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  1. linafelt

    The Official Alden Thread for 2024 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    A prompt update: I've been wearing these for the past three days, and I have to say that they are incredibly comfortable. The crepe soles really make a big difference. They will no doubt wear down pretty quickly, but to my mind the comfort factor makes it worthwhile. The boots are not cheap...
  2. linafelt

    The Official Alden Thread for 2024 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    Finally coming back to Alden boots after several years. I had a pair of 403s that I loved and wore a lot. Then I sent them back to be refurbished by Alden, who completely ruined the boots! Anyway, all water under bridge at this point, and I decided to open up the wallet for the new “Roy” boots...
  3. linafelt

    The Official Alden Thread for 2024 - Share Reviews, Sizing, Advice, and Photos.

    Has anyone else ordered the latest "Roy" boot preorder from Alden Madison? I just did a few days ago. I know it says arrival expected "early 2024," but I am curious if anyone has any more specific info/update on that. (I asked AM but no reply..) Thanks.
  4. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    Boy, these look nice!
  5. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Very nice!
  6. linafelt

    Viberg Boots - Reviews, appreciation, news - share yours

    I remember seeing a video of some boot repair shop doing that to a pair of Iron Rangers, and they came out very nice. I can’t remember any more than that but you might be able to find the video by searching.
  7. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    And some pics, just for comparison.
  8. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Pretty sure. I’ve worn for ten years a pair of BH’s with a lowered heel and at first sight these looked taller. My old ones have the same midsole thickness as the new ones, but have two flats in the heel whereas the new ones have three flats.
  9. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Thanks. I ordered these at an MTO event at Division Rd in Virginia -- a really nice day, including lots of time shooting the breeze with Eric Kenney, White's CEO. I had requested a lowered heel, built in the new "blogger" style, which is a nice compromise between the block and the logger...
  10. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Posting another gratuitous picture of my new boots, just because I’m very happy with how they turned out, despite White’s getting a few details wrong. I thought the leather soles might be a little too slippu, but they’re absolutely fine for every day wear. I obviously won’t wear them in winter...
  11. linafelt

    Custom White's Boots ... Thoughts?

    Fresh out of the box 350s from the MTO event White’s did at division Road last fall. I asked for 5” height rather than 6” (as it happens they turned out about 4.5”).
  12. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    I nearly always have a problem with my left little toe getting squashed when everything else fits right, so I’ve several pairs of boots stretched to help that. It can definitely buy you a little room. Maybe not the whole toebox, depending on how structured it is and whether there is celastic...
  13. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    I tried a EE from them and it felt only slightly wider, so it may work for you. I also tried the 20 last, which I love the looks of (just enough sprung toe without any hint of clown shoe), and I did not find it any wider in the toebox at all than the 79. I think there is more room vertically...
  14. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    These look great. Horsehide is hard to predict, sometimes it gets very "creased up" in odd ways, and sometimes it just mellows like these -- very nice.
  15. linafelt

    Role Club Thread

    I don't own any of Brian's boots but have admired them for years, and he did a resole for me maybe four years ago, which was quickly done and reasonably priced. I don't see myself ever paying what it would cost for a pair of his boots now, but two things about the admittedly very high prices...
  16. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    Very nice.
  17. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    Be interested to see more pics of these. The color is different than I expected..
  18. linafelt

    Truman Boots

    I am not sure if you mean the Vibergs or the Trumans, but neither was from Division Road. The Trumans were a MTO they did maybe two years ago. The Vibergs were "samples" they sold me cheap way back when things were more informal. Jason Viberg literally said "let me see what we have in the back"...

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