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  1. Violinist

    Non-surgical ear pinning

  2. Violinist

    Southern accents & the Northeast

    And Connie, the first thing I thought of when I heard Sarah Palin was "upstate New York." Suck it, mary. No way. Compared to Upstate NYers, her accent was mild. However, the vocabulary is pretty close. And you're right, for some reason, NY state people just don't comprehend that they have accents.
  3. Violinist

    Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW!

    There was a plethora of buffoons at work tonight. At one table, a group of 3 women had gathered for a Sex & The City party. They all drank cosmos and even played S&TC trivia. I almost threw a plate at them. A table of boorish lesbians was being rowdy. This is not Friday's, it is a fine dining...
  4. Violinist

    getting to S. Korea from Prague

    gotta go to Seoul from Prague. It will be in the middle of summer, with about 4 days to play with between Czech Republic and Korea. The flights I've checked out between Prague and Seoul are ridiculous. LA to Seoul (return) is like 3k for business class, and very cheap on economy. From Prague...
  5. Violinist

    Justine Henin abruptly retires

    ^^ I guess the question is, how does she want to be remembered? Justine Henin may be going out on top with plenty of $$, but she probably won't be mentioned in any discussion of the top players of all time. Yea she only won 7 majors, and made 30 mill just on the tour. Definitely not memorable.
  6. Violinist

    Indirect racial slurs in another language...ever happen to you?

    I'd gladly get blood stains on my favorite shirt for a friend, and my good friends would gladly do the same for me. Your Cuban friend needs new friends. Over what a dude said at a sandwich store? Really?
  7. Violinist

    Which hair styling product?

    Are you looking for a styling product to hold your hair in place, or a humectant/moisturizer so your hair is more manageable and lays naturally? Your original post sounded like the latter, whilst all of the suggestions have been for the former... I have thick coarse hair as well, which at short...
  8. Violinist


    Isn't it better to just eat food rich in Zinc, or are supplements a good idea? If you eat a normal amount of chicken, lean beef etc... every day, isn't that giving you enough zinc?
  9. Violinist

    I just bought a... (non clothing item)

    I briefly looked at Schott Zweisel's line which uses a titanium crystal and are much stronger, but aesthetically, the Riedel Vistis were exponentially more pleasing to my eye. I'm very careful with my things and so breakage generally isn't a huge concern. I bought a special goblet brush to clean...
  10. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    Personally, I am not a fan of provincial styles of furniture for various reasons. Firstly, I don't really like the look of it; and secondly, it is slightly tacky given the ubiquity of it. You see a lot of French Provincial kitchens and the like. Baroque is something that I'm quite keen on, but...
  11. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    I suppose the solid wood furniture for the peasants is more in line with traditional European furnishings. That certainly seemed to be the case with French furniture--the now ubiquitous French provincial styles all tended to favor solid woods while the grand pieces were composed of complex...
  12. Violinist

    Things That Are Bothering You, Got You All Hibbeldy-Jibbeldy, or just downright pissed, RIGHT NOW!

    I guess I`m only the one that thinks there is no rule. I meant the subway, the mall, anywhere. You really, really are the only one.
  13. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    Yeah, I like bleached oak even less (less even when somebody calls it cerused). The use of these kinds of woods in a modern context doesn't work at all for me. The attraction to modernity, at least for me, is as much the use of innovative materials as it is the absolute design. When you slap...
  14. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    Solid wood is not the best idea in a kitchen. The heat and humidity change too much. Anyway, veneer has always been the choice for fine furniture and cabinetry, with solid wood being more for peasants. The only thing that has really changed over the last many years is the surface below the...
  15. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    It seems many mid-century buildings used a variety of particle board and copious amounts of fancy veneers. yea exactly. Particle board and plywood with some cheesy veneer.
  16. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    If anything the '70s are underrated. People who are into Modernism have a fetish for the '50s and '60s and many tend to look down on the '70s as tacky or plain ugly. This is especially true of "Modernist capitals" like LA. My idea of the perfect compromise of what you call sterile modernism and...
  17. Violinist

    Things you consume at least one of per day

    brocolli.... chicken breast... Vitamin D
  18. Violinist

    Which hair styling product?

    I have very thick hair and want to be able to manipulate my hair without it appearing or feeling greasy. Is there anything which is a decent substitute for your own natural oils? I want something extremely subtle. I have tried that Bed Head stuff (too goey and thick), this Kerastase hair wax...
  19. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    I couple of years ago I read a very interesting article about this phenomenon. It was based on Le Corbusier's idea of "period" versus modern and excoriated people for doing exactly what you say. "Modern," when referring to 1920-60s furniture is now nothing but another form of "period," and one...
  20. Violinist

    Modern/European Kitchen Cabinets

    I've never bought into the universality of cold and warm in design. To me, there is nothing more sterile feeling than a newly built house done in the classic style. It just smells of trying to be something that no longer is. Of course, I am biased having been brought up with a heavy dose of...

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