write me up for it.. That and its a way of...
  17. B

    The Unofficial Travel Thread

    Wouldn't posting this in http://www.styleforum.net/f/10/social-life-food-drink-travel be more appropriate?
  18. B

    Buying shirts for an IT project management position

    White shirt + tie first day, if you're way too formal wait until later in the day then lose the tie and roll the sleeves. Personally I find its easier to dress down than dress up (ie, I'd rather take off a jacket and tie at 10:30) then rock up on my first day & be under dressed while meeting...
  19. B

    How about a styleforum on blogtv dot com?

    I'd only watch this if it was hosted by labelking.
  20. B

    Cars We Drive!

    Should be a 60 month lease with 50%+ balloon, Needs matte black. Lane detection system sounds good if I can option it up with a "cut off any vehicle going faster" feature & or a gizmo that enables the horn any time a light has been green for more than 0.1 seconds and the car is doing less than...

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