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  1. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    One in the middle chocolate wool?
  2. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    Which tie is the 3rd from right? I like that shade!
  3. Verve

    Pocket square with graphics

    Great suggestions by Circumspice. Many forum members, including myself, will vouch for Vanda, Kent Wang, and Drakes. When killing time and waiting for the kids or Mrs., I’ve found ps from local stores and tailor shops as well. Regardless of which one you buy first, you won’t stop at one and...
  4. Verve

    Pocket square with graphics

    Circumspice has a valid point, but the one you chose will fall in line with your red and blue ties. It won’t be the most versatile ps as your 1st ps, but if you love it, why not. I have ps from multiple companies, and Rampley & Co is the most luxurious of fabrics, which is reflected in the...
  5. Verve

    UNofficial Indian high-end shoemaker appreciation thread

    Blkbrd ever offer a remedy to your bad experience/product?
  6. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    It’s an aesthetic choice and possibly less durable because there is no fabric behind the bottom part of the tie, IMO. One isn’t more formal than the other. Both options look nice regardless, but I order most of my ties tipped.
  7. Verve

    Appropriate width of lapel wide for office?

    You sound hesitant about the purchase due to the width of lapels. I would recommend shopping around for the lapel width you prefer because you don’t want any regrets or any iota of self-conscious doubt about how you’re dressed/feel when putting on your bad-ass suit of armor for a work environment.
  8. Verve

    MyTailor (Hemrajani Bros.) Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    Also, I didn’t pull my pants up to my usual place & tighten my belt till after the photos. The pants drape near perfectly, unlike the photos because of my dumb ass. I don’t want to hurt Divij’s excellent reputation due to my unprofessional nonchalant attitude. Lol
  9. Verve

    MyTailor (Hemrajani Bros.) Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    Weather cooperated sooner than I thought to be able to wear flannel. I grabbed the wrong shirt (different maker than Divij), and I know the sleeves are way too long. My Divij shirts usually land about 1/4 inch shirt cuff showing. I’m too lazy to retake these pics in a proper length shirt. 🤪
  10. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    Color IRL looks different from pic.
  11. Verve

    MyTailor (Hemrajani Bros.) Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    It may be a month or 2 before wearing it because it’s a flannel suit (Fox Merchants). I was expecting to receive it in late October, just in time for the colder weather. Initial, brief try-on left me more than a happy client! Here’s a pic of my son’s 1st suit & shirt from Divij earlier this...
  12. Verve

    MyTailor (Hemrajani Bros.) Appreciation/Discussion Thread

    This thread has recently been talking about time frames. I just received my 2nd suit in 6 weeks and 1 day. I was expecting an approx. 3 month time table. I usually order a shirt with the suit as well. Even if the product took 6 months to deliver, it would be worth the wait compared to the 2...
  13. Verve

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Thanks for the recommendation. You have any pics of 510068 made into your suit? Does that weight get too warm in the 60’s F?
  14. Verve

    Unfunded Liabilities: a/k/a The Cloth Thread

    Buying my first flannel suit (Double breasted, chalk stripe) to be ready by late September or October. I was looking at this fabric: https://www.themerchantfox.co.uk/products/classic-flannel-wide-chalk-stripe-mid-grey?variant=39848935358582 or the charcoal version. Any other fabrics that I...
  15. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    Sorry for the late response… been a while since I checked this site. Chocolate Piccola Grenadine Silk Tie #GPT-4 It says “chocolate,” but IRL it looks like a rust color to me.
  16. Verve

    A Sam (and David) Hober Tie Appreciation Thread

    Most of my posted pics, including grenadines, on this thread are half windsor knots. I corresponded with David regarding this preferred knot, and he mentioned that it’s fine. I wouldn’t personally worry about it if you have a decent rotation of ties.
  17. Verve

    Suitsupply NYC

    Thanks everyone for all the feedback. I’ve been upgrading my ties with Sam Hobers for the last 2 years (somewhere around 20 or more ties). Once in a blue moon, I’ll find a nice tie at a local thrift for $2-$5 as well. The SuSu tie that caught my eye was the brown striped tie (with white...
  18. Verve

    Suitsupply NYC

    Hey all. I’ve never bought anything from SuSu before, but have my eye on a particular tie I saw when I was killing time at a mall with the family. Does SuSu ever run occasional sales throughout the year, similar to Spier & McKay? Thanks in advance.
  19. Verve

    Ongoing Bespoke Projects

    I’m in the top right camp too.
  20. Verve

    The School Fees We Pay - Mistakes We Make Finding Our Taste

    School fees for me: Listening to advisor about patch pockets so that I can wear the suit jacket as separates when I have only worn the jacket as a separate once, and in hindsight would have chosen flap pockets. Buying too fast too soon. Buying a warm navy suit and afterwards finding out I...

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